Wednesday, November 26, 2008

6 years ago today...

William Emerson, seen above, went on to play at Western Kentucky and Mercer. He was a physical dude, but he was nothing compared to Jermaine. We held him to just 8 points.

Why this was such a big win for us:

In the week leading up to the game, John Walden, in his only practice of the year, put me in the hospital with a concussion, and Franky almost broke Matthew's jaw with a right hook. Expectations were high- but- we had no identity, little chemistry, and found ourselves in a familiar place for Benedictine basketball, down by double digits at the half.

Before TC could even make his way down to the locker, we got together and talked about what the hell was happening. We knew we were going to be good, but I think all the pressure of being a good basketball team at BC had gotten to us. We had to prove to ourselves and to all the fans that we could live up to all the hype.

So we did. We went man-to-man for the entire second half except for the last possession of the game. In the second half, Franky controlled the game. Murray and Keenan hit some big 3's. BG and Matthew came off the bench and played good defense. Brady dominated down low. Matthew and Franky proved that they'd be fine playing together.

We didn't tie it up until there was less than a minute to go. With about 20 seconds to go we had the ball out of bounds at half court. During the timeout TC drew up a bad ass play that we had put in during practice the day before. It worked to perfection. They had a chance to tie it up or win it at the end, but we stopped them- going back to zone for the first time since the 2nd quarter.

Afterwards, I remember going to Rachel's house for her birthday party. Also, I've never seen a play work so perfectly at the end of a game. Just proves that TC knows his stuff and can be a good coach-when he feels like it.

This was one of the 3 (?) times fans rushed the court that year.

Here's what the Savannah Morning News had to say:

Benedictine 63, Camden Co. 61

Camden County led 15-5 after a quarter and by 12 points at halftime, but BC came back and won when senior forward Brady Cannon converted a layup with 20 second remaining in the Joe Greene Tournament. BC's comeback was headed by Cannon and post player Donnie Bell, who scored 12 of his game-high 17 in the latter minutes of the third quarter and the fourth quarter.


Charles Williams 10, Johnson 9, Holloway 9, Massey 9, Emerson 8, Small 6, Green 6, James 2.


Donnie Bell 17, Brady Cannon 13, Frankie Jackson 12, Keenan Summerlin 10, Murray 8, Gray 3.

Halftime--Camden Co., 35-23. Records--BC 1-0; Camden Co. 0-1.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tech Fan Tuesday

My contribution to hate week...

It's just too damn easy. F*** Tech, GO DAWGS!

Everything has costs and benefits...

And if your Bryan that cost for friends is about 5 grand a semester.

So I got a couple questions for the blogging community. When exactly did Bryan become dictator of this blog? Was I absent when we decided upon this? Where there no better (or for that matter, good) candidates?

Just because you write a lot of stupid shit on here doesnt mean people care about it. I think most, if not all, of us could probably do with out the daily Friday Night Lights references, or the advice on how to correctly glaze seared salmon. Seeing that our audience, for the most part, isn't 16 year old girls (or 45 year old girls), I feel confident in saying that no one gives a shit.

So, where do we go from here. I think this blog has great thing ahead. But do we really want to surrender those great things to Bryan "Napolean" "I'm 5'6'', own a MAC, and would fit in much better in Marietta than in Savannah" Schiv.????

As an advocate of freedom, and earning my freinds with my personality not my checkbook, I think everyone knows where I stand. So what do you say? Lets expell this evil dictatorship, put him in a Panera Bread Company with his MAC, his Birkenstocks, and his dissenting attitude, and fill the gap with Liberty!!

P.S. Bryan- F*** you and the horse you rode in on!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rivalry Week

As some of you know, I have a hatred for Georgia Tech that exceeds that of any other school. Why you ask? I don't really know. It might be because I grew up that way, maybe because I swear by Jeff Dantzler, or maybe because I know more Tech people than any others. But to tell you the truth it has become rather dull of late with Georgia winning 7 in a row and Tech people conceding the game each year because Chan Gailey was their coach. Now the Tech nation has risen up behind CPJ and has not felt this good on Thanksgiving day since felon Joe Hamilton was pulling the trigger. And it could not have come at a better time.

