Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bad Night

After the LSU win on Sunday, Mike Mercer said, "you live by the 3 and you die by the 3." I'd say 6-26 is dying. The loss is quite disappointing especially with a Lofton-less Tennessee team. However, you had to know that a poor performance was coming and it happened in Knoxville. The loss is OK but it opens my eyes to how big of a game Vanderbilt is. Say Georgia loses to Vandy and has to follow up with a matchup against the #1 team in the country. It is easy to see the Dawgs in the middle of the SEC pack this time next week with a lot of work to do to get to the tournament. Don't get me wrong, the Dawgs are still in good shape but a season can change so quick. The good thing is that its going to be hard for Georgia to shoot any worse than they did tonight. No matter what happens Georgia MUST get more consistent play from Mercer. His poor play in the last week was overshadowed by the teams success. His athletic ability is second to none and is a tremendous defensive player, but his shooting numbers are down from last year and he is going to have to find new ways to score. Saturday is huge for Georgia and what makes it even tougher is the fact that its just as important for Vandy. Gaines made a stupid decision in the final seconds that hopefully won't be serious. But the guy is an absolute stud. Good win for Tennessee. Thoughts?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Lofton's Status

By Randy Moore Posted Jan 29, 2007

Just as you must walk before you can run, you must practice before you can play. That being the case, this afternoon could be a big day for the University of Tennessee basketball team's star player.

Chris Lofton will practice today for the first time since he severely sprained his right ankle two minutes into the second half of the Vols' Jan. 20 game with South Carolina. It won't be a full-scale practice but it still represents a key step in Lofton's quest to be available for action in Wednesday night's home game against Georgia.

“We'll practice today but we're not going to go hard,” head coach Bruce Pearl said during his Monday afternoon media conference. “We'd like to have Chris out there – reviewing play calls, maybe going through a half-speed scout, getting shots – and see how he's able to move within the framework of a half-speed practice.

The Vols normally hold a full-speed practice on Monday after a Saturday game. Since they played on Sunday last weekend (losing 76-57 at Kentucky), however, Pearl is scaling back a bit today.

“Tomorrow we'll go live and we'll go full-speed,” the coach said, adding that Lofton “will take the day off. We will treat the ankle and see how it responds to swelling and pain, whatever he's going to incur. That would be how you'd normally rehab anyway.”

Regardless of what happens in practice today, there will be no decision on Lofton's availability for the Georgia game until shortly before tip-off on Wednesday. “It will be a game-time decision,” Pearl said.

Boomer, Choppin, and Mudcat

With Signing Day a little over a week away, most of the big time recruits are firm with their verbal commitments and college coaches are starting to hit the class of 2008 harder. Probably the most sought after recruit to come out of Savannah since Josh Mallard, is a part of that '08 class. Jenkins Running Back Franklin Green has already attracted attention from a number of ACC and SEC schools including Georgia. This Thursday Bob Stoops and Greg Schiano are scheduled to visit with Green in Savannah. Green was the recipient of the coveted Finnichario Award and was also named The Savannah Morning News Player of the Year as well as The Savannah QB Club Back of the Year. He rushed for 1800+ yards and 18 Touchdowns as a Junior. Against BC he ran for 235 yeards and scored twice.

* "Mudcat" Elmore has decided to forego an offer to become a graduate assistant on the UAB football staff under former Georgia Offensive coordinator Neil Callaway. He will sign on to be the Defensive Line Coach for Charlton Co. High School.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Not a Haiku

Monday, January 22, 2007

Seeing Red? Hopefully Tubby and Big Baby Will.

After one of the the most heartbreaking losses in at least a decade, the Georgia basketball team still has a chance to be special. The dawgs have shown they can play with the big boys but have yet to record a signature win against a currently ranked team. Georgia is around the 5o mark in the RPI rankings and are going to need at least two impressive road wins along the way to really boost their resume. But what makes this week special is the fact that its late January and Georgia will be playing a meaningful game at Stegeman. ESPN listed 15 games to watch this week, both of Georgia's games are on the list. Idealy it would be nice for the dawgs to win both. But a split is the least we can have. I'm not going to say the dawgs are done if they get swept but it will sure make it hard for Georgia to get back in the NCAA tournament picture. The Western Kentucky game was a very bad loss but losing to the #1 and #2 teams in the country is nothing to be ashamed of. Losing at Clemson and at Tech is certainly not going to help but it doesn't hurt a whole lot. If Georgia can go 10-6 in maybe the toughest conference in the country they are defiantly in. 9-7 would put them on the bubble and make the SEC tournament extremely crucial. I don't see a "Georgia" getting in with an 8-8 conference record. The season is far from over but this week will go a long way in defining this season and hopefully make everyone forget about the Bama loss. There is no reason for the Coliseum not to be sold out for both games. Either way its nice to be excited about Georgia basketball and more important the dawgs are actually relevant to the basketball world.

Wednesday vs. KENTUCKY--(LFS) 7:00

Sunday vs. LSU--(LFS) 3:00

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dawgs Over Hawgs

Here's Scott Howard's call on the Newman game-winner.

And here's Dantzler calling it perfectly.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A.J. Green is Good

He can't get here soon enough.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The 184th St. Patrick's Day Parade

Most, if not all of you, will find this irrrelevant at this point in time but it was brought to my attention and thought it was important and very interesting. The 183rd St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah will be held on its traditional date of March 17th in 2007. On years when March 17th falls on a Sunday it is standard procedure for the parade to be held on the 16th. Sunday is being skipped next year and the 17th will fall on a Monday in 2008. However, Easter will be on March 23rd in 2008. So for the first time since 1913 St. Patrick's Day occurs during Holy Week. Recently Bishop Boland has stated that the 2008 parade will most likely take place on Friday March 14th to accomodate the conflict.-- For those who will be enrolled in college courses in 2008, a majority of schools including the University of Georgia resume classes following spring break on March 17th.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Top 5 Days for 2007

Honorable Mention: July 3rd; Athens Bicycle Races; Masters; Oregon State baseball series; Who's Bad performances; Motown Mondays; Tuscaloosa; Tybee Irish Parade which will be interesting seeing that one of the parade staffers faces a quandary.

