Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top 5- Felton Era

Top 5 Players:

1. Sundiata Gaines
2. Steve Newman
3. Dave Bliss
4. Levi Stukes
5. T.K. Brown

Top 5 Moments:

T1. Newman Gives it to Daly
T1. SEC Champs
3. "Do it For Broph"
4. No Catlanta
5. Tornado

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack

The big 2-4. Well, happy birthday, brother. This is the one day of the year I accept his version of the battle in Doraville. On top of this, I thought I'd list a few things about JJH4 that make him a true "big dog".

1: JJH4 is one of the biggest BC supporters I've ever met. People like him are what makes BC so special. You won't find a bigger supporter of Benedictine, but Jack will also voice his displeasure for decisions made at BC that he doesn't agree with.

2: Tremendous karaoke singer.

3: Superb radio voice. Could be the next JD if he wanted to: just a whole lot cooler and not as much of an idiot.

4: Huge fan of Georgia athletics. I doubt there are too many people who recently graduated who have been to more GA athletic events than Jack. And most important of all, JJH4 is no Disney Dog.

5: Extremely bright flag football/3 on 3 football mind. I would love to see him one day be the head baseball coach or head football coach at BC. I am glad he's already an assistant but he needs to be the head guy so he can implement all his smoke machines and things.

6: I've finally realized why we lost to Windsor in the region tourney Junior year- it's cause we didn't have Jack. Seriously. If he plays that game, one of his fiery pregame speeches would have pumped us up. On top of being a lunatic, Jack really was one of the few good leaders I ever played with at BC.

7: For big events, you can expect Jack to be there "with bells on". And when Holland brings it, he brings it.

So there are 7 of the many things that make Jack lucky enough for me to want to hang out with. And don't give me any aww's about this post- I still think Rick is the better half of the DawgDuo.

Oh yeah. And today is also someone else's birthday. And I'm not talking about Evans.

Happy birthday, Eugene! We miss you, man.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


POLL! Who thinks we will actually go to Las Vegas the day after St. Patrick's Day?

After spending all day looking for the best deals- I've narrowed it down to 2 options.

1: By way of 2 nights at the MGM Grand. Flight and hotel= $400

2: By way of 3 nights at the Flamingo. Flight and hotel= $475

Good luck.

Monday, January 19, 2009

No respect from the people that matter

50/1: Those are the odds right now for UGA to win the 2010 College Football National Championship.

Apparently, the boys in Vegas don't like Georgia's chances. I'm not gonna say that I really do either, but I am surpised that we are such a long shot, especially considering the other schools with similar odds.

Alabama 22/1: Aren't they losing their QB and RB, too?

California 60/1: Agree

Clemson 60/1: Banking that they run through the shitty ass ACC; but new coach and new QB

Florida 2/1: Could be 3/2- Equal chance of them, USC, or someone else

Florida State 30/1: Don't get it.

Georgia Tech 50/1: Should be 49/1 because CPJ is so awesome. Not really. Since I've watched sports, I remember Tech winning 0 championships.

LSU 20/1: Damn, it was Tech they beat. Will lose 2 of 3 between BAMA, UGA, UF, but I've guess they've won it with 2 losses before. Makes sense.

Miami Florida 35/1: Don't get it

Michigan 120/1: I don't think Michigan will win more than 7 games next year, but they are Michigan right?

Nebraska 55/1: If you could do head to head with who gets closer to the national championship, I'd love to take UGA in the Nebraska/UGA bet.

North Carolina 45/1: So UNC has a better chance than we do in winning the football national championship? The FOOTBALL national championship?

Notre Dame 30/1: Why does this make me want to join McCarthy's navy?

Ohio State 17/2: Not bad. Seriously. Unless they place an SEC team. Seriously.

Oklahoma 5/1: Yep.

Oklahoma State 50/1: This is about right which means that Georgia's odds are off.

Oregon 20/1: Uh huh.

Penn State 40/1: Should be better

Pittsburgh 60/1: Hey, they like us more than Pitt.

South Carolina 100/1: This one's for you, Swarz. Twice as likely as SC in the eyeof the moneymen.

Texas 8/1: Yeah.

Texas Tech 60/1: See you at Pirate Fest.

USC 5/1: Good bet. Damn good bet.

Virginia Tech 20/1: I'd like them if they were around 40/1.