Though I have always hated Tech, the game was really never more to me than "Clean old-fashioned hate." However, all of that changed on a beautiful night on Tybee Island this past Summer. M. Reardon is a great person, past BMBS Man of the Year, someone I like to call a friend, but is also a devout Georgia Tech Fan. So as I was enjoying Tybrisa with one M. Reardon, I was in the midst of making numerous, hilarious jokes about Reggie Ball. M. Reardon did not take kindly to these words and decided to poor an entire beer on my head. As mutual friends separated us I realized that "Clean old-fashioned hate" had now become personal.

I don't care what offense you run, or who your coach is. It will always be the GTU. Small time football in the big city. Old Gold. Not knowing what down it is. Gold Gold. Boise. Yellow Gold. 51-7. Mustard Gold. Vacant Upper Decks. And most of all a nerd bastion. And we must not forget...

Check this out.

No-Schivera's. Open try-outs on new blog members. Only one rule.

Jams, But Not the Heady Kind

Looking back at the archive from the last couple of months, it came to my attention that none other than Mr. Stephen Colbert has declared “music posts” to be “On Notice.” So naturally, just to spite him (because what would this blog be without an unhealthy amount of spite?), here comes another damned music post. Colbert can put me on the Threat Down or whatever if he wants.

I'm seeing a lot of these year-end, best-of lists being rolled out lately, and man are they ever lame. (This Vampire Weekend stuff has got to go. Seriously.) So I was thinking, “Maybe our blog could do its own albums-of-the-year list. It couldn't be any worse than the abomination Blender just put out (I know. It's Blender. But still.).” Then I remembered that I'd be the only one to participate anyway. Either that, or I'd have to remind most people that Alabama's The Closer You Get... came out in 1983.

Rather than go through all that, I got bored and compiled the definitive list of the best stuff to come out this year and, since I've pretty much written about the best albums here already, I'll just blow you away with 2008's Top Five Stone Cold Jams of the Year. Not necessarily the best songs, but just, you know, jams man.

1. Ryan Adams – “Magick”
I'm an unapologetic Ryan Adams fanboy, but this new record of his is pretty forgettable, aside from “Magick.” You've got to respect any song that's tangentially about fighting off zombies in a shopping mall, and where the guy is actually singing about listening to jams on the radio. Song defines the word “jam.”

Magick - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

2. TV On the Radio – “DLZ”
There's a little bit of Portuguese tucked into the chorus, but you don't need the equivalent of my three grueling semesters of learning to fale essa língua in order to understand that this is the truest of jams.

DLZ - TV On The Radio

3. R.E.M. - “Living Well Is the Best Revenge”
Not known in most circles for their production of high-quality jams, R.E.M. comes back with an album full of them. And this is easily the best one.

Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Album Version) - Bill Rieflin

4. The Kills – “Getting Down”
The title says it all, no?

Getting Down - The Kills

5. Justin Townes Earle - “Far Away In Another Time”
Don't worry. I didn't forget about the all-important slow jam of the year.

Far Away In Another Time - Justin Townes Earle

And of course: Weezer – “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On a Shaker Hymn)”
This is a bonus pick for anyone who missed this one earlier in the year. I still can't get over it. I could listen to this all day, every day and never stop laughing. Dare I say, the jam to end all jams?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cheer Up, Brothers

Lost in all the bitching and moaning about the Georgia football team recently is the fact that the basketball team has already gotten started, with a pretty uneventful win over USC-Upstate (I'm sure they've all been to The Beacon.).

Even I'd kind of forgotten about them until a few minutes ago, when I saw Shavlik Randolph throw one down against North Carolina on ESPN Classic. Duke is currently ranked No. 1, but has no idea that a few months later Redick will miss the big shot in the Final Four as I watch from the TGI Friday's at the Riverfront Marriott. Also, remember when Duke used to have post players?

