Friday, December 28, 2007

The Big Easy

Georgia plays its first football game of next season Tuesday, and we are going to be there. I am pretty pumped. Hopefully, our room will have two beds, or I will have to drink even more than I was planning on drinking.

Now for business. It would be great if Shane, Carrel_Fan, anymouse, and JJH4 could show up at Jack's house at 7 AM on Sunday with $125.00 for me. Originally, I thought checks would be easier, but seeing as how I probably won't be visiting a bank in New Orleans, cash would help me out a lot.

With that out out the way I must again say that I am pumped. Sunday we get to gamble at Harrah's and eat at their buffet. Monday is New Year's Eve, and we get to do Happy Hour on Bourbon Street and bring in 2008 with Hurricanes and Hand Grenades. Then on Tuesday we get to sleep late and watch football until whenever we decide to take a cab over to the Super Dome and tailgate for the football game. UGA will win 38-21 and Durham will score. The next day we get to head to a city a Florida not named Destin to celebrate the win. I am quite certain this will be the greatest trip of my life.

Here's my guess at a top 5 trip moments:
1: Murray maxes out his credit card at Harrah's
2: Bell wins 3200 at Harrah's
3: We run into Chris Pearce on Bourbon Street and Larry dies because he has nothing left to live for
4: Joey meets a voodoo woman with a Midwest feel?
5: When everyone stares at their phones to watch the time on their phone change

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Congratulations Brothers

It's been real. It's been fun. Athens will miss Schwarz a ton. I know Murray finished up last week and Holland and Rickie will be done in just a few more days. Pat Mac finished this Summer, and I think Brother Sims is about to finish as well. Joey, if you're not about to graduate, then you still deserve a pat on the back just for the kind of life you are living. Awww. Well, with all of yall finishing up, I've decided it was time for yall to have Senior quotes. And I've decided to pick them for you...

1: Shane William Murray

"I am not going to lie. I am hammmered, man. I am hammered."
"Sarah, you complete me."
"Credit cards are awesome."
"I am going to stick my d*** in something tonight... yeah, your toaster."

2: John Joseph Holland IV

"I like her. She has that Midwest feel."
"Top 5..."
"I'm doing good, sir. How are you?" (Jack to impt people in his grown-up voice)
"I like him. He participates."

3: Patrick (some Irish name I think) McCarthy

"That's 434 mother#@%!!"
"Listen to what Hurricane (Schwarz) did now..."
"Live it up while you are there (Athens)."
"Tootle! You @$#$#@$#@@$#@$#@$@$!!!!"

4: George Frederick Schwarz IV aka Slic Ric, Pretty Rickie, Dumbass, Hurricane, Little Guy, Crazy Man, Rockstar, Son of Paul Webber, Amanda's cousin, Emmy's beau, woooooooooooooooooooooing guy, Crazy Guy at B st, CPC #1 fan, UGA basketball fan, Rickdwags47, and Colonel Schwarz

"This is my town. My @$##% town."
(Rick Schwarz wrote
at 4:52am on February 4th, 2007 to Cassie Goss)
"Hey, some of it's magic, some of it's tragic but I had a good life all the way. Missed you this weekend. "
"Just Rocking and Rolling..."
"I stayed at home by myself and did nothing on the last Saturday night of my college life."

5: Joseph (Jessie or Palmer?) Sims

"I want to be Jessie Palmer."
"I don't know about you, but I'm going to miss this caveman( Coach O)."
"Love you got to go."
"Jesse rolls out of bed after a long night of "mackin" on some chicks from the Jersey Shore. He runs his fingers through his hair, looks in the mirror, and then says "it's perfectly messy". He then shows his Kappa Alpha pledge class picture from his days at UF. "Those are my fuckin' bros."

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fight Night

I don't know how many boxing fans we have on the blog but you don't have to be a fan to get excited about a huge prizefight and it doesn't get much bigger than tonight. "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather (38-0,24 KOs) puts his WBC Welterweight Championship on the line tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas against Ricky "Hitman" Hatton (43-0,31 KOs) in clash of unbeatens. It is being hyped as us against them, America vs. England. Mayweather is coming off of an epic battle against Oscar De La Hoya back on Cinco De Mayo which he won a controversial 12 round decision. Hatton's last fight came against Jose Luis Castillo in June of this year, a fight in which he KO'd Castillo in the 4th round. That's significant because Castillo is the only common opponent between the two fighters. While Hatton destroyed Castillo, Mayweather struggled in winning both of his fights against Castillo with two 12 round decisions. Of course that was back in 2002 so take that for what it's worth.

Mayweather and Hatton have a lot to live up to...

Many people are looking at this fight like it's a real life version of Apollo Creed-Rocky Balboa because a) Mayweather is the real life version of Apollo Creed from his speed to his flamboyance; b) Hatton, like Rocky, is known more for his toughness and brawling mentality than his boxing skill; and c) nobody outside of England is giving Hatton much of a chance in tonight's bout. It is a classic David and Goliath scenario.