Washington 200/1: For just 10 dimes you'd have a team to root for all year and you'd be 200 dollars richer if they pulled it off. And damn what a story picking such a long shot. But this is still a horrible bet. They should be more like 2000/1. Take your buck and go to Bourbon Street.

Wisconsin 100/1: Never picking yall again.

Au Revoir, Premier Bush

I just saw Pat's take on the W presidency over at BMBS, so I figured I'd add a few thoughts of my own about the last eight years.

1: The way Pat said he felt about Clinton, well I felt that way about W Bush from about 2000-2007. Over the last few years, my feelings have changed considerably.

2: Over time, Bush's two Supreme Court appointees will come to be seen as one of his best accomplishments.

3: The whole presidential approval poll thing is overrated. Many two term presidents experienced similar lows in their second term as Bush did.

4: 2004 "W" stickers= 2008 "Change" stickers. Each pissed members of the other party off bad but each symbolized the popular "idea" of each election.

5: Bush won election in 2000 and re-election in 2004. In the realm of American politics, he is one of the biggest winners of all time. And I think this is where a good amount of the venom toward him comes from.

6: Like Jimmy Carter, I see Bush as remained very active after office and working to improve his image and how people remember him. I see him eventually being ranked somewhere from below average to average in terms of presidential greatness. To think that he's the worst president ever is ridiculous, and I don't see his name ever being mentioned alongside the likes of Buchanana, Grant, or Nixon.

7: Along these same lines, the way he's handling the transition with Obama will put a positive spin to last few months of his second term.

8: If W would have been allowed to run again in 2008, I think he would have done better than McCain. Silent majority type of thing.

9: Looking at pictures of Bush from 1999 and pictures of him recently shows how demanding of a job being president of the US really is. He looks like he's aged 20 years, not 10.

10: Thank God he's gone, but he wasn't that bad of a president and he's not a bad guy.

10-6 W.

Surprise, Surprise

Hopefully this does not offend anybody but Rivals just released their final defensive coordinator power rankings for the 2008 season. The real CWM, Coach Will Muschamp finished 6th this year which is pretty good considering he had a young inexperienced defense in his first year in the offense dominated Big XII. With a year under their collective belts I fully expect Muschamp to be #1 at the end of the '09 season.

Anyways, what the title is referring to is "surprise, surprise," Willie is nowhere to be found on this list. Six other SEC coaches made the top 25 including Charlie Strong (#1), John Chavis (#9), Kevin Steele (#10), Tyrone Nix (#14), Ellis Johnson (#15), and Bruce Fowler (Vandy #24).

First of all, having a DC from Ole Miss, South Carolina (moral victory for Mitchell), and Vanderbilt on this list and no Willie is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Secondly, Chavis was sitting there jobless for a month and CMR and ADDE did absolutely nothing, letting the Mad Hatter snatch him up. Unbelievable. Oh yeah, we play them again this year. That should be fun.

P.S. Charlie Strong needs to divorce his white wife and marry a black woman so he can get a head coaching job somewhere way the hell away from us.

Here is a link to the final rankings:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sports Broadcasting Theme Songs

With "Heart of a Champion" rising to popularity in these parts, I was led to this top 5:

1. SEC on CBS
2. NBA on NBC
3. USGA Golf on NBC
4. The Masters
5. ESPN Grand Slam Tennis

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Attaboy, Larry

Defiant as always, AnyMouse spits in the face of authority.

Stand up to the fat cats that control this blog and tell them how you really feel. With all the regulations about posting (i.e. no "throwing [players] under the bus", no music post, etc.), you would think this blog were run by Donnie "Big Government", "join a union if you want a Lexus", "I can spend your money more efficiently than you can" Bell.

So I applaud you Mr Mouse for your insubordination. I know personally you have always said a big F you to authority

This Blog Needs Some Cheering Up

Sounds like time for another Top 5. Don't know about you, but they always make me happy. I hope these links are easier to deal with than those annoying imeem boxes.

Animal Collective – “Brothersport” (Scroll down a little and click "play")

For the longest time, I wrote Animal Collective off as a bunch of wanky hipster nonsense, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Their new album is chock full of A-plus jams, and “Brothersport” is my current favorite. I know how much you all like the word “brother,” too, so you won't be able to resist giving it a shot.

David Byrne and Brian Eno – “Strange Overtones”

Anybody remember that Talking Heads cover band that played in Athens all the time a few years ago? This doesn't really have much to do with the song, but would it be going overboard to suggest that they were the greatest cover band ever to exist in the history of the world?