But that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, the Bulldogs start play in the Preseason NIT tonight against Loyola-Chicago, where if they win, Purdue will be waiting to completely embarrass them. And I, for one, will be listening at 9 p.m. when the Honorable Jeff Dantlzer dazzles us with his color commentary.

I'm not expecting much from Georgia this year and, thankfully, it doesn't seem like anyone else is, either. I was pretty worried that people who don't pay all that much attention believed that they had turned some kind of corner and that Felton had to either get an at-large bid or hope SCAD changes its mind about dropping basketball and gives him a job.

Even if Billy Humphrey hadn't one-upped our boy Stick with his third arrest, this team was going to be ridiculously young. And I know that's an excuse, but it's also the reality of the situation. It'd be one thing if all of the young guys were supremely talented, but they're not. And even if Trey Thompkins is, it looks like he's going to be slowed for a while.

This is a weird spot for the program, because despite a 4-12 SEC record last season, this is a legitimate rebuilding year. But at least the league appears to be pretty down again, especially in the West, so maybe they'll surprise us.

I think, realistically, you've got to hope for a couple decent non-conference wins (either someone in the NIT, Illinois, Missouri, VT or Tech), weather a pretty rough start to the SEC and hope you can salvage enough wins late to make the real NIT. Unless a March hurricane hits Tampa during the conference tourney, I guess.

But I don't know. Maybe Dustin Ware is really Chris Paul. Or Travis Leslie turns out to be Vince Carter. Or Drazen Zlovaric is, like, Rashard Lewis or something.

But either way, barring a complete disaster, I don't see any reason to call for any heads this year. We can leave that to the football team (How weird is that to say?).

What do you think? I am I the only one who really cares?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Weekend

Above: Jack after the Georgia-Florida game. Georgia lost but Jack still won.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quote of the week

"I'm running on fumes and blue balls." - Michael Patrick Lowe, BC Class of 2004

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday Review

After Desperate Housewives Sunday night, I played one game of Playstation and then went to bed so I woke up pretty early on Monday, about 10 o'clock.

It was Skip Baylas hour on ESPN2 so I checked my usual sites on the computer: BMBS, WebCT, Gmail,UGAmail, Facebook, GA Sports Blog, PPB, T Kyle King, Get the Picture, David Hale, HighTideSurfShop, and The Red and Black. The only surprise came when I checked BoDog= $21.95 in the account. Yeah baby. Thanks for the bonus, guys- after raping me this weekend.

After about thirty minutes of Internet surfing, I did some laundry and played a game of NCAA. UGA 72 Vandy 9. It's the year 2013 and UGA has won 5 straight national championships. And since it is NCAA 2008, this guy won 3 Heismans and 3 national championships before leaving.

At noon I went to Golden Dragon Chinese Buffet next to Stevie's. It is surely one of the best bangs for your buck in Athens. I got back to White Columns about 1 and sat on the toilet till about 2. Then it was time for some BoDog action. I placed 3 bets. I took the over for the Cards/ 49er's game and won. I took the over on the Suns/Memphis game and lost. I also lost a teaser bet with the Suns to cover and go over.

About 4 I headed to Ramsey to perfect my flawless body. What a bunch of dudes that work out over there. Guys with cutoff shirts who spend more time flexing than working out. The last time I saw a group of guys really getting after it was back at BC- when McCarthy, Schwartz, and Sweeney were making strides in the weight room.

At 6 I went to Chick-Fil-a to eat with Brooke. What a girl. She hurt her ankle playing ball earlier so I took care of her. Awww. Being there with her made me think of a previous visit I took to Chick-Fil-a with another guy joining us.