While Floyd is more than likely fighting for himself, Ricky is fighting for himself and his country. Thousands of Hatton fans made the trip across the pond and into the MGM Grand Arena to cheer for Ricky and jeer at Mayweather. A decidedly pro-Hatton crowd overwhelmed the Mayweather fans in the audience. They packed nearly every seat on one end of the Grand Garden Arena, singing "Hatton Wonderland" and "God Save the Queen" at deafening volume while clapping and banging drums. As far as breaking down the fight goes, Floyd's skills are far superior to Hatton's but Ricky has a dangerous arsenal of body punches, also like Rocky. Like Mickey said in Rocky II, "the body, the body, the body, don't let the bastard breathe." However, I think Hatton does have one major advantage over Floyd- his humility. Mayweather's arrogance (like Apollo Creed) may be writing checks his body can't cash. Though Mayweather was busy doing the tango on "Dancing With the Stars" for part of the fall, he accepted the fight with Hatton when the British champion criticized Mayweather's style after his most recent victory.

To win, Hatton will have to make it a brawl, something Mayweather will be reluctant to do with his sit back and react approach. There's also talk of an English uprising in the world of boxing. There are some good young prospects in the European ranks, but over here in the states boxing looks to have taken a temporary backseat to the UFC. A Hatton victory could certainly cement this claim. Will Mayweather's arrogance cause his downfall? Will Hatton's heart be enough to overcome Floyd's superior talent? It may be the popular upset pick but I say yes to both.

Hatton KO in 11.Hatton looks like an English Rocky to me...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Next Victim?

According to the AJC, Georgia Tech and Paul Johnson have agreed to a deal in principal:

By Tony Barnhart

Navy coach Paul Johnson has an agreement in principle to become the next head football coach at Georgia Tech, three people close the hiring process told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Friday morning.

But as has been the case during this crazy season, it is not a done deal until Johnson signs the contract.

Johnson, 50, was scheduled to meet later in the day with his team at Navy, where he is scheduled to take the Midshipmen to the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 20.

Several coaches, including Wake Forest's Jim Grobe (Arkansas), have seriously discussed other jobs only to change their minds at the last minute.

But this much is clear, according to one person who talked to the AJC, Johnson will either stay at Navy or he will become the next coach at Georgia Tech, replacing Chan Gailey.

If Johnson signs with Georgia Tech later today, the next question will be about the future of Jon Tenuta, the Yellow Jackets' defensive coordinator. Tenuta has been serving as interim head coach since Gailey's firing on Nov. 26 and is preparing the team for the Humanitarian Bowl on Dec. 31 against Fresno State.

Contacted Friday morning, Tenuta would not speculate whether he will remain as Georgia Tech's defensive coordinator under Johnson.

"My job is to manage the football program and get our team ready to play Fresno State," Tenuta said. "I look forward to that because our players deserve every chance to succeed. I have made that commitment to them."

Johnson, who is 107-39 in 11 seasons as a head coach, won a pair of national championships at Georgia Southern in 1999 and 2000. He took over a Navy program that was 1-10 in 2001. He has won five straight Commander in Chief Trophies, which goes to the top school among the service academies. He is 11-1 in six seasons against Army and Air Force.

Johnson's decision to come to Georgia Tech will send a ripple throughout the coaching carousel. Johnson entertained strong offers from SMU and Duke, which are still looking for coaches today.

Johnson was named Navy's 36th head coach on Dec. 9, 2001. The program had been 1-20 in the previous two seasons and Johnson was 2-10 in his first season in Annapolis. But over the past five seasons he is 43-19.

Johnson has been successful at Georgia Southern and Navy by running a version of the triple option offense. But over the years he has made it clear that if he landed a job at a BCS school, his offense would be more diversified. He spent eight seasons as the offensive coordinator at Hawaii (1987-94) before going to Navy as offensive coordinator (1995-96).

Johnson then took over at Georgia Southern where he was 62-10 with two Division I-AA national championships. He was on Erk Russell's original staff at Georgia Southern when the program was started in the early 1980s.

A native of Newland, N.C., Johnson has an undergraduate degree from Western Carolina and a Master's Degree from Appalachian State. He and his wife, Susan, have a daughter, Kaitlyn (14).

Monday, December 03, 2007

Rick's Rant: ESPN's Hypocrisy

I'll try to make this short because I could literally go on for days about Georgia getting screwed out of the BCS title game. There are so many angles you can take on the situation. I've decided to narrow it down and focus on ESPN and the dirty tactics they used this weekend. These may not have directly kept the Dawgs out of the championship but it certainly didn't help Georgia's cause by any means. I'm not pissed at LSU, Oklahoma, or Virginia Tech for jumping Georgia because it's not their fault- it's the voters. I would go off on Ohio St. and Illinois right now but I think I've beat that drum enough and everyone is familiar with my position on Big Ten football- it's a JOKE.

I will say this though, if Ohio St. (0-8 against the SEC in bowl games) gets embarrassed by LSU like they SHOULD and Illinois gets thoroughly dominated by USC like they WILL then the BCS should be amended. This will be the 2nd year in a row the Big Ten puts 2 teams in BCS bowls and both of their teams completely piss their pants, fold like a cheap tent, and lose by multiple TDs. In case anyone forgot, Florida and USC made Ohio St. and Michigan their bitches last year in their respective bowl games. Then a Florida player said after the game that they played at least 6 teams in the SEC that were better than the Buckeyes. I believe the players themselves would know better than anyone else. Anyways, as a result of not being able to pose any sort of challenge against "good teams," the BCS committee should make a rule that would keep Big Ten teams out of the BCS bowls completely for at least the next 5 years. They should be confined to the lower tier bowls and after their 5 year suspension is up the situation will be reevaluated. Okay I'm already getting off course. Back to those conniving bitches at ESPN.

