Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

1: For the first time since I graduated, I felt my age this weekend in Athens. Didn't make it out past 1 either night. Still a damn good time though.

2: Bell v. Kicklighter never really got off the ground, but I think he met his match a little after we left.

3: I have never heard a human being snore like Williams did Saturday night. That was beyond awful. On one of my trips to Athens last Fall, I slept on a cold floor, and that was so much better than last night in the room with "Bear" Williams.

4: Rick still has it.

5: JJ sure does look the part of graduate student with his beard. Next thing we know he will hang out at The Globe and get espressos from Starbuck's.

6: Serious tension remains between Schiv and Leigh.

7: Desperate is the perfect wrap up to a wild weekend.

***Coming soon, a first draft of my top 5 Athens nights*** I know you care, Shane.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birfday, Homes.

We've been best friends ever since you hated me.


With 2 more wins BC clinches a birth in the state playoffs.

JJ turns 25

Happy birthday, Jack. I think now is the right time to apologize to you for beating your ass in Doraville eight years ago. I'm sorry.

In terms of overall contributions to Benedictine athletics, Jack ranks up there with guys like Lamar, Mallard, Passink, Chris Williams, Rahal, and Travis West. He was a 3 year starter in baseball and football. He played basketball for 3 years and was a solid guard. The game Jack pitched his junior year against Wayne remains one of the top 5 Benedictine individual athletic performances I've ever witnessed. Jack was a great player due to his intelligence, leadership abilities, and passion. He will be one of the greatest coaches in BC history because of these same things.

As good as an athlete as Jack was in high school, we choose to hang out with him for reasons besides that. Like his fellow Dawg Duo member, he marches to the beat of a different drum. The guy loves singing in Tybee bars, and he excels at doing so. In Savannah, it is not uncommon for him to show up out of nowhere at a bar well after midnight. On Thursday nights before Georgia football games, he sports the other team's color. Describing Jack's uniqueness is not an easy task.

He's a good guy. He loves SJS, BC, and the Dogs. I've said it before, but Jack is one of the people who make BC what it is: the best damn high school in America. And while Jack is full of shit about unimportant things, there is not a better guy in the world when it comes to things that matter. Of all the different groups of people we know, all of them like Jack. Unfortunately for the ladies, he has settled down a little bit with a nice girl who might like Georgia sports as much as Jack.

Jack, I will have a ton of roast beef at my first wedding, and I expect you to be there with bells on.

Happy birthday. 10-6.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

1: St. Patrick's Day is rapidly approaching. Instead of Vegas or New Orleans for Spring Break 2K10, I think I'll have a big time at the parade and settle for a few nights on the gambling boat.

2: Congrats to BC and Georgia on their big wins this weekend. Trav and Jibri are top 5.

3: Cafe Loco and Hucapoos have made it into my top 5 bars (along with Bourbon Street, GB's, and Churchill's).

4: Williams turns 22 tomorrow. Should be interesting.

5: PLowe is back in the game. Text him for details.


Weekend Highlights

'Nique Jr.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sports II

I hate January for a number of reasons but this weekend is arguably the best for sports until March Madness cranks up.

The Landers Lunatics play basically their only meaningful game of the regular season on Thursday night against #3 Tennessee. This is JD's only Bball team now so he deserves the support. (FSNS)

#10 BC has a must win game against Long on Friday night. BC beat Long in Ludowici back in December by 2 and outside of MCA is the only team that is a legitimate threat to win the region. If BC is to have a realistic shot at hosting the region tournament they must win this game. (BCSN)

The Georgia men's team plays top 10 Tennessee on Saturday and is a game Georgia SHOULD win, which is something you have not been able to say in a long time. This is a very good basketball team 1-4 but 5-12 is as bad as anyone in the conference, though the Drozen kid is a good mix of Idrisi, Waldrop, and McCauley. Year 1 under Fox has been a success up to this point. If there is any production from the bench this team can win some games and hopefully find themselves making a deep run in the NIT. At Georgia, with a first year coach, thats not bad. (FSNS)

Sunday, the Conference Championship games are held and I will start watching the NFL. Good matchups. I'll take the Colts and Vikings with Indy in the Super Bowl.

