Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Word of the Week... BearFight.

Definition 1: When Pandas, Polars or the likes get in disagreements. The result is typically awesome. Called such, because it is actually two (or more) bears fighting. Recommended for all.

Defintion 2: An Irish Car Bomb followed immediately with a Jager Bomb. The result is typically light-headedness, nausea, drunkenness, you may vomit on/shit yourself, pride for taking down a bear, and regretfullness/you probably will wake up on a bathroom floor feeling like you puked all night (oh yeah, and forgetfulness). Called such because upon taking the final shot, within your stomach are two unhappy campers and trust me they will fight it out... Also called such because you may wake up in the morning feeling as though you wrestled a Grizzly. Recommended for Barstool.

Definition 3: An unwinnable argument usually about something that does not matter at all. The result is usually calling your foe 'an idiot' and/or leaving upset. Typically, these Bear fights (definition 3) happen between 12 midnight and 4A.M. and are the results of too many bear fights (definition 2). It would not surprise me if there have been Bear fights about bear fights (definition 1), either. Called such because... you know why. Recommended for no one.

Jonathan, I hope you know I am just messing with you.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where has the time gone???

Thoughts are with AH & JD on this night.

Saturday Sounds

- About 90% of the clique is in north Georgia.
- Zach Morris has a dirty mouth.
- Shiv is continuing to do it.
- Need more date nights.
- Georgia's baseball team was up 7-1 at MSU and lost 9-8. Georgia threw 9 wild pitches in a College baseball game.
- BC gave up 10 runs yesterday. None of them were earned.
- BC's tennis team is 14-0 and #5 in the state. Shiv probably would not have lettered on this team.
- Plowe has done his blog's name proud up to this point.
- Chris has created a formula on Broad Street that makes me think I will never get more bang for my buck anywhere.....anywhere.
- Houts plays her last game tonight.
Sat. 3am- Shiv: okay that was bad. juat farewell. happy frifday. you're cool.

Friday, March 26, 2010

“Something” Fridays

I know we're all about the alliterative titles around here, so I'm working on a name for this. “Top Five Fridays” won't work because I don't intend to always have five items to post, but we'll see.

Basically, I'm trying to make myself contribute a little bit more -- and since finding good tweets and rock and roll songs have been my favorite things to do for this blog, that's what I'll go with for now. Here are some cool songs and funny tweets to start the weekend.

Nick Curran and the Lowlifes -- Rocker

This is the only song from this album that I can find on youtube, but I think it captures the proceedings nicely -- as AllMusic says: "Reform School Girl sounds like something along the lines of Little Richard backed by the Misfits with Phil Spector recording the proceedings in his garage."

Anyway, I haven't been this enamored with a record since I was talking up Those Darlins last summer. It's been on repeat for about two weeks now.

Big Star -- September Gurls

I guess I'll also follow every other blogger even remotely interested in music by posting a Big Star song since Alex Chilton died recently. Listen to anything they ever did, and you'll swear it's a song you've known all your life, even if you're hearing it for the first time.

Best Ozzie Guillen tweets (Ozzie = OIA's official twitterer until Stic starts updating us on his poolside antics again):

Back to work loved is hard very hard but loved 6:54 AM Mar 19th via txt

Great dinner very good have fun 7:01 PM Mar 17th via txt

Happy st. Patrick day big day in chitown go green yesssss drink safe please and please don't drive enjoy 5:42 AM Mar 17th via txt

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people ever frank you are the best happy birthday my great friend and is not thomas 10:15 AM Mar 9th via txt

Magic larry great rival great basketball ever 9:17 PM Mar 6th via txt

Bed and bath I love this places 2:28 PM Feb 25th via txt

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sorry my last post was a little off. One too many Jameson and Ginger's can make you forget it's 1 AM. When I said tomorrow night I actually meant I'll be in Athens tonight. I am actually posting this live from the original Tate Center. Sorry for the confusion. For all those RickStars in the Classic City, come on out and celebrate tonight.

A Fair Warning!!!!

Like the Horsemen back in the mid 80's, they used to tell everybody where they would be after the show that night. Well, I'm here to tell you, Slic' Ric' will be at Bourbon St. around 10 o'clock tomorrow night rockin' and rollin'. Come on out if you think you can hang with the woooooooooooooooooooooooooo Nature Boy one time (better be able to go at least 60 minutes). I'll even sign autographs. Hope to see you all out there!

Happy birthday, Larry

Where's Slic?