I woke up Saturday morning at 10 a.m. to watch ESPN College Gameday and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Herbstreit, Corso, and Fowler talked up Georgia like we were the greatest thing since sliced bread. They said a lot of good things about the Dawgs, calling them THE hottest team in the country and promoting them as much as possible for a Rose Bowl match-up against USC (they assumed West Virginia and Mizzou would win). A lot of Georgia fans and SEC fans in particular complain about how ESPN has a bias against the SEC and I tend to agree to a certain extent because I think they do favor the Big 10 and Pac 10 and I find it odd that they won't bring Gameday to Athens. So needless to say I was shocked that these guys were kind of going out of their way to hype Georgia Saturday morning. In all fairness though, I will say Herbstreit and Corso have been giving us pretty good publicity for the past couple of weeks. Gameday went off the air at noon just like usual and everything was fine and dandy in the Bulldog Nation.

Then, as the day and evening progressed, a highly improbable series of events took place. The two teams ahead of Georgia, West Virginia and Missouri, fell and all of sudden the Bulldogs long, outside shot at a BCS title berth became very realistic. Apparently though, while all of this was taking place and Georgia was not in action, the boys at ESPN changed their mind about the Dawgs. Hypocrite Herbstreit changed his tune quick and started campaigning for his alma mater Ohio St. (not surprising). He and Corso decided now that it was actually possible for Georgia to go to the BCS title game that the Bulldogs were not worthy of a title shot, the complete opposite of what they had expressed not even 24 hours before. Of course it didn't take long for those blatantly biased assholes Lou Holtz and Mark May back in studio to pile on and repeatedly throw the Dawgs under the proverbial bus. Those two, who have always hated Georgia (especially Mark May- I wish Trev would have beat his ass before he left), badmouthed Georgia for a good 10 minutes (for no reason), going on a tirade about how the Bulldogs have ABSOLUTELY NO right to be in the championship game. I mean the tone and content of what they were saying went beyond stating their case for or against Georgia- it sounded like personal attack against CMR and the Bulldog Nation. They blasted Georgia during their bowl selection show too even after it was decided Georgia would not be playing for the national championship (more piling on). As pissed as I was about what Holtz and May were saying I wasn't surprised at all. They've always hated us and I've always hated them. The guy who pissed me off the most was Herbstreit. I use to like him but he is now dead to me. Listening to him take back everything he had said about Georgia in order to get his own team into the BCS title game was ludicrous. Listening to him try to justify Ohio St. while constantly downplaying the Dawgs was downright sickening. Yes Kirk you may take the knife out of my back now you two-faced, phony SOB. Yeah Kirk's not biased at all- give me a f***ing break...

He said strength of schedule was very important, admitted the Buckeye's SOS wasn't very impressive, and yet still said they deserved a shot at the title. Herbie lost a lot of credibility and respect Saturday in my book. I won't even get into the whole Les Miles-Michigan fiasco that he managed to royally f*** up. It was really funny listening to him try to justify that the BCS title game wasn’t about the 2 hottest teams or even the 2 BEST teams at that moment (are you f***ing kidding me). He said it was the overall body of work which once again doesn’t scream Ohio St. who lost in their 2nd to last game of the season or LSU who has lost 2 TIMES since Georgia’s last loss.ESPN you are DEAD to me...

I just don't understand how in the course of a day, after a few games in which Georgia wasn't even involved in, such "expert" analysts can pull a complete 180 and bury us in front of a national audience which no doubt contained lots of important voters. They go from singing our praises to staging a public execution and the whole thing is complete BULLSHIT and bush league. Holland made some great points earlier- these guys have way too much power and pull. That's bad for college football and certainly taints the sport. I think they need to be taken down a couple of notches. Come back TREV and take out the trash.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Other than Being Pissed Today......

I went from being 70% in favor of a playoff to 100% wanting a playoff. I do know that there will never be a perfect formula. I also know that any type of playoff format(a plus 1, 4 team, 8 team) would work better for me. Georgia having to face Hawaii was just as depressing as not playing for the title, but the fact that LSU will play Ohio State for the BCS National Championship is what irks me the most. Besides the fact that Ohio State played the worst schedule in the country and LSU has failed at being #1 twice, its that Corso, Herbstreit, May, and Holtz, on December 1, had just as much impact on who would play in New Orleans as the players who competed for the past 14 weeks. The old system was not good but at least it did not take into account the opinion of a former Ohio State QB giving his "unbiased" opinion. However, I do smile in confidence tonight knowing that 2 years from now we will see the end of the BCS. Who knows what will follow the BCS. But even you Boise, -10 degee, smurf turf bound Techies would agree, it can't be worse than what determines the champion of the greatest sport in the world today. I also know that there is not another Coach in the country that I'd rather have leading my school's team than Mr. Richt.

My favorite quote of the day: "Thank you BCS for giving us a system in which an entire fan base would rather play in Orlando than the Sugar Bowl."

Selections from writer Gene Wojciechowski:

"Sort of like a playoff" isn't working. "Sort of like a playoff" gave us at least six teams that could each make valid arguments for a BCS Championship spot. But instead of a playoff, the finalists were determined by 176 voters (some of whom actually pay attention), six computer polls and politicking.