Vivian Girls – “Where Do You Run To”

This is the first song I ever heard from these chicks, which led me to think their record would be pretty much the best thing ever. It wasn't really that good at all, but that should only serve to tell you how awesome the song is.

Bon Iver – “Skinny Love”

Bon Iver turned out to be basically what I hoped Fleet Foxes was going to sound like before I was sorely disappointed with them last year. This isn't really a “cheer you up” song like the others, but what can I say, it's part of my current top five.

Dexateens – “Kid”

This band is just one of many, many great things about the beautiful city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We should go back some time.

Also, I like Georgia football and the people who play it and I didn't know people actually read this blog looking for insight. I hope they like our posts about Cadet basketball and how barstool and Shane sometimes have their differences but always make up in the end.

I also hope they know what this means:

Ten to six. <3ygtg.

Thursday Thoughts

1: I am ready for the weekend. Stephon Curry, are you?

2: Where are all the bros? Where are all the hot little skanks? I'm starting to think that neither group does the whole class thing here in the Boro.

3: I still don't have internet in my apartment. What I do have is FIFA, and by Summer- I'll be able to beat Schiv's ass way worse than usual.

4: Not as many people from Savannah here as I thought there'd be. Or maybe Savannahians have the same attitude toward class as the bros and hoes.

5: I received a few texts concerning PLowe's comments the other night. Let me just say that it's an honor just to be mentioned in the same breath as Shane Goldwater Murray.

6: "Michael" on BMBS sure has his issues with Athens. Athens: hot girls, good food, consistently good football team, a great downtow without the clubs and traffic of Atlanta. Athens- sounds like shit to me too.

7: Statesboro isn't that bad. It's not that great, either. But I think it will be a great place to act a fool Friday night.

8: All my classes are in the Paul Carrol Building. Each time I walk in I think about Swarz, CPC, and USC not covering.

9: Got another $275 check from BoDog today.

10: Thank God Durham hasn't declared. Durham= DGD.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thanks for Nothing most of '06

I hate to be keep banging on our guys but damn. We got guys going pro that couldn't have started for Vandy. The recruiting class of 2006, which was considered one of the greatest in Georgia history, is evacuating Athens quicker than KA's on GA/FLA weekend. Reshad Jones is more than likely adding his name to the draft board. The Arena League is taking a hiatus so I'm guessing hes going to try the NFL for some reason but either way I could not have picked one guy I'd rather see leave. He was a showboating, trash talking, thug who couldn't have tackled Roddy Jones if you would have put both of them in a steel stall. He sucked and was a solid reason why our defense was completely inept at times. I'd much rather see a John Knox out there who's going to bust his ass and just get beat than a guy who has all the talent in the world but is a combination of Terrell Owens and Eric Brown.

At times I can be called a "Disney Dawg." But as I see almost everyone coming back for the National Champs, Tech beating us in everything, our basketball program not actively participating the past 6 years outside of Atlanta, and the always reliable woman's basketball team having the worst year in program history, I think Mickey would even have a hard time smiling right now.

Georgia: 2009 SEC East Champions

2-AA > 3-AAAAA ?

The debate on which classification is best for BC is deep and will continue for the foreseeable future. One question that has not come up in any one's argument: What about the competition possibly being better in AA basketball? The reason this question was never asked is because it was virtually impossible to consider any region being any deeper or more competitive than 3-AAAAA. Well its becoming possible.

Savannah basketball has long been some of if not the best basketball in the state. Many think that the success Savannah schools find on the court is why they remain in AAAAA despite their significant struggles in almost every other sport. However, this year is completely different. So different that BC might have found more success in '08-'09 by playing in AAAAA.

Groves is currently tied for first place in the region and has defeated Savannah High twice. Johnson beat Groves last night by 9 points to create the tie for first. That same Johnson team is 6-6 overall and lost to both BC and Calvary by double digits.

Beach is 1-10. Jenkins is 0-9 and lost to BC by 12. Windsor Forest is 7-7, beat BC by 1 in the Holiday tourney and fell to BC by 11 in the first meeting (Windsor is 3-0 against Calvary winning by 13, 15, and 19). Bradwell is 3-2 in the region and lost by a combined 26 points in 2 meetings against 2-AA Long County. BC beat Long by 5.

2-AA sports 5 teams with a 4-2 region record and one with a 7-1 record. Those 6 teams have combined for a 53-23 overall record. Long is at 4-2 and dominated Bradwell twice. BC is 3-1 against 3-AAAAA competition with one of those wins coming against region leading Johnson.