After dinner, I made the decision to miss Raw, MNF, and CSI: Miami, to go work on my paper. As much as I hate the Zell Miller Learning Center (formerly the SLC), I decided to go do work there so I wouldn't be tempted to play NCAA or FIFA 09. From about 7-12, I worked on my paper, played some Blackjack on BoDog, and checked for bet updates and fantasy football.

My Monday finished with a trip to Subway for a 5 dollar footlong- a ham and cheddar since they no longer have the subway club or the turkey on their 5 dollar footlong menu. Fantasy football results: My Two Ducks loses to Bunger's Eagles, but Errol Evelyn's 2 broke wrists knocks off Shearouse's Flying Snakes. BoDog account balance = $35.00.

Murray, since no one really cares what you do everyday, why don't you log your activities for us on the blog next Monday?

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Dear Shane,

I am sorry. On Wednesday, November 5th, you made a funny, timely, and creative post which I failed to understand. You sacraficed some of your precious time from the cutt-throat business of selling 401 k's to express your views and make us laugh. I was a smartass when it was I who didn't get the simple references. I hope we can get over this.

Your friend,
Marion Donald Bell III

Yes, I am officially on the bandwagon

Enough is Enough

This will be preaching to the choir to one person who has been calling for his head for awhile, but I think the time has come for Willie Martinez to pack up his stuff and move on. I say move on because I find it very hard pressed for Mark Richt to just fire him. Yesterday's game was a complete joke defensively. Poor tackling, stupid penalties, and a lack of any kind of pressure resulted in the 3rd straight week that Georgia has given up over 30 points. Lets go to the stats.

Just this season, UGA has given up over 30 points four times. 41 points to Bama, 38 points to LSU, 49 points to UF, and 38 points to Kentucky. Since CWM became defensive coordinator in 2005, UGA has given up over 30 points ten times, and that includes 34 to Troy last year. During this time, UGA went 4-6 during those games. Compare that to Brian Van Gorder whose defense gave up over 30 points just one time during his 4 year tenure.

Interestingly, when you look at the rush and pass yards per game over the last few years, there aren't too many differences between Martinez and Van Gorder. The best year for Martinez came in 2006 when his defense gave up a total of 3357 yards. For Van Gorder it came during the 2004 season when they gave up 3466 yards. Even sacks and interceptions are comparable. From 02-04, the defense had 112 sacks and 38 picks. From 05-07, the defense had 109 sacks and 50 picks. So no real decline in sack production and an increase in secondary production. That is until you look at this year's defense. So far UGA has 17 sacks and 9 picks, 2 of which Dobbs has grabbed. That is 2 more than Prince Miller, Asher Allen, C.J. Byrd, and Bryan Evans have had all year combined.

But enough of the stats. "Stats are for losers. I like winning games." This coming from Will Muschamp when he told Pat Forde what he thought about stats.

Who wouldn't want to play for this guy? You don't hear that very often, or at all about Willie. So who would UGA grab to replace him? I really don't know. It won't be Muschamp, Charlie Strong, Van Gorder, or some other person we all really like, so we might as well just not even go there. Feel free to suggest any coach you would like to see next year on the sidelines.

I'll leave things on this comment made by Willie yesterday after the game.
“I thought our guys were ready. I thought we were prepared,” Martinez said of Kentucky, which ran more option Saturday than it has all season. “There were a couple of defensive calls we made that weren’t good. Early on we were trying to get some pressure on them and the worst thing you can do is come hard up the middle when they’re hitting you outside with the option. But I think they blocked it well more than anything.”
I got news for you buddy. If you thought it was bad watching Kentucky's fullback gash your defense, then wait until the nerds from North Ave come to Athens and run that option all over the place. Change has come to America, and change is needed in Athens. Man up Mark.

F*** Willie

I know it's not the classiest post but this is just how I feel. McCarthy will have a more in depth piece on this topic later in the day.

CBVG for President in 2012...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

PMA: Let's go back to NOLA

Get off this guy's ass. He's still got that PMA, and it will show in the games to come, this year and next.