Nobody is playing better than OU, Georgia or USC right now. But it's Ohio State, with its puppy fur-soft nonconference schedule and so-so Big Ten quality, that was chosen for New Orleans. Interesting, since the Buckeyes didn't register a win against a top 20 team at the time they played. At least inconsistent LSU mostly survived a killer conference and won its league championship game.

This isn't meant as a total rip job on the Buckeyes and Tigers. They finished atop the BCS standings because they won and lost at the "right" times against the "right" teams. They are the beneficiaries of the perfect BCS storm.

There will be those who say the unpredictability of this season and of the BCS is what made college football so compelling in 2007. I'd say the BCS is what made this season so embarrassing. How can you have these delicious scenarios without having a playoff to resolve them on the field?

We're back where we started pre-BCS. Chaos reigns. And all because too many people in the business of college football are willing to settle, willing to pretend there isn't a better solution. Makes you want to chug that martini.

--At least I can take solace in knowing that I will turn my television to GPTV on Friday morning and watch a product that no TV personality or computers can ruin.


Georgia is more than likely going to get F***ed over this evening when the bowl match-ups are announced. Knowing this, I'm having a hard time sleeping. Then again, those red bull and vodkas probably aren't helping either. The fact of the matter is this- LSU is NO better than Georgia. So they haven't "lost in regulation" like Shane said. They still gave up 50 points just LAST weekend. So a team that lost 1 week ago and gave up 50 points is going to play for the National Championship- BULLSHIT. I'm not saying Georgia deserves to go to the Championship game (I think they do but I'm biased as hell) but if LSU goes over the Bulldogs that's just wrong. LSU might have won the SEC Championship but they still have the same number of losses as Georgia and they certainly didn't beat Tennessee very impressively (Tennessee dominated statistically). Their resume is NO better than Georgia's. The only team I think that has a strong case to be in the title game is Oklahoma. I think they are one of the 2 best teams in the country without a doubt. However, the other team is a toss-up. It could be anybody. Obviously shitty Ohio St. will be in the championship, once again screwing over the Dawgs just like they did in '02. If it's Oklahoma vs Ohio St. I won't be that upset (except at Ohio St. because they should be going to the Alamo Bowl and not the title game). Any other team besides Oklahoma though and I think Georgia has a legitimate argument. Forget about Virginia Tech. A) They play in a shitty conference that can't even fill up half of a stadium for their championship game and B) they got absolutely destroyed by LSU. Kansas has no right to be in the title game because they had one tough game all season and they blew it against Missouri, who proceeded to get their ass beat by the Sooners. Then there's CPC and the Men of Troy. As much as I hate to say it, they don't deserve a shot at the national title either. Losing to Oregon is respectable but losing to Stanford, not so much. Don't get me wrong, the Trojans are good enough at the moment to win the National Championship without a doubt (even with a terrible QB) but their list of accomplishments this year is not very impressive. Basically it comes down to Georgia, LSU, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma. Georgia lost to (6-6) South Carolina (way to finish strong you assholes- God I hate the Gamecocks) and co-SEC East Champ Tennessee (9-4). LSU may have won the conference but still lost to 2 mediocre teams: Kentucky (7-5) and Arkansas (8-4), both of which put up huge numbers against the Bayou Bengals. Oh yeah, don't forget about how LSU SQUEAKED by in several other games as well. Some say Virginia Tech has a strong argument but that's wrong. Sure their 2 losses came against teams with good records, Boston College (10-3) and LSU (11-2) but A) Boston College sucks (along with the rest of the ASheShe) and B) they were blown out by LSU 48-7. Nothing in that last line screams national title contender to me. Then there's the Sooners. Like I said, I think they are 1 of the 2 best teams in the country. HOWEVER, they also lost to 2 mediocre teams in Colorado (6-6) and Texas Tech (8-4). Also, coming into the weekend at #9, I just don't see them jumping that many teams. Having said all of this I think it comes down to Georgia and LSU, like many people are predicting. I like the Dawg's chances in the coach's poll because more people like CMR than Les. The Harris poll on the other hand maybe Georgia's downfall. I think Georgia is going to get F***ed especially if it ends up being LSU. Besides the 1 extra win and conference champion honors (even though Georgia and LSU have the same number of conference losses) the Tigers' record is no more impressive, and maybe even less impressive, than the Bulldogs. I'm not sure if any of this makes sense because I have a lot of stuff running through my head and at 6:58 A.M. I have finally hit the proverbial "wall." Basically though, what I'm trying to say is "WHY NOT GEORGIA?" Despite what all the haters say, and there's plenty of them, our Bulldogs have just as much of a right to be in that BCS title game as anybody else. We just have to hope the voters see it that way too. It won't be long now...

This one's for my friend Don and his PMA (also part of the final episode of one of the greatest TV shows of all time)


Let me start off by saying that this is the first time I have ever won a parlay (LSU over UT, OSU over Oregon, and Oklahoma over MIZZou) and I gotta saying I thought I'd be happier now. Simply put, I think all the bullshit about how LSU (as everyone on any ESPN affiliate has already "crowned") should go play Ohio State in the BCS Championship is a crime (some of you might agree.) What my main problem is, and let it be known that I'm pretty drunk right now, is that if every week one team is gonna jump another team that hasn't lost, then what is the point of ranking teams during the season. Instead, either come out with only one poll during the season the week after all games have been played OR rank teams with games remaining higher than those that don't. If UGA doesn't go to the National Championship this year than the BCS ranking system is a bigger cock tease than any girl donnies has ever messed around with.