Larry can write better than anyone I've ever met. Trying to produce a worthy birthday tribute to him is like one of us trying to talk economics with Shane. Luckily, with the latest development in the life of Schwarz, Mouse has already gotten the greatest gift in the world for his birthday so it really doesn't matter what I write.

I guess if there was anything I could say to Larry it would be thanks. Thanks for rocking and rolling with me Freshman year at Bourbon Street every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If it wasn't for that, I don't think I would have made it through my first year in Athens.

Thanks for (most of the time) being the voice of reason when Schwarz and I really started rocking and rolling midway through our second year. You undoubtedly talked us into at least a few good decisions along the way. In all honesty though, you were a pretty bad manager. I think what you provided was someone Rick could refer to as his manager, so thank you for that.

By the time we moved into Tanyard, I realized I had found a great roommate. The numerous viewings of Robin Hood, holes in the wall, loud voices during Stairway to Heaven, and other things that would have pissed most people off never seemed to bother you. And if they did, you didn't complain so thanks for putting up with that shit and the host of other things I did which were extremely annoying or obnoxious.

It's been a few years since the glory days of Tanyard. The professional world has carried you to a different city which prohibits you from some of the weekend activities, but you're able to make it back for the majority of the important stuff and a few times in between. I can't think of a 4th of July, Beach Bum, St. Patrick's Day, or big Christmas or Thanksgiving night downtown that doesn't involve the Mouse.

I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge how awesome it is to have someone to talk to about the great sport of basketball. Id rather play basketball with Shane than Michael Jordan, but it's nice to have someone to talk about it with when Shane's busy selling 401k's or paying people to run a 5k. Whether it's the NBA, BC, Duke, Georgia, the Savannah area, Bill Rafferty, or Big You, it's nice to talk to someone who knows so much about the game and loves it as much as I do.

I don't know if it's Rick's big news or what, but I feel like I've done a rather poor job in this birthday tribute . In any case, Larry has become one of my best friends in the world during college. For all you've done in the past and all that you will do for me in the future: Obrigado, Larry.

To Rick's friend's grandson: happy birthday from all of us here at OIA.

Have a good one, dude. 10-6.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Greatness Will Always Breakout! Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's the deal. This is how it all starts. I ran across a casting on Craigslist Monday night asking for a 5'6" white male with brownish hair. Well who better than Slic to fill that roll. I didn 't have any head shots or portfolio pics so I just sent in a facebook pic. 45 minutes later a lady calls me back asking me if I can show up to a casting audition at 6:30 Tuesday night. Obviously I said yes and the rest they say is HISTORY!!!!!! I start filming on a TBS pilot comedy called "Franklin and Bash" on Saturday. Talk about fate, now we are rockin' and rollin'. It's tough to keep greatness down forever. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slic Goes To Hollywood?

Details to follow. I'm gonna let this build a little before I really crank it up and blow the roof off. Pmac, P Holland and myself are going out for a night a drunken debauchery. Tune in tomorrow.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Need Help

While lounging by the pool Saturday afternoon, I came up with the bright idea to start my own merchandising line. One of the reasons Vinnie Mac was so successful early on in his heyday was because of his ability to market and brand his product, the WWF.

Keeping this in mind, I have decided to create some t-shirts to market my own "brand" if you will. Pmac's extensive knowledge of the t-shirt making industry combined with my ability to run my mouth should produce the first line of shirts in no time. Obviously I'm not looking to make any money off of this venture, this is more for entertainment purposes.

What I need from OIA members or anybody for that matter is some of your favorite Slic' quotes or sayings and possible logo recommendations. I'm looking to get this project up off the ground quickly so I can wear these shirts to the pool, weight room, Beachbum, or wherever. Of course anybody who wants a shirt for themselves will get one too.

As an added bonus, those of you whose suggestions I use will receive a prize to be determined at a later date (probably free drinks somewhere). Thank you in advance for your participation.

What's Good For Some Is Good For All...

Healthcare Insurance Bill all but passed

It's funny in that video the first thing the guy talked about was Social Security and Medicare. You'd think you wouldn't want to associate this to those. Republicans are just a despicable.

Homework: 'A Road to Serfdom'
Define: Moral Hazard
Define: Adverse Selection

Maybe I am wrong.

2010 at Foley Field starts at the 5:50 mark

Madness Mentionables

Are white people now the majority among elite college basketball teams? (see Cornell, Duke, St. Mary's, Northern Iowa) Maybe 'elite' isn't the best word...

Tech would have been ranked #1 in the country throughout this entire season if they had guards that were worth a shit and a coach that wasn't retarded.