The only 5 round Golf tournament of the year is this week at the Bob Hope, for those who like the plethera of golf formats. (GC)

Shiv will probably forgo all of this and will be playing NCAA with JJ (maybe MB, you never know) and listening to Otis Redding while watching gametracker of the Aussie Open.

140 days till the World Cup. Theres 1.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

An Ode to the King...

Happy Birthday King.

But seriously. Lets all be thankful that MLK changed the country the way he did and made living in harmony more of a possibility. If you can't be thankful for that, at least be thankful for no work/school on Monday.

'I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.'

That dream gets closer and closer every day...

Happy Sunday.

3:30-4:43 reassures me that there is a God.

The path is clear though no eyes can see The course laid down long before. So with Gods and men the sheep remain inside their pen, though many times they've seen the way to leave.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wish it wasn't Tech but good for LOS

Tech Fills Two Vacancies

Pretty good, but not Newman range

We Goin' To The Ship!!!!

Tom Dienhart of Rivals is reporting that Georgia's next DC will be Dallas Cowboys DL coach Todd Grantham. He says the deal is already signed. It is for 3 years and he will be the 3rd highest paid DC in the country. I'm not sure when the press conference will be.

Obviously this wasn't our 1st choice. The guy has only been a DC once for the Cleveland Browns from '05-'07 and he was fired. CTG hasn't coached at the college level since '98 when he was at Michigan St. with that asshat Nick Saban. Therefore, it may take him some time to back in the flow of recruiting.

Having said all of that, I am VERY happy with the hire. Truthfully, I would have taken anybody over Willie. The guy has coached under Frank Beamer/Bud Foster, Nick Saban, and Dom Capers, 3 of the greatest defensive minds in all of football so I'm sure he picked up a thing or two along the way. Beamer and Saban have both vouched for him and apparently he was Saban's first choice to be his DC when he took the Dolphins' job.

Perhaps the best thing I've heard about the guy is that apparently he's a real asshole and a tough, hard-nosed coach. It starts with the mentality on defense, the swagger. We can worry about scheme later.

Something to ponder, with CTG being a DL coach, where does that leave CRG? Don't forget Tennessee, CRG's old stomping grounds, still has an entire coaching staff to fill. It's so close to signing day, if CRG does leave I don't think it will have a huge impact.

Now all we got to do is get rid of that dead weight Van Halanger guy. F*** it. I'm on board. Sugar in 2010, MNC in 2011. Place your bets.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

6 years ago today...


364 days after Benedictine had defeated Savannah 61-50 and nearly a month after Savannah had defeated Benedictine 83-21, Cannon beats Savannah High School in the last game he will ever coach against them. Luke finishes with a 2-2 record against Benedictine. Savannah High advanced to the elite 8 in AAAAA later in the year. Casey Mitchell, Joe Fincher, Luke Tambon, and Kevin Parker, all starters for the Blue Jackets, would go on to play college ball. No one on the Benedictine team would make a college team, but Hinchey is still enjoying Costa Rica.

5 things I remember:
1: The feeling I had when Orie Williams missed that 3 as time expired
2: Half court before the game and talking to Tim Jordan as their band played Outkast
3: Sitting with Kieffer, Coach Cannon, and Phoenix in the locker room after the game. By the time we came out, the lights in the gym were already turned off.
4: Jack and maybe Keenan singing the fight song on the phone.
5: Hinchey's 17 rebounds

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tennessee Fans Taking This In Stride...

Disclaimer: image contains graphic language and probably not suitable for the workplace/classroom.

Lane better get the hell out of dodge.

Monday, January 11, 2010

CP...C Ya!!!

We're sorry for your loss, Rick.

Stic Dic: a man without a team, the world's newest Seahawks fan, or anxiously awaiting Will Muschamp's first head-coaching job?

Let's hear your theories.

(Photo from The Sporting Blog)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hook 'Em

Texas 21... Bear 20...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Not As Good As Last Night's Win...

...but I'd say this is decent news for Georgia basketball. (HT: Georgia Sports Blog)

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Sports have been great the past few days. Auburn game, Mike Leach, Urban Meyer(s), now this.