Sunday, August 30, 2009

Anymouse Drops The Ball

I am not trying to piggyback off of Dawg Duo brother JJH4. He always does his pre-season predictions on PPB but usually, at least for the past few years, anymouse has collected our predictions and put the final results on the blog. I guess he shot that tradition down. That sucks because the Heisman picks were always entertaining. Anyways, here are some of my predictions.

Conference Champs:
SEC- Florida
SEC East- Florida

PAC 10- USC Annual Rose Bowl/Big 10 Ass Kicking trophy...

ACC- Florida St.
ACC Atlantic- Georgia Tech

Tech Tailgating...

ACC Coastal- Florida St.

Big East- Rutgers

Big 12- Texas

Big 12 North- Nebraska
Big 12 South- TexasThe Best CWM...

Big Ten- Who Cares

National Championship Game: Florida vs Texas

2009 National Champ: Florida

Georgia- 9-3 (loses to Oklahoma St., LSU, and Florida)
This could not be further from the truth...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Connolly

Today one of Savannah's epic characters, Christopher Connolly, turns 30. We at OIA wish him well on this big day. Any guesses as to what he does for his birthday? Maybe a 50 year old?

Au Revoir, OITO

It was a hell of a run. 10-6.

BC: No other place like it

One of my mom's brothers went to BC. That's about it for the whole tradition thing in my family. Anyways, he moved to Maryland a while back and started a family. Andrew, my little cousin, comes to Savannah every summer. He thinks BC is the greatest thing in the world.

A lot of people are worried about the state of BC right now. A win over Windsor helps, but I still get the feeling that a lot of people are still uneasy about BC and its future.

My 16 year old cousin who lives in Baltimore, Maryland and has never even seen a BC game told me last night in a Facebook-chat,"I want to get my dad fired from his job so we can move down there just so i can play for bc".

Shit doesn't happen anywhere else. We will be fine. Go Cadets!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

TE-per-BOW-le, Part 1

We all know that the Tim Tebow slobber-fest is going to reach a fever pitch this college football season, likely to the point where we look back on Thom Brennamen's BCS title game love letter with some degree of fondness. I mean, why else would Dan Shanoff go to the trouble of creating this monstrosity?

So of course I'm taking it upon myself to document some of the more egregious examples of Tebow love over the next few months. Not any of the legitimate praise, which the guy deserves plenty of (he's surely the best player in college football, after all). I'm just looking to call people out for going too far over the top (hence the name of this feature. See what I did there?).

I'm interested in statements like this one, from some Heisman preview show on ESPN a few minutes ago:

John Saunders: “But it's not always about stats with Tim Tebow, is it?”

Trevor Matich: “No. It's about an emotional connection with the soul of college football.”


Stick's 5 Best Tweets Of The Week

He's back and more (you know) than ever:

5. Questions for my fellow twits u ever drank montazumas revenge tequilla through a straw
1:39 PM Aug 23rd from txt

4. More night games marla
12:02 PM Aug 23rd from txt

3. I made enough money to buy atl but I pissd it away so fast I should have been a cowboy
11:58 AM Aug 23rd from txt

2. The fact that I have not broken my hand yet is f'n unbelievable gotta give credit to the man upstairs for blessin me with an iron fist
10:56 AM Aug 23rd from txt

1. Of course I shouldnt talk ill of the palmetto state I use to date a carolina girl now shes datin a loser
10:44 AM Aug 23rd from txt

And a few bonus tweets from my boy Jason Isbell:

Guy at the trailer repair place this afternoon used the phrase "Jew them down." I used the phrase "Christian them up."
less than a minute ago from web

Spent a full day in a Native American casino last week before realizing I was a white guy wearing a Braves jersey. I did not win money.
2 minutes ago from web

When texting, there's a fine line between "Wish you were here" and "Wish you were her."
6 minutes ago from web

We need to get back to the days of bands wearing their own t-shirts. That's how much I hate doing laundry.
11 minutes ago from web

Nobody laughs with the Laughing Cow. Them cheese is just too good.
6:42 PM Aug 27th from web

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Choice Cuts, BC Over Windsor

Another solid effort from everyone's favorite Internet radio team. Not quite as much entertainment as the region basketball game, but things really started coming together in the post-game.