I want to like Australia University (aka St. Mary's) but I find it hard to. Irish Catholic University with the mascot, 'the Gaels'?!? Maybe it's because they are from Cali and have players that look like this

Kentucky looked decent yesterday. In 5 years people will look back on this team and say they are up there with the most talented ever. They have 4 guys that could be GOOD pros. Hopefully if they make it, Cousins doesn't call a timeout at the end of the championship game.

Villanova shouldn't have gotten a bid. They looked like crap in both games they played.

There is no doubt that the gap is getting smaller among the 'premier programs' and the mid-majors. Any expanations?

This has been one of the best tournaments I have watched in a while. Day one was incredible and the games today have been pretty incredible.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Live Lady Dawgs Blog- Tempe, AZ

-Could be Houts' last game ever at Georgia.

- Winner of UGA/Tulane will face OK State who was down 18 points at the half of their 1st round game.

- Tulane is in NOLA.

1st Half
- Georgia gets out to a 10-0 lead.

- Georgia up 12-2 at the 1st media timeout.

- Dantzeler just said we have a 10 from all the judges at this point in the dance.

- Houts has 7 but has 3 turnovers to go along with it. BTW John Wall had 6 turnovers in the 1st half of Kentucky's win tonight.

- First time Lady Dawgs have gone with black shoes this year.

- Dawgs up 18-9 at the 2nd media timeout.

- 27 jump balls up to this point.

- After getting out 10-0, Tulane has gone on a 14-8 run.

- Just showed Knowshon's TD at ASU.

- Ann Marie Armstrong just called for a BS charge. She played against Katerine Dotson last year..... Tennessee and Georgia split their 2 games today in softball. Rubber match tomorrow at 1.

- Tulane's Nunn just picked up her 3rd fould with 8:00 left in the 1st half.

- Angel Robinson is playing her best basketball in a while but Georgia is struggling with the Green Wave pressure.

- Georgia up 22-17 at the under 8 timeout.

- With 3:53 left in the half Tulane is up 1. In 2006 Dantzler had to throw it to an early timeout because he was getting emotinonal during the post-game show of Georgia's buzzer beating loss in the Sweet 16 to UConn.

- On Dawgpost board Lander's Lady Dawgs, they are saying Andy is on the hot seat if Houts can't lead us to victory.

- Spike did not make the trip.

- Angel Robinson has come to play. Odell Thurman marreid former lady Dawg Kara Braxton who was kicked out of school during her Junior year.

- Behind Perno, Landers is by far and away my favorite coach.

- At the half Georgia leads by only 3. 13 turnovers by the Dawgs in the 1st. 14 errors by Georgia's baseball team in the 1st two games of the Auburn series. Taking a break. Stay with us.

- Georgia has to win this game but they can't do any better than the Sweet 16. This has been an absolute banner year for georgia athletics:
~~Football: Shreveport
~~Basketball: N/A
~~W Basketball: 16-0 start including win at Tiger arena. Since- 7-8.
~~ Baseball: No Miles Starr= 8-11
~~ Equestrian lost to Auburn

_ Kwame Geathers is going to be a player.

2nd Half
- Houts needs to start playing.
- Jasmine James just knocked one down. Was Freshman all-american honorable mention. From Memphis.

- The announced attendance at the game: 44, 789

- Yes, Dear: Weekdays on TBS!

- Tulane goes on 10-0 run in less than 1:30. Neither one of these teams are any good.

- POLL: Better town- Athens or NOLA?

- We've all be hard on Robinson this year but she is really playing her heart out! She's got next!


-Dantzler seems to like the ladies involved with the media responcibilities at ASU's arena.

- Dawgs up 3 with 11:28 left to go. So far, no dunks

- BC's tennis teasm is 10-0 and beat the # 4 team in the state yesterday. Fried Chicken... Contry ham...

- Meredith Mitchell reminds me of Jazmine Griffin from Mrs. Smiley's class.

- Tulane up 2 with 9 mins. left.

- Houts........................And 1!

- Larry's, Jersey Mike's, Baldinos, Blimpie, or Giorgio's??

- Hardcore Parcore!

- Dawgs up 8 with 5 left. On a 14-2 run.

- Biggy J > Chandler

- Stick... SJS Gym... Technical

- Nunn, not Paul Dunn, fouled out

- 59th jump ball

- Houts is awesome

- Georgia is going to win. UGA is one win away from the sweet16. UGA is currently tied for 2nd most sweet 16 appearances behind Tennessee.

- We are #1

- Houts is awesome! 20, 6, and 6.