Another problem I have is that people put too much emphasis on who the best team was at the beginning of the year. Yeah, at the beginning of the year I don't think UGA would have stood a chance against LSU, BUT a lot has changed. Shit, the reason people are some hellbent on a playoff system is because they think the teams that are playing the best at the end of the year are the most deserving of the championship game. If that were the case then Georgia would certainly be up there, and LSU (who lost last week) wouldn't.

Some people would think that I am a huge Georgia fan but, what I am most concerned about is where my early January is going to be spent. That, and I'd hate to see Georgia Southern get screwed out of the chance to beat the reigning National Champs.

p.s. I confuse cock teases and whores sometimes.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

F*** Tradition

If Georgia can't go to the BCS title game...

CMR VS CPCGood song, GREAT game...

Friday, November 30, 2007

SMN column on Savannah Public School Classification

Playing field not level for public school teams
Rich McGowan Friday, November 30, 2007 at 12:30 am

Savannah's Class AAAAA schools out of their league.

It's time Savannah-Chatham public schools decide what is more important, saving a few dollars or the self-esteem of their student-athletes.

Once again, the Georgia High School Association reclassified its member schools by enrollment and, once again, the local public high schools have chosen to play in a class where, for the most part, they can't compete.

While the enrollments of Groves, Jenkins and Johnson place them in Class AAAA, and Windsor Forest, Savannah High and Beach fall into Class AAA, the powers that be have decided to lump all of them together in Class AAAAA.

The reasoning for such logic boils down largely to two arguments: money and the desire to stay within the same region.

If all the local schools want to play one another, that's understandable. As the GHSA disallows schools to move down in class, if placing the smaller three schools up one level to Class AAAA allows that to happen, fine. But Class AAAAA?

As the local schools' showing in the football playoffs in recent years has shown, our local public schools simply cannot compete at that level right now. To force them to do so is wrong.

The public schools are putting the cost of travel to Class AAAA and Class AAA region opponents above the cost of seeing its student-athletes getting waxed going up against Class AAAAA schools in the postseason.

Some will say the local schools are not just competitive but successful in other sports at the AAAAA level, and they're right.

Both Beach basketball teams and the Savannah High boys' team traditionally do well. Groves' wrestling squad has been a frequent state qualifier, while Savannah Arts Academy has won the Region 3-AAAAA boys' cross country title for three straight years.

But how many schools' self-esteem and pride hinge on the success of the cross country team? And if these schools are successful at the Class AAAAA level, why would they be any less successful in Class AAAA?

With all respect to other sports, football is king in this country and in this state. Why do the local public schools sacrifice any shot at success on the gridiron simply to maintain the status quo?

Classification not the only problem

This is not to say that playing at their own classifications will immediately transform Johnson and Savannah High into perennial football powers.

All the local schools could stand an improvement in dedication on the part of the players themselves. Being successful at football means year-round work and discipline. Local coaches have said such characteristics are lacking in their programs.

But it's hard to convince 16- and 17-year-olds to commit themselves to a program when you can count its wins over a two- or three-year period on one hand. Moving down in class may help a team win a few more games and may, in turn, help improve the numbers of those wanting to participate.

And who knows, some better football in the area may draw more fans to the stadiums on Friday nights, therefore increasing revenue.

Peggy Johnson, athletics director for Savannah-Chatham public schools, was unavailable for comment, but in a memo to superintendent Thomas Lockamy, she outlined the reasons for the decision to keep the schools in Class AAAAA.

Among the reasons for staying put, she listed "revenue would be impacted because of the lack of rivalry games."

The biggest local rivalry is Savannah High vs. Beach, particularly in basketball. But both schools fall into the AAA classification, so how would those games be lost? And, as stated earlier, you can move the Class AAA schools into Class AAAA to keep all the local teams together, and what have you lost? A football beatdown from Camden County.

Another reason given for continuing to play in Class AAAAA is the travel requirements for a move to Class AAAA or AAA. But, if the schools remained together in Class AAAA, that would be six teams, seven including Savannah Arts Academy, in one region. Would one or two non-local teams in the region cast such a travel burden? And if the GHSA put more teams than that into the region it would have to split it into subregions. The Savannah teams would certainly be kept together, thus eliminating most - possibly all - travel.

And even if playing in the proper classification did increase the cost of travel, are the dollars spent worth more than seeing Savannah's student-athletes competitive come playoff time?

Sometimes, the cheaper option is not necessarily the right option.

Here's hoping two years from now the public schools will get it right.

Latest Region 3-AAAAA enrollment figures

Camden County - 2,862

Bradwell Institute - 1,840

Jenkins - 1,727

Groves - 1,521.5

Johnson - 1,511

Windsor Forest - 1,240.5

Savannah High - 1,148

Beach - 1,054.5

Savannah Arts Academy - 679

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A.J. Green One Handed Catch

I got this off of Fighting Gamecock Forum. Those delusional bastards still think they have a shot at him. I can't wait to kick their ass next year. CMR and myself already have the keys to Columbia and WB Stadium so I'm not too worried. I'll go ahead and set the line: Georgia -27.5

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

By The Way...