I know that it is real easy with basketball to say something like Savannah State could somehow beat North Carolina because they beat a team who beat a team who beat a team who beat a team that beat Carolina. And if if I was a betting man I'd go with Savannah High to win a tournament if you put all 17 teams from the two regions together. But for this year, with the games I have seen from both regions and the numbers up to this point, it would take a whole lot to convince me that BC doesn't play in the tougher region in '08-'09.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Asher Exits Athens

During a 4 PM press conference, Jr. CB Asher Allen declared he will enter the 2009 NFL draft. Don't get me wrong, he's a great player, but I'm a little suprised about this. I'm not shocked, just a little suprised. I thought he would stick around another year. Maybe he's lost all confidence in Willie too. Who could blame him? Good luck Asher and represent the "G" well in the League.

OT: The Favors guy from South Atlanta that's suppose to save Felton's ass (again) is going to anounce his college decision tomorrow night at 6:30. It's down to Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Memphis. Got this off Georgia Sports Blog.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Class Act

Knowshon took out a full page ad in today's Athens Banner-Herald thanking Georgia fans for their support.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Riddle of the Day

Medium Difficulty:

Barstool and Ross Hopper play 5 games of tennis. Both win the same amount of games. How is this possible?

First correct answer wins Rick Astley's Debut Album "Whenever you need someone"

Friday, January 09, 2009

Saturday Night @ BC

For those who don't already know, there will be an Alumi Oyster Roast at 6:00 pm at BC on Saturday. The Basketball team will host 1st place Tattnall County who is 6-0 in the region at 7:30. BC is 7-2 overall and 3-1 in the region. At Halftime CMS will be formally introduced as the new Head Football Coach. If you want to go to just one game this year this one would be a good one to pick.

Georgia: 2009 SEC East Champions.

Erin Go Bragh


CUM now has 2 MNCs in 4 years. The poll question is, when will CMR get his? Comments are also welcome.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

1. I bet a lot of money on Florida tonight. I think they are going to win big. I will be rooting for Oklahoma, though. If Florida loses 59-3, they are still a top 5 team and the SEC is still the best football conference in the land. Boomer Sooner?

2. Check out Snuffy's most recent post on BMBS and read the article.

3. Only in the Office is starting to rock n roll. Don't forget to check up on them boys each day.

4. Slick averages like 10 comments a post. What a little spark plug he is.

5. If I was an Oklahoma player tonight, my little eye black things would say- Matthew 6:5-8. Ever read that one, Timmy?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Your Favorite Moments

Stafford and Moreno have done everything in their shortened Georgia careers short of winning a championship (that's Willie's fault not theirs). What were your fondest memories of these 2 Bulldog greats?

My favorite Stafford memory: One and Done Baby!

My favorite Knowshon moment: Moreno Takes Flight Out in the Desert

One Last Time

What a fitting end...

Stafford and Moreno Decision

Steve Patterson over at has all but confirmed Stafford won't be hanging around Athens next football season. No surprise. I'll have more on the story when it becomes "official."

Update 11:10 PM: Now it is official. Both Stafford and Moreno are going to turn pro. Dawg fans can expect a public announcement from Stafford and Moreno themselves sometime tomorrow. I wish them both the best of luck. Thanks for the memories. They will always be DGDs.

It's Back!

One of the greatest shows in the history of television returns tonight for its sixth season. That's right, the Nip Tuck season 6 premiere comes on FX tonight at 10 PM. If you can't catch the 10 o'clock showing, there will be an encore at 11 PM. It looks like it's going to be an exciting season. I'll be watching and you should too.

Fullfilling My Posting Requirements

Here are Slick's 7 thoughts regarding some of the happenings in college football. I chose to do 7 instead of 4 or 16 in honor of 2008's Man of the Year- Jack Holland:

1) I'm glad CRG is staying. He's done a lot for Georgia (more than Willie has ever done that's for sure). Him going to Knoxville would have been a major blow to our program. I still think CMR should give him a shot at DC but his blind loyalty to our current jackass DC will prevent this and at some point result in Garner actually leaving for a DC job. Yes once again, it's Willie's fault.