- I wish Stegeman would allow us to tailgate there. Auburn '05, raw chicken, spider man on light.

- Georgia might lose which would mean no live blog on Monday

- Georgia wins! Georgia vs. OK State rematch on Monday.

- Thanks for following us. See Ya!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SPD 2010

- Placed in parade between 2 good bands. Thanks Mr. Adjutant!
- Finny
- Someones place of awakening.
- Lower priced drinks at the Hampton Inn.
- The return of 434.
- Boom-Boom room was excellent. Wide, wide range in ages.
- Bear v. Lanser
- Stick's coat.
- Connolly.
- Fleming and Shane.
- BDB in Plowes hotel room.
- Almost all my friends being able to attend and adding Reardon and Connolly to the equation reinforced why it will always be the best day of the year.

- The weather. It wasn't as bad as it could have been but it was annoying. The better part of the parade goers packed up early.
- The crowd. I don't know if it was becase of the middle of the week or I wasn't looking in the right places but I saw far less people this year than normal.
- Collins working
- Fleming and Shane.

It was a great day and I had a great time but it had a different feel this year. I don't know what it was but it was different.

62 days until the next parade.


The 6th ranked Georgia softball team travels to Knoxville this weekend to take on #17 Tennnessee. Other than this being the only good team at Georgia right now, its of note for the fact that Katherine Dotson starts for the Vols. She currently plays right field, hits 3rd, and is the 2nd leading hitter with a .458 average. The 2 games on Saturday (1pm & 3pm) will be televised by CSS if you want a break from the basketball.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For the latest news and updates go to

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks For the Birthday Wishes.

Hope to see everyone Saturday. I'm sooo excited I could piss myself. I'll probably just wait til Saturday, though...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Coming up with good things to say about Murray is no easy task. I've done my best to come up with a few redeemable qualities that he possesses. Here goes.

1: His uncanny wit
No one can deny this. Shane is simply one of the funniest guys I've ever met. It's resulted in a few hardships along the way, namely the brick through his windshield in 03 and the Schwarz/Murray beat-down of 06. Still, it makes him a lot of fun to be around. Whether you're playing basketball, boogie-boarding in the Atlantic Ocean, playing Slug Fest, or singing Karaoke at Benny's, Shane always has a good comeback, a smart-ass comment, or some keen observation that is sure to increase the utility of those around him.

2: Basketball
Convincing Shane to play a game of pick up basketball is about as hard as getting Schwarz to go to Bourbon Street on a Friday night. I've played thousands of games with Shane at BC, Tybee, Wilmington, and Jenkins Boys Club. Of all the good, bad, weird (Bill), and awesome moments I can remember about playing with Shane, my favorite has to be the time in Pius where he saved my ass. We were playing some team from New Orleans and I already had 3 or 4 fouls and some jackass on the other team started giving me the business. All I could do was talk since I was in foul trouble, and I guess Murray could tell I was getting frustrated because the next time down, he laid a forearm in the guy's chest which sent him to the deck. The guy got up, pushed me, picked up a cheap foul, and was done. Later, we ran into him on the elevator at the hotel and Murray should have been given a prize for his exemplary job of mean-mugging.

Shane loves the great game of basketball, and he's damn good at it. If I could put together the best starting 5 of guys I've ever seen play at Benedictine, Shane would start at small forward along with Frankie at point, Jibri at off guard, Pierce at power forward, and Coursey as center. Shane can shoot it as good as Keenan or Koncul, but they aren't in the same league as him when it comes to defense. Further, he's the kind of a guy who makes everyone at practice try harder because he never bitched and just played the game. And while I already bored y'all with one drawn out memory, Murray's final game at Benedictine when he went for 24 points is probably on my top 5 list for favorite games I've been a part of. He drained eight 3's against Glynn. Murda was the true captain of the 02-03 team.

3: Selling 401 K's
Murray is a young professional, but he doesn't take himself too seriously. He sports suits during the week, but umbros and blazers on the weekends. Shane still likes to "party" now as much as he did during college, and I must say he's gotten even better at it. While we still have no idea what he really does at that place on President Street, we're happy for him and glad he can still bring it. Day drinking, Bear Fights, and G and T's are now the norm for this professional weekend warrior.

4: Friends
Barstool, you cannot blame Shane for being a member of 736 blogs. A lot of different people and groups of people like Murray. Maybe it's the sense of humor which I alluded to above, or rather his desire to see what's good about someone/ some group rather than their faults. Shane can have a good time wherever he is or whoever he is with. Some people have a hard time meeting people, and others have a difficult time making friends. It's easy to see why Shane has so many close friends and people who want to be around him all the time.

