Wednesday, May 30, 2012

National Basketball League

*UPDATE- Whoopsie Daisy. Last Night was the NBA Draft lottery, not the draft. New Orleans won the lottery. It looks like I will have to wait until June 28th :( If you're an NBA basketball fan, than this time of the year is very exciting for you. For me however, it's a very nerve-racking Experience. Of course, what I'm referring to is the NBA draft that's taking place tonight.
My window for being drafted continues to get smaller. This year I've taken a different approach. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


In honor of Coach Perno and his impending termination, here are the top 5 moments of the all or nothing  Perno era:

5.  Joey Side and Super-regional win over South Carolina in 2006.

4. 2011 SEC Tournament Run
        Dantzler's Call

3. Johnathan Wyatt's Super regional HR vs. Tech

2. Felmy and Jacobs back to back and Startup closes to complete comeback vs. Clemson in '04 Regional.

1. 2008

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Straight From DJ Marty's Mouth! OHHHH YEEEAAAA

Recently on Facebook, DJ Marty has been on a roll. In response to his own comment...

"I wish Jesus would take a ride with me to Washington and make the whole world a better place by creating a sinkhole for these no good lying theiving people to disappear in and put the statue of Liberty on top of their sorry asses and then put the Whitehouse on top of the UN so Americans won't have to Support their crap anymore"!!!!" Me and Jesus driving the KARMA BUS... And then America can go back to being a Christain Nation with a president that loves America; not a flyboy dictator whose aim is to destroy the American way of life"!!!!" Imagine"

I literally could not make that up.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monday, May 07, 2012


Summer is almost here and the "Summer of Fun" seems like it was years ago.  Back then, I don't think anyone would have predicted this blog would be fading at this point or that Collins would be housing half of its contributors.  I have high hopes going into the Summer with the newly formed Jerry Mouse.  I have been through 6 cliques since last Summer and all of their failures were absolutely faults of other people, not mine. I feel as if my new one has the makings of a successful and long term run similar to 434, Broccoli Boat, and Gruesome Twosome.  I will honestly admit that it has been tougher than I expected to find the same magic that the Dawg Duo once had.  If he was as good as he once was there is no doubt  the Dawg Duo would be as strong as ever.

The Summer has its staples in Beach Bum, July 3rd, and a trip to Jacksonville.  In defense of those that won't or can't make those, I realize those people are doing important things and their schedule is pretty full.  However, Jerry Mouse will be there in some capacity and we hope all other cliques will make an effort to make some of it.  If not, then make a trip to Firehouse.

Braves, Gnats, Golf, Dawgs softball, and TYB.  It's a good time of year if you let it be.  And as a Jerry Mouse member once said, "Toast in the new south, this one is for history".