On to a few of the best quotes and moments (Feel free to add any I missed.):

“As some would say, the band is back together.”

First quarter: JJH4 really wanted to mention Slic Ric when they played 2001 over the sound system, but held back nicely.

“...BC going from right to left as you look at your computer screen.”

“Rick (Snow) pretty much runs this place this time of year.”

First “HE GONE” at approximately 8:10 p.m...

“We don't have a lot of respect for their punter... and I can see why.”

“They say when a band gets back together, the reunion tour is even better than the first time around.”

“I think the basketball team is going to be pretty damn good this year.”


we gone.

The Real Dawg Duo?

No, I am not talking about Bliss and Holland. And maybe they aren't the real Dawg Duo, but Holland and Sheahan are awesome. I can't make it to the game tonight, but that's fine because I get to listen to Holland get excited and Sheahan hammer the officials. Will field goals result in Sheahan's patented "BINGO!"? Who knows, but I can't wait to find out.

Give em' hell, Cadets!


To listen to the game tonight use this link:

The website is no longer listed as If the link above does not work try:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Glory Days (Warning: Way too long)

Friday I will play for the fourth team in my flag football career. Of course, I started my career as a member of the Wild Stallions, whom I will consider myself a part of until the day I die. One night junior year I came to the Boro and played a game with Andrew and Shane's team. When I was the only one left in Athens last fall, besides Schiv who was in law school, I joined the team of Cavalaliers, Saints, and Dave Bliss. Now, I am set to join the Shar-dets. (Combination of Sharks and Cadets).

Last year the Shar-dets, who were then known as TapOut, made the semi-finals in the C division, so we should be pretty good with the addition of myself and PLowe. Some of my new horsemen, including Jonathan "Ric" Williams, Tyler Crawford, and Travis Williams are on the team. Even my gas brother's brother, Cameron Dixon, is on the team. And we've got the Janufka twins who are good guys. So I've got some of my new horsemen and one of my best friends on my team. Should be fun, right?

I couldn't be less excited about Friday. I don't know if it's the fact that I am playing center while Dixon and the Janufkas are the receivers or the fact that I don't get to play defense at all, but I am just not feeling it.

To be honest though, playing with the Cavs, Saints, and Bliss in Athens wasn't much fun either. Playing with the Stallions was awesome. Maybe it's just that I was with a lot of my best friends, or that I got to play the positions I wanted, but it was damn awesome.

Rick wore under armor long before it was popular. He ran the defense, and we blitzed enough to make BVG and Muschamp's defenses look like soft zones. Holland ran the offense. He was quick enough to be an effective scrambler and run the option, but he had the arm-strength and accuracy to throw the ball whenever we needed/wanted to. He also knows more about football/flag football than anyone else I know so I didn't mind listening to him when he told me we couldn't throw it up to me on every play.

Larry and Patrick didn't allow a sack in 3 seasons. And when it came time to drop one over the middle, they caught it. The few personal fouls we received for their comments to the refs were well worth it.

And speaking of personal fouls, Wolfe set the tone the first time he scored and spun the ball in the endzone. But it was fun to play with Tony. He was a great possession receiver. He suffered through a few injuries, but shit happens. And the duck he threw to end one of our seasons still makes me LOL.

Jack's roommate, Rand, was a lockdown corner. He was good. And say what you want about Hotard, but he got after it. Doan came on board later, but he didn't really do much, except screw up our special teams.

In conclusion, I don't know what exactly it was that made playing with the Wild Stallions so awesome. But I miss the hell out of it. It was awesome, and we were awesome. I hope this flag football will be fun, but I know it won't compare to any of the seasons I had with the Stallions.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Rep Your Hood...

And answer this simple trivia questions ahem question:

What rapper's baby's momma's son murdered his (the rapper/ answer to the question)'s four year old daughter, baby momma and baby momma's daughter in February of 2008?

Hint #1

He is.....
"A playa hata flipper yeah, grave filla yeah"
"[He] be slangin wood yeah, out the hood yeah"

Lastly, he also wants to...
"Let it be understood yeah, it's all good yeah"

Hint #2
The murderer, the rapper's baby's momma's son (whom the rapper is not the father of), was a sophomore at Central Gwinnett High School.