Even Rick usually feels better by Monday- Tuesday at the latest. The problem is that five days later- players, coaches, students, fans, and bloggers still seem to be hungover. Yeah, we aren't going to Miami. And if we do go to Atlanta later this year, it will likely be for a bowl game. But the season isn't over.

Trust me. These guys want a reason to celebrate.

We have games remaining at Kentucky and Auburn and a home game against Tech. Apparently, that's not enough to get us out of the post Georgia-Florida funk. Well, here are five reasons to get excited for Kentucky and the rest of the year.

1: WE CAN STILL GO TO NEW ORLEANS (more on this later)

2: It's now personal with CUM. He would like nothing better for us to lose 2 of the next 3 and go to some shitty bowl game. We can't give him the joy of knowing that last Saturday was the beginning of the end of Georgia football in 2008.

3: Because Kentucky beat us last time we played there! Remember those pictures of Stafford?

4: Who doesn't want to contribute to Ears being fired?

5: It's all we can do. Let's win out and hope for the (good) luck which has avoided us all season.

I'll be honest. My PMA is due in part to a strong desire to revisit this place.

So how do we get back to the great city of New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl?

We MUST win out. And it wouldn't hurt to win the remaining three games convincingly.

If this happens, I offer this scenario which WOULD land us in New Orleans:

1: A Florida loss to Vandy, SC, or Florida State + Florida loss to BAMA in SECCG + Bama goes undefeated.
UF will be heavily favored in their last four games (Vandy, SC, Citadel, FSU). I think FSU has the best chance to knock them off. UF travels to FSU where it could be cool and rainy in late November. Florida will not intimidate the Noles. If FSU can turn this into a low scoring affair, an ugly one at that, then who knows. Or maybe Spurrier spoils Meyer's season in Gainesville. Bama would have to take care of business in Atlanta: Florida finishes with 3 losses to our 2 losses. Bama to Miami, UGA to New Orleans, UF to ???

2: LSU beats Alabama this weekend and SabanNation goes berserk. Sly gets them again or Auburn makes it however many in a row over Alabama. A 2 loss Bama teams walks into Atlanta and the Gators beat their ass. Florida plays Penn State in Miami, the guys from the Big 12 beat each other until they all have two losse, we go to New Orleans, and Bama goes to Dallas.

And these scenarios which COULD land us in New Orleans:

1: Florida and Alabama win out. Then Alabama beats Florida in the SECCG.
UGA: losses= stomped by UF in beginning of November at neutral site and lost to best team in the nation by 11 points early in the season; road wins= LSU,SC,Auburn,KY, Arizona St; home wins= Central Mich, Tenn, Vandy, Tech; head to head= loss to Florida 49-10 streak= won 3
UF: lost to Ole Miss at home early in the season and to Bama at neutral site; home wins= Hawaii, Miami, LSU, SC; road wins= Tenn, Arkansas, Vandy, FSU; head to head = beat UGA 49-10; streak= lost 1

Who do you take? Yeah probably Florida, but at least it'd be up for discussion. The fact that Florida stomped us gives them the advantage. But we'd be on a three game winning streak while they'd be coming off a loss. And our losses, however bad, are to 2 top 10 teams. Like I said, Florida probably goes in front of us but at least there'd be some discussion.

2: Bama loses to LSU, MSU, or Auburn and then loses to a one loss Florida team in the SECCG. Florida makes the trip to Miami and the BCS guys choose between us and Bama. They'd have the win over us at our place, but we'd be riding a three game winning streak compared to their losing two of their last four. Tough call, but I'm telling you there's a chance. Right?

This weekend only: Fuck all things Kentucky.