2) If we are in a depression, somebody forgot to tell Auburn and Tennessee. Both schools are spending money like "drunken sailors on shore leave" (PWD). Auburn is going to pay Curtis Luper, who coached running backs at Oklahoma St. $400,000 a year to be their running backs coach. That is absurd. Chizdik has also added Tulsa OC Gus Malzhan and Oklahoma St. co-OC Trooper Taylor to his staff and I'm sure they are getting paid more than Luper. Meanwhile Lame Kiffin is paying his dad a cool million to be DC, giving Orgeron $500k, and planned on giving Garner $400k. In comparison, that's about $150k more than Garner is making now. You just don't see salaries like this for assistant coaches but the landscape is changing and the prices will keep rising (and the sad part is Willie keeps getting a raise even though the defense gets worse every year). You can thank Alabama and Nick Saban for getting that ball rolling. The assistant coaches arms race has begun.

3) On the subject of Kiffin, he is certainly making a great first impression on the other SEC coaches. He hasn't coached a game in the SEC yet and he's already pissed off just about everyone. He has already raided SOS's coaching staff at Mitchell's alma mater. He won a bidding war with Les Miles for Orgeron's services. He tried to steal CRG from CMR. It has already become apparent that Kiffin's motto is "win at all costs" and I like that kind of attitude but he is burning a lot of bridges. You think Saban and Meyer are huge assholes (and they are), CLK may be the biggest asshole of them all before it's over. Hard to believe I know. CPC taught him better than this. He must have adopted this attitude in the League.

4) Georgia's 2009 schedule is an absolute BITCH. I think it is much harder than what the '08 schedule turned out to be. Opening up in Stillwater against Oklahoma St. won't be easy with our defense. Good luck there Willie. That should get your 2009 campaign off to an exceptional start (sarcasm). Aside from that, everybody in the East will be better with the exception of South Carolina. Tebow will be back. Tennessee can't be any worse. I'm not sure about Kentucky. I read somewhere yesterday that Vandy is returning 18 starters. As for our west opponents, at Arkansas in week 3 won't be cake walk, LSU will be much better on offense (Jordan Jefferson) and defense (John Chavis), and Auburn, like Tennessee, can't be any worse. Tech and PJ Chang proved they are not afraid of the Bulldogs any more. Thank God for Tennessee Tech.

5) I think people may be reading too much into the defense's performance in the Capital One Bowl. I know we had a ton of sacks and it was far and away our best defensive performance of the year outside of maybe Arizona St. but you have to consider the competition too. The only teams MSU played with a pulse this year, Penn St. and Ohio St., beat the holy hell out of them and beat them a lot worse than we did. Ringer didn't do shit against them either. Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad we shut them down like we did because God knows we could have come out flat like South Carolina did against Iowa and get steamrolled. It was inspiring and very encouraging. That being said, I don't think our problems on the defensive side of the ball are magically solved because of this performance and Willie still sucks as a secondary coach and DC. Give Garner a shot. He's earned it. Overall, I think the bowl game was a microcosm of the entire season. It was sloppy for most of the game with flashes of brilliance, teasing us as to what this team could have been.

6) Since OIA's recruiting guru Pat McCarthy has limited internet access, I'll fill in for the time being. The state of Georgia's #1 prospect, DB Branden Smith committed to the Dawgs on national television at the Under Armour All American game Sunday night. It was a nice thing to see but I could have done without the overly biased ESPN sideline reporter who kept shoving Florida hats and footballs in his face seemingly trying to sway Smith's decision right there on the spot. There are a couple of guys on the board who I would really like to see us pick up: Marlon Brown and Greg Reid. Brown, out of Memphis, also played in the UA game. He caught a strike from Matt Barkley (USC commit) and ran by everyone 71 yards for a score. The guy can absolutley fly. Reid a DB from Lowndes intercepted 2 passes in the game and was named the game's co-MVP. The interesting thing about Reid is that he had been committed to Florida since last February but has recently decided to reopen his recruitment. Inside sources tell me Georgia might have the inside track now. In more good news from the AU game, Georgia OG commit Dallas Lee destroyed Florida's DL commit Gary Brown on just about every play they faced eachother. According to the transitive property, those ass beatings should carry over into the college game. I also got a chance to watch "the future" of Georgia football Aaron Murray on Saturday. With everything I had heard, there was really nothing he could have done to live up to my expectations. In all honesty though, I was not very impressed. His arm strength leaves a lot to be desired and I won't judge his mobility because he is still recovering from a pretty bad ankle injury. This obviously could have affected his passing as well. Whatever the reason, he didn't look very sharp. Luckily if he doesn't pan out, we still have Mettenberger, a big kid with a strong arm and a sense of Georgia pride (lives in Watkinsville). Both QBs are enrolling early for the spring semester. McCarthy I hope I did you proud.
Georgia WR prospect Marlon Brown...