As most of you know by now, the Dawghouse blog is no more. It was fun while it lasted but it is over... for now. I was sick as a dog (no pun intended) a couple of weeks ago when I initially stopped posting on my blog. Then with papers, looking for jobs, moving out of my apartment, Thanksgiving, etc. I just never really got back around to it. The next month or so looks to be just as busy so I decided to discontinue the blog. When things settle down a little, maybe in January, I'll probably start it back up. For now though, I'm going to get back to my roots...No, not those roots...

Only in America is where it all started for me so while the Dawghouse blog goes into temporary hibernation for the winter, I'll be posting any thoughts I feel like sharing on here. I can already see a rant coming Monday if Ohio St. backs their sorry ass into the National Championship game or the Rose Bowl snubs Georgia in favor of Illinois. Obviously Willie is off the hot seat for the moment, at least until after the bowl game. Muschamp is probably going to be a head coach come next season so we missed out on that opportunity. I'll probably do a lot of stuff if Georgia ends up in the Rose Bowl against USC and CPC. It's going to be an exciting weekend of college football because Georgia has a legitimate (albeit long) shot at a National Championship birth and they don't even have to play on Saturday. With the way this season has gone, anything and everything is possible. GO PITT and BOOMER SOONER JR, BOOMER SOONER!Better late than never- Artwork by GFS IV...

While it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, I think it's still okay. On the plus side, I won't get banned from Blogger for this picture.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Question of the Day

Editors Note: This question is directed mainly at Jack, because of his expertise, but anyone is more than welcome to enter their two cents.

How come in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" starring Will Smith, Geoffrey (the Butler) is such an asshole to Uncle Phil (his boss) and he never gets fired? Is (or was there) a shortage of butler in the Bel-Air area?

In order to be considered one of the greatest show ever there can't be these types of "holes" in the plot.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And with the 1st Overall Pick by the Miami Dolphins...

Bryan Gray!?!? If getting noticed was what he was looking to do he certainly did it this weekend with a stellar performance vs. Drake. In their 33-0 ass beating BG managed three interceptions (a school record) and 4 tackles. In doing so he was named the Pioneer Football League Defensive Player of the Week, and The Sports Network National (Football Championship Subdivision) Defensive Player of the Week.

In other news Nickens declared "Shenanigans" and Matty D is still the frontrunner for the HBH
p.s. your welcome for the picture of Brennan

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Told you

Fievel Goes West
The film follows the story of a family of Jewish-Russian mice who immigrate to the Wild West. In the film, Fievel Mousekewitz is separated from his family as the train approaches the American Old West; the film chronicles Fievel and Sheriff Wylie Burp teaching Tiger how to act like a dog.
Told ya Fievel was jewish and his last name was Mousekewitz

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dats how it's gonna be...

Hey guys. Don here. I have never made a post about football before because I do not know a lot about it. However, I do know how valuable a PMA (positive mental attitude) can be. [See Alabama v. UGA game] Anyways, with all the gloom and doom out there about the state of UGA football, I am here to offer a remedy...

From here on out, we have the easiest schedule of any SEC team.
This weekend we will NOT lose. I guarantee it.
Yeah, we have to play Florida in Jacksonville. This will be a tough game. We will not be favored to win. However, we do have an off week before the game, and we will be playing a Florida game that has lost either three in a row or has pulled it out against a strong Kentucky team. Can they get up 4 weeks in a row?
Let me just break down the remaining schedules... I know yall all have them memorized but...

We have a tough game against a team that is a little better than us at a neutral site. After that, we play two SEC teams at home that are about equal to us.
Meanwhile, Florida plays at Kentucky, against us, vs. Vandy, and at USC. I see at least two losses. Say they beat Kentucky. I would say we beat them, then they pound Vandy and lose at USC. If they beat Kentucky, they fail to get up two weeks in a row and we beat them. They go on to beat Vandy and USC but they watch us in Atlanta.
What about USC? They will not, will not win at TENN and @ ARK two weeks in a row. If they split those, they will lose to Florida.
So what about Kentucky? We have to beat them. I think they lose to Vandy or MSU. Florida or Tenn knocks them off as well.
As for TENN, they will not win at BAMA and vs USC. They will win one of those and there is no way they beat Arkansas and Vandy at home before going to Kentucky and winning there.

The SEC schedule is more brutal than ever this year. Believe it or not, the Dogs have made it through the worst part of their schedule. We do not play at another team's stadium for the rest of the year. Florida is a must win. Laugh it up, but if we beat Florida then we have two winnable games to play AT HOME in order to play in Atlanta in December. Right now, everyone controls their own destiny, but we control ours at a neutral site and at home. Again, Florida has games left at Kentucky, at USC, and against us just south of Sea Island. Kentucky plays @ Vandy, @ UGA, and with home games vs Florida and Tenn. USC plays @ TENN, @ ARK, and vs. Florida. Tenn plays @ BAMA, vs USC, ARK, and Vandy, while also traveling to Kentucky.

I have repeated myself and probably picked two teams to win the same game. Still, we do not play anymore games at opponents' stadiums. Also, Phil "cum stained sheets" Steele picked UGA to win the East, and he is right a lot. Also, Jack picked Kentucky to beat Florida, and I think he is right. Speaking of Holland, he picked Vandy to beat someone they shouldn't, and I think that someone will be vs Kentucky or @ USC. Lastly, we do have Kris Durham, and he is good. Go Dogs! Love you, got to go.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

About 27 hours until...