I am going to look like an idiot if we don't at least beat Kentucky. My whole point is: we've still got a lot to play for. And it isn't going to hurt anything to hope that Florida loses two more games. Hell, maybe they'll lose to Vandy and SC. Who thought Pitt would beat WV last year at the end of the year? And who doesn't wish they would have rooted a little harder for Tenn in the SECCG last year? Maybe I'm "hoping" for too much. But hey, this is my last semester at UGA, and I'm not ready to concede anything yet. Go Dogs! Beat Kentucky!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Georgia Poll

I believe Georgia is falling short of expectations this year because of 3 reasons. 3) Lack of leadership after the graduation of Kelbel Johnson and Biggest of Big Dawgs Velasco. 2) Injuries. Lose your top lineman on both sides of the ball and your going to play hell. 1) No identity on offense. Are we a run first throw second offense? Is it the other way around? Do we want to spread the field or keep it Pro style and work more play action? Is it Stafford or Moreno? Screens or Fades? I put this on Bobo and being too complicated.

Saw this poll on another web site.
If only one were to leave, who would you most prefer not to be at Georgia next year?

A. Knowshon Moreno
B. Mark Richt
C. Matthew Stafford

Pretty easy choice for me.

*And for all the Georgia people crying about how the GA-FLA game should be moved because its not fair, PWD has an opinion: "If we leave Jacksonville, it's because we're chicken shit, cowards, and we let the Gators run us out of the state. That is completely unacceptable to me."

Big Day

Wanted this guy,

or, even better, this guy;


but got this guy...

"spare some change"

Change Has Come To America

Barack Hussein Obama: A true American
The new President of the United States

What a crock of shit. I've stayed quiet on politics since I played dictator and endorsed Fred Thompson over a year ago, but I had to say something today. Am I disappointed in yesterday's election? Yes, but I honestly don't like either one of the two, so it was a lose lose situation. I think America has hit a low point in its history and I'm not sure what it will take to get it back on the right track. I'm worried about alot of things, particularly our military. The U.S. military overwhelmingly favored John McCain in this election. What will happen is anyone's guess at this point. Honestly, I'm glad this damn thing is over. I don't know if I could have watched another Saxby Chambliss or Jim Martin commercial while trying to watch a football game.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election 08

Charlie Webber is doing his part to keep the "DAN" out of office. (Charlie's facebook status)

Apparently, Charlie voted about 11:00 AM today.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Georgia- Florida Thoughts

1: Florida 49 Georgia 10. And that's how it will be for the next 360 days. There is nothing anyone can do to change it now or anytime soon.

2: Jacksonville was its usual self. Short drive/ cheap trip. I really enjoyed spending time with my friend, Shane Murray. We saw a lot of people (fans of both teams) who looked like they belonged at the circus. Lots of carnies. How the Coastal Empire Fair was open on Saturday I'll never know.

3: Ticket prices weren't outrageous. I saw a few tickets go for 100.00 If you were willing to pay 150.00- then you were in.

4: The game sucked. I did not see an empty seat, which was not the case in my two previous visits to Jacksonville.

5: My personal jean short tally ended at UF-17 UGA- 6.

6: There were a lot less Dogs for McKinney/ Gators for McCain stickers/buttons than I expected. I heard one of the best political discussions ever between Evans, Sass, and some liberal chick.

7: I am glad I left the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter. I might have lost it with the timeouts thing. And we beat the traffic. Am I a fair-weather fan? I guess.

8: All I'll say (for now) about the whole calling timeout thing is that it reflects poorly on Meyer and the University of Florida. And they didn't win because he is a dick. They won because they executed and got some breaks.

9: I think Durham played well. Curran is our best player.

10: Savannah State won its homecoming game. If they win their last four games, which are away from Tiger Stadium, then they'll have a winning season. They are the only team in orange that I like. Go Tigers!

11: Today at church I thanked God that Mark Richt was our coach and that Urban Meyer was not our coach.

12: I felt legitimately bad for Schiv this weekend. I guess the ladies can use a break every once in a while.

13: Dinner at Cancun was great Friday night.

14: I am not going to Auburn now.

15: I'll see you in hell, Timothy Tebow.

16: Let's beat Kentucky.