5. October 19: BC Homecoming - Tentative date for BC's homecoming falls perfectly in 2007. If this date does not change there is no excuse for anyone to miss what is going to be the 5th football season anniversary for some of us. It comes on Georgia's lone off week.

4. May 17: Columbus Catfish @ Savannah Sand Gnats - The biggest weekend of the year starts off with a bang. The first Thirsty Thursday of the Summer always brings a reunion type crowd.

3. May 18: Beach Bum Parade - The day after the first Thirsty Thursday of the Summer will show who is a contender and who is a pretender. The parade is a week earlier this year and I'm not 100% sure that one of the reasons can not be attributed to that certain Tybee Irish Heritage parade staffer.

2. September 1: Oklahoma State @ Georgia - Depending on the game time, which should be no earlier than 5:30, I can see this one competing with Auburn 2005 as one of the best of all time.

1. March 17: The feast of St. Patrick - Always has been and always will be the grandest day of all.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Haiku

Disney was awesome.
Still need yall's cash for Vegas-
Ready for March yet?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

20 06 year in review

10: Early January- After beating LSU in the JV championship, UGA goes on to play West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl I think. Well, anyways UGA gets down big, makes a super comeback, but falls short at the end. Some of us started out drinking on Tybee Island while a few of us or one of us ended up driving home. This would turn out to be an indication of things to come.

9: Some RANDOM day in March- Many, many people flock to Savannah for a parade of some sort. The majority of the people wear green while a few of the elite wear white coats. Anyways, the day, as usual, lives up to expectations. I for one, got to hear Mr. Hicks call Chief Warrant Officer Schaeffer an asshole. It also became apparent that a few friends of mine had a room at the Desoto Hilton. Still, others questioned young ladies about their thoughts on riding Space Mountain. This was truly a great day to be alive.

8: Nearing the end of the year, one of my associates decided to see, once again, what brown could do for him. Well brown got his ass bitten by a dog. Thank heavens it was not a maltese, cat, lhasa alsa, or lhasa poo because it may have been fatal and that would have ruined my 2007.

7: April: Captain Morgan goes to a baseball game. Rickie and P Mac get kicked out. Apparently, Rick dropped a few f bombs, and a guy asked him to stop. As does his lhaso poo (aka the MURPH), Ric continues to make noise even when told to shut up. I believe Ric yelled something to the effect of, that is fucking bullshit. Well, he and Pat are asked to leave. Ric tells the officer, " I am not even going to argue." He sure has a way with the law.

6: Some Rutgers game: Many of us decide to watch the game at my apartment before going downtown. Ric decides to go to Firehouse before 9:05. Well, long story short, he takes a lot of shots, Stone Colds 3 bourbon and cokes, and gives the ACC police the middle finger. The remainder of the night is an enigma. All that is known is that he stained his pants, rolled on GEN B's upstairs floor, and unintentionally nose-dived into a Southern barstool. Lastly, he claims to only have spent 6o-80 bucks. Sure buddy! I'm going with upwards of 144.

5: July 2nd: Fresh off his abscense on Raw to clear up a filthy divorce, Rickie makes his way back down to Tybee Island. He just had to have the coldest beer in America! In only 2 rounds, Bennie knocks GFS4 out. The rest of the night, as the case with many others, is an enigma.

4: Shortly after item 6- Ric goes cold turkey. And he has yet to have a beer since. NOT!! This was extremely entertaining for the 4-16 days it lasted. All I remember is Vinnie Mac giving him the screw job at B st one night but him only drinking that drink all night which surprised me. Also, he lasted through the Auburn game. After that, he has pretty much stayed on path toward level 4,whatever that is.

3: Jan 1- December 31: All the Paul Webber BS. No votes for Paul Webber Man of the Year? Of course not, he does not exist. But it sure was fun to talk about him.

2: Beach Bum Parade: If it wasn't for the Atlantic Ocean, everything would have been fine. Those GD tides got Ric's ass, swept his sandals straight out to sea. From there, he walked 500 miles and was basically too drunk and too blistered to walk, so he drove. Well, Fred Anderson got his ass. The weird thing was that Ric got a DUI when it was the first time ever that he'd driven drunk. What bad luck.

1: Early Summer/ Late Spring: Younes transfers to Iona. Thank God. He was a tall athletic Lee McCurry who was, at best, a cancer- not only to our basketball team but our entire athletic program. He befriended girls from the volleyball team and ruined their chances as well as hanging with a few guys on the football team and he screwed them up as well. Notice, that as his influence cools, our basketball, football, and volleyball teams will only improve. So in maybe a language that he can actually understand, I say, Vous baiser,Younes, au revoir.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boise State Over Oklahoma

I'm hyperventilating.

Three tries for a two-point conversion.
Pick six.
Hook and ladder on fourth down to tie.
TD on first play of OT.
Fourth down, direct snap to receiver, throws tying TD.
Statue of Liberty play for the win.
Star tailback proposes to cheerleader girlfriend (Nice job giving it away, Chris Myers).

This isn't real. Not only has FOX taken over the BCS, they've started scripting the games, too.

Prediction: Louisville turns on Bobby Petrino tomorrow night after he tries to give Brian Brohm a cortizone shot at halftime. Michael Bush goes on to call a brilliant offensive game from his crutches on the sidelines, beginning what will become an illustrious coaching career.