God I cannot wait. It is gonna be great.

Not Only Top 5 Material....

But I would have to say today's edition of the Red&Black is the best ever.

Monday, October 08, 2007

My Coaching Rant

Before I even get started, any DISNEY DAWGS (people who think the program is fine, everything will work out, never take off the "Red and Black sunglasses," don't rock the boat, etc.) may not want to read any further. Seeing as how people think booing and berating college athletes is wrong (which is bullshit because they're getting a free education which ends up costing some kids around $80,000) I'll direct this rant towards the guys who do get paid mega-bucks to make this program a success and are failing miserably- the COACHES.

I'll start at the bottom and work my way up Georgia's football team has finally taken on the prevalent attitude of our coaches- flat in terms of emotion and weak physically(thanks a lot Van Halanger). Van Halanger, supposedly Richt's right hand man, is terrible at what he does. Strength and conditioning coach, ha, what a joke. Thank God Georgia recruits athletes that already have some size and speed because they sure as hell don't get bigger, stronger, and faster once they step foot on campus. Our players are undersized and underdeveloped (minus Thomas Brown because I'm sure he refuses to take any of Van Halanger's shit). This is why we get manhandled on both lines, linebackers can't get off blocks, and our DBs and WRs get thrown around like ragdolls. I feel bad for the kids here because they have a chance to be real special, yet Van Halanger manages to squash those chances. We haven't had as many draft picks the last couple of years either. Georgia use to churn Pro Bowl caliber players. Hell even if you're not that good in college, if you have the size and speed there's a good chance you'll get drafted. Georgia might as well not even hold Pro Day anymore because our guys just simply aren't cut out for the next level (not all their fault). Enough on Van Halanger, let's move on (feel free to add or detract from these statements).
Sorry excuse for tackling= Another Tennessee Touchdown

Next we will move to Coach Jancek, our linebackers coach. A man who coached the defensive line for two years at Central Michigan comes to what is suppose to be a consistent top 10 team now and moves to coach linebackers. It's clear Jancek is in over his head. Once again talents like Tony Taylor masked the lack of coaching lack of coaching. Our linebackers just don't look like they know what they're doing. Why is this? Because they're dumb football jocks? Absolutely not. It's because they haven't been prepared properly in terms of gameplans or fundamentals. CWM's non-attacking, non-aggressive, "catching" type defense doesn't help the linebackers but I'll get to that later. None of our linebackers, with the exception of Ellerbee, can tackle worth a damn. Instead of trying a little "bull in the ring" at practice, Jancek finds playing patty cake or grab-ass as a more appropriate use of group time. Georgia's tackling, especially its linebackers, this year reminds me a lot of Georgia's teams in the 1990s (NOT GOOD). As with many other spots, the talent is there, we're just not developing it like we should be and that is a COACHING PROBLEM. Next Victim!
Another Drop... So What Else Is New
Now it's time for one of our most disappointing position coaches year in and year out- coach John Eason. How many drops will it take to get this guy off staff. Drop after drop after drop, many in crucial situations, seems to be a recurring theme among Georgia's receivers. Now drops are a part of football. I'm realistic, I don't expect the guys to catch the ball every time because that's just not humanly possible. However, our receivers manage to drop the ball at an alarming rate, no matter if they are taking a hit or not. We've had some playmakers come and go (Reggie Brown, Fred Gibson, among others) and we have some playmakers now (Sean, Bailey, MoMass better known as MoMiss for some of his catching escapades, Mikey Henderson, etc.) but for the life of me to make a play we have to catch the ball first. This is one of the more basic fundamentals that should be coached up at every level. Well apparently Eason is content with helping ruin kids lives by not helping them. When Georgia fans boo receivers that drop the ball, the technical staff at Sanford Stadium should plaster Eason's face on the big screen as well because a lot of those jeers should be directed at him. Use the tennis ball machine technique like they do at Texas Tech (where they throw for 500 yards a game) or come up with something else that actually works because it's your job and that's what we pay you to do. We have 5 star wideout A.J. Green coming in '08 and I can only hope Eason doesn't squander his talent like he has with everybody else. It's embarrassing, it's a shame, and it's an injustice to Bulldog players and fans. I could go on for days about Eason but let's move to the coordinators.
Eason please don't screw this kid up!

I won't spend a lot of time on Bobo because I think he's still getting his feet wet with the play calling duties. Bottom line, get Knowshon Moreno the ball as many times as possible. He's our only game breaker and the only one to show any enthusiasm. Whether you throw to him, hand it to him, toss it to him, hell line him up at QB, just get him the damn ball. I was a little disappointed that we were trying to still establish the run late in the third quarter Saturday down 28 points. I realize Tennessee was probably dropping 8 men into coverage a lot to shut down our non-existent passing game so Bobo probably figured we could break a big run. I also realize the line is young and the protection isn't great plus what good is a pass play if Eason's receivers won't catch the damn ball anyway. Stafford hasn't been very accurate at times either so all of this could be hampering Bobo's playcalling. I like the fact that he brought back the toss sweep and tunnel screen (Donnan) but I hate the fact that the screen pass is our bread and butter go-to play still (Richt). I think he could be a little more creative at times but like I said, he's young, he's gonna make mistakes, and he needs to find his style. I just hope he finds it fast and that CMR hasn't rubbed off on him too much. Much like on defense, I think we need to be more aggressive on offense. Take some shots down the field, stretch a defense vertically, maybe throw to set up the run every once in a while instead of the other way around. This will help establish more of a rhythm in the passing game instead of run, run, incomplete pass, punt (7 punts on the first 7 possessions Saturday is UNACCEPTABLE). I'm also in favor of more 3 and 5 step drops so Stafford can set his feet and throw. He looks great and accurate for the most part on plays of this nature because he's not running for his life and throwing off his back foot to the other team. I just don't know enough about Bobo's playcalling yet to make an intelligent decision on his future. However, I know what I'm getting with coach Martinez and his defense and I don't like it one bit.