5: Alli
For some inexplicable reason, a female has decided to put up with Shane on a full time basis. While we all know she could do a lot better and we anxiously await the day she cans Murray for someone nicer, cooler, and not from Wilmington, we cannot help but to be happy for Shane and his lady friend. She has accepted all of us and our peculiar ways, and she's even been to a few BC games. I've even seen her attempt a few Bear Fights. Yes, it has come to the point where significant others can be part of what is best about one of us. She's Murray's girlfriend so we will see her a lot, and the fact that she's nice, undramatic, and fun to hang out is great for us. Plus, there aren't 5 things good about Shane himself so I had to include her.

So wherever you are today, raise one to S Murda. And on Saturday, we gonna party like it's his birfday.

Happy Birthday, Shane.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Sunday, March 07, 2010

You Know the Rules And So Do I....

Step 1: Open Google.
Step 2: Enter '1227' in the search bar.
Step 3: Click "I Feel Lucky".

You're Welcome!

Note: This is nothing gross or offensive. Probably don't want to do it at work, though.

Friday, March 05, 2010

March 5th

Dear CDT Colonel Fleming (RET) and CDT Lieutenant Colonel Lowe (RET),

Happy birthday from all of us here at OIA. You helped us retain the gold star more than once. Besides being Irish, yall are pretty cool. Have a pleasant day.


Donnie Bell (Official OIA Birthday Messenger/ Rick's friend)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

RIP Robbie

Robbie Ryan, BC class of 2006, died earlier today. I do not intend to start any sort of tradition of using the blog to announce the deaths of people we know. I think it would be inappropriate. However, I cannot help but mention a few things regarding Robbie's life and how I knew him.

He was two classes below me at Benedictine, and with his loss, the entire Benedictine family feels hurt. He was a really good guy. I remember him being a really nice guy as a sophomore at BC, and that's saying something considering how most guys behave when they are that age. He played O-line for BC, and Chadwick was his coach during my senior year. I remember people used to joke about how he looked like Chadwick.

It sucks when people die, especially those who are close to us. While I wasn't particularly close to Robbie, some of my good friends are, and I know it's really hard for them right now. I heard the news a few minutes after I got off the phone with one of my best friends, Larry. I was telling him how excited I was to celebrate my best friend's birthday in Atlanta with more of my best buds. Upon hearing the news about Robbie, I thought about what it would be like if I lost any of yall. I don't know what I would do. Life is too short to lose friends over mistakes, dumb arguments, or girls. I vow not to do so.

At this time of great sorrow, our prayers are with Robbie's friends and family.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


BC ran into a buzz saw tonight and saw its final record end up at 22-7. The loss that really hurt was the region tournament finals that led us on the road for the 2nd round. However, the season and this team lived up to almost every aspiration that everyone had for it. Jibri Bryan will go down as one of the top 5 players in school history. Daniel Coursey might have played as good as anyone in the area over the last month and I look forward to seeing what he does at Mercer. Friess, Williams, Fender, and Hunt are all viable candidates for the Ashley Dearing Award. Nettles and Brown were the best players on the court in 2 of BC's biggest wins. But more important than anything was the energy and enthusiasm they created within the BC community.

2-AA Region Champions (15-1)
Undefeated at home
As high as #6 in the State
Defeated 7 State playoff teams
Sweet 16

Go Bears!

Go 4 Da Gold

Today, Mike Wingster tagged me in a video on Facebook.(If you don't remember Wingster, he was the one who got into a fistfight with Bryan Gray at half-court during the 2003 beatdown of SHS by Benedictine). The video is a tribute to Savannah's own Casey Mitchell, who's in the rotation for a top 10 West Virginia team. It's a pretty cool video but for all you young professionals, it's got some naughty words so don't open it at work.

So why do we here at OIA care about the video? I just thought it was weird that he tagged me in it. I doubt he even knows who I am. But today is a Tuesday and Benedictine is playing in its biggest basketball game ever. And they are a bit of an underdog. If you asked Wingster and Mitchell about Benedictine's chances as an underdog in a big game on a Tuesday night, they'd probably like our chances. I like our chances. Great teams play great when it matters. GO CADETS.

Monday, March 01, 2010

My Weekly Contribution.

This is the happiest time of the year for me. It's hard to look at these pictures and be unhappy, especially for the family in that first picture.*

*Warning: Erection Joke.

16 more days