Answer Here
Article Here

I want my money, O.C.

Odds to win the 2009 PPB Championship are now up on Pure Picks Baby.

Check em' out and come see me.


PPB is back up.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Haiku

No haiku needed
After what happened last night-
Big waves on Tybee?


What the hell, Murray-
Taking low blows at my friend.
Thank God for Austin.

Beta Theta Pi

Merchant is awesome
Your hair is so beautiful
Go to hell B Street.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tailgate CD

The 2009 Tailgate CD is in the works. Once again the powers at be are allowing all contributors to OIA to nominate 1 song to be put on the compilation.

This years CD will have a more contemporary feel with less of the old favorites. On that same note, "Land Down Under" will officially be retired prior to the Georgia vs. Oklahoma State game.

Along with the song you nominate feel free to reflect on some of your favorite "Land Down Under" memories.

Thom Brenneman in GQ

"Tebow is six feet three and 245 pounds, all thick polygons and smooth flat planes and inescapable corn-fed handsomeness. He’s wearing a billowy white shirt and loose-fitting jeans that somehow only underscore the solidity of his bulk, like a tarpaulin draped over a concrete pylon."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Evans and Usher are BMSAA...

are you?

BC Alumni Association

Happy Birthday, Bill

Here's to you, Bill Clinton. I hope you have a great time on your 63rd birthday; I am sure you will. You are top 5 material in my eyes, and you will go down with Reagan as top 5, if not top 2 in terms of presidential greatness during my lifetime. Sorry, Murray.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yang Defeats Woods to Become First Tech Fan to Win a Major

Tiger Woods Faux Quote (Referring to the Greens):

"You know those slopes. They are very relentless."

This Racism Is Killing Me On the Inside!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

WTOC Two-a-days

Benedictine '09

Enrollment numbers in Region 3-AAAAA:

Camden County: 2,889
Bradwell Institute: 1,827
Jenkins: 1,515
Johnson (Savannah): 1,498
Groves: 1,360
Windsor Forest: 1,246
Beach: 1,024
Savannah: 965
If you didn't see it on David Hale's Blog, the unaired Pilot of "South Park"has been released.

Friday Haiku

Bunger made a poll-
His best contribution yet?
Time to rock and roll.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hidden Genesis Song Thursday!

Need to work on that title. Anyway have a blast with this Gabriel-Guided Genesis gem...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

While I'm In a Blogging Mood...

Have we talked about how terrible this SportsNation show is yet?

Between the 30-second riffs Cowherd gives while Michelle Beadle listens intently, the pointless percentage games, tired viral video clips and "fake calls," it's making Around the Horn look like The Wire by comparison.

Y'all's boy Cowherd is always talking about having "good judgment," right? Just making sure.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Haiku

Stewart and Winfield
Tomorrow at the Rock House-
Schiv and Jack climax?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

DeFilippis in the News

B.C graduate A.J. DeFilippis (hard name to spell) was in the SMN today. Coach spoke very highly of him.

DeFillipis on being the #1 QB during spring practice:

"It helped a lot," DeFilippis said. "I got more experience. It doesn't really matter how talented a person is. Experience will kill them if they don't have it. I feel that I got a lot of experience, and I feel better coming into camp because I got more experience."

Here at OIA, we hope you experience success in all your experiences.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rich McGowan

This guy is from Michigan but he has done a really good job since coming to the SMN a couple of years ago. It seems as if he really likes his job unlike some of the high school reporters that preceded him. Being from outside this area he has even brought to light some of the shortcomings of high schools in this area. Here is his blog from BC practice yesterday morning.

He Good

Top 5 Georgia athlete ever, Gordon Beckham, was named the American League Rookie of the Month for July. Beckham has settled into the 2 hole for the contending White Sox and some are considering him a front runner for rookie of the year.
He will surely hit a skid at some point but I don't think anyone thought this much success would come this soon. He is currently one of two players from the 2007 draft in the majors.

The combination of Beckham, Ken "Hawk" Harrelson, and the Braves not making the playoffs again make the White Sox my new favorite team.