7) Some quick thoughts to wrap it up: They have until January 15th, but I think both Stafford and Moreno enter the draft, but if one does stay, I think it would be Moreno; On a related note, Caleb King will still be a bust; SOS will retire after next season, further proving that usc jr. is indeed a coaches' graveyard. After this happens, the first time I see Mitchell I will rub it in; Brooking cost the Falcons a playoff victory on Saturday and as a result Tech has directly and indirectly ruined 2 of my football teams' seasons; I know the national championship game has yet to be played but I think USC and Florida are clearly the best two teams in the country (sorry Utes maybe next year). This makes perfect sense too, seeing as that CPC and CUM are the 2 best coaches in the country; I have a good shot at winning the OIA bowl pool. After 2 heartbreaking and agonizing losses to Leaky Pete's grandson, winning College Bowl Mania would make me a lot like Georgia- lose the 2 biggest games of the season but win the bowl game and take some momentum into next year. I can live with that, for now; Last but not least, say what you want, but Muschamp saved Mack, Colt, and the Big 12's collective asses from becoming a huge embarrassing failure, once again proving that he is the real CWM and wherever Muschamp goes, wins will follow. Our loss is Texas' gain. That is all
In the words of Ari Gold, "that is what we call a bitch slap, a bitch slap for a bitch..."

Monday, January 05, 2009

Riddle of the Day

The first person to answer the question correctly will receive the novelty license plate of their choice.....
Water lilies double in area every twenty-four hours. At the beginning of the summer there is one water lily on a lake. It takes sixty days for the lake to become completely covered with water lilies. On what day is it half covered?
The most ridiculous answer will be forced to eat cat food.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Congrats JJH4

Congratulations JJH4 on your 2008 BMBS Man of the Year award. The rest of us at OIA salute you sir.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Pass in Review: 2008

Tonight, my beach house on Tybee Island will be the place to be. Here are some places where memories were made in 2008.

New Orleans: Harrah's, Hand Grenades, Hurricanes (the drinks), Hawaiians, and Hustler Club. Heaven? Close to it. I know I'll never forget it.

Atlanta: Rick and Patrick have been stuck there for a while now, but P-Mac might return as soon as March. The Hawks had an exciting playoff series with the uber-popular Celtics and look to be serious contenders for an Eastern Conference crown for the next few years. The Braves were a disappointment, but we will all continue to watch and root for them in 09. The Falcons were in utter disarray in 07, but thanks to Michael Turner, Matt Ryan, a good coach, and Mr. Abraham, they won 11 games and are favored in a playoff game set to take place tomorrow. GA Tech made a great hire in the form of CPJ and knocked off the powerful Georgia Bulldogs. Congrats to Tech on the hire, another 4 loss season, and retaining that bitter attitude toward life in general even after their big win over Georgia.

Las Vegas: I made it out there again this Summer, and it was just as amazing as ever. We all really need to get out there soon.

Athens: SEC basketball crown (@ Tech) , College World Series birth, and a "disastrous" 10 win season in football. With the exception of Schiv, everyone's gone now, but the trips up there in the coming years will be plentiful and eventful I'm sure.

Washington D.C.: History is made as Barack Obama is elected president of the United States. Some people are pleased; some are less than pleased.

Beijing: Phelps, gymnasts, and USA basketball. Thanks Mikey- for swimming fast. Thanks gymnasts- for flipping and bending and stuff. Thanks USA basketball (and Coach K)- for being awesome. I've never heard of talking shit in swimming, but leave it to a Frenchman. Yeah, how'd that work out for you brah?

Savannah: BC cans Herndon. It's TC's 4th last season as Benedictine basketball coach. Van Brimmer and McGowan have a fascination with Calvary basketball. Talk about BC moving up or down in classifications has died down, and the focus has shifted toward increasing the enrollment and being the best in everything from cross country to soccer. St. Michael's knocked St. Peter's out of the SPAL smaller school division tournament. Elton John plays in Savannah during the same week as the Parade. It's too much excitement for me and I don't make it out on Parade night.

Tybee Island: A beach renourishment is completed. The Rick Swarz' ban is no longer. Global Warming is going quite nicely and the weather today is just right for a big bash.

2008 was one hell of a year. Time to start 2009 off right. See yall tonight.