Willie, Willie, Willie, the s*** has finally, once and for all, hit the proverbial fan. This has been three years in the making. I hope this was the tipping point for CMR to turn CWM loose. Willie is another product, like Jancek, of the Central Michigan coaching tree. Well somebody forgot to tell coach Martinez he's not in the MAC anymore. This is the SEC. This is BIG BOY FOOTBALL. There's so much stuff I want to say I don't even know where to begin. We'll start with his lack of coaching ability as this has become a depressing pattern with Mark Richt's assistants. Willie is the secondary coach of a secondary that is absolutely God awful and has been for quite some time now. A more disturbing trend that has arisen this year showing even more of a lapse in fundamentals is our secondary's refusal to look for the ball. It's a lot harder to intercept a pass when you can't see the damn ball. In terms of our zone techniques, when receivers enter and exit the zones nobody is picking them up. Much like our linebackers (another Jancek-Central Michigan correlation) when watching our secondary before the play starts it seems like nobody in the secondary knows what they're doing. Kelin Johnson is having to direct traffic and sometimes he's not even sure what to do. It's mass confusion and when you combine that with poor tackling and poor coverage techniques it's a recipe for disaster (see Tennessee '06). Enough of this technique stuff. We know the man can't coach but can CWM gameplan? HELL NO!!!!! Coach Martinez likes to employ his patented soft zone defense every week, no matter what because he's not exactly a coach that likes to make adjustments (one of a coordinator's most important duties). This style of defense where you keep everything in front and bend but don't break (even though we seem to be breaking a lot, especially when it matters) might have against a high powered MAC attack offense but the s*** just doesn't fly here. Sitting back and waiting, instead of attacking results in a defense being gashed on the ground and picked apart through the air. Occasionally you can get away with this defense if your front four is dominating, which ours is not this year, but even then you need some added pressure. Also, with this soft zone comes the ridiculously large cushion our corners give receivers (and we still get burned). Teams could go down the field on our defense by simply running 5 yard stops and outs. How about some aggressive play. Get up on the receiver and bust him in the mouth. Jam him at the line, bump him, drive the receiver out of bounds so he can't make a play. Do something, anything because with our piss poor tackling at all levels on defense those 5 yard hitches turn into 20 yard plays. Here's a novel idea. Let's prevent the QB from even throwing the ball by getting some G** DAMN PRESSURE on him. Rushing four down linemen doesn't seem to be working so how about we BLITZ!!!!!!!! BLITZ EARLY AND BLITZ OFTEN. Shake up that QB's confidence. PRESSURE = TURNOVERS and that's the name of the game on defense. CWM as made somewhat of an attempt to blitz in recent weeks but his blitz packages suck. In the words of a Michigan St. radio host, his blitzes never get home. I can think of a play off the top of my head from Saturday where we blitzed a safety and he barely got to the line of scrimmage by the time Ainge threw the ball. You have to disguise the blitz, especially against a senior savvy QB like Ainge. Put 8 guys within a few yards of the LOS then rush two and drop nine. Set up your base 4-3 defense and then bring 7 or 8 guys in a QB's face. Mix in some stunts, use zone blitzes, bring safeties and corners. You don't have to be so damn predictable all the time. Unfortunately because CWM refuses to adjust his vanilla defensive schemes I feel he will run Georgia's defense into the ground and we will see embarrassment like the one witnessed on Saturday more often than any of us would like. That is why we must make a change NOW. That brings to the head coach/minister himself... CMR.
Lord, I know the ass thrashing I received from Fat Phil was a sign that it's time for change... AMEN!

Do not get me wrong, I like CMR. Hell it would be like a sin not to like him seeing how connected he is with God but he has got to grow some balls. But in my IMHO, I think CMR is a better man than coach. His loyalty lies with his assistant coaches instead of the Bulldog Nation when surely he must see that there are changes that need to be made. This is the same Bulldog Nation that pays his hefty salary and pays him to make these difficult decisions to make our football program the best possible. Thankfully, UAB came along and snatched up Neil Callaway (I bet they regret that decision now) or our young offensive line would be 1000 times worse than it is now. Coach Searels is doing one hell of a job with what he has to work with and I hope he hangs around for a while. Essentially the assistants on CMR's staff have job security for life because he will never fire anyone. We need boosters to put pressure on Damon Evans who in turn needs to put pressure on CMR. Unfortunately, I think Damon Evans may to nice to pressure Richt as well. It's going to take someone with guts because they might subject to a lot of public criticism (even though, on the inside, many people will be thankful). How cam you give such a nice guy like CMR an ultimatum to fire some of his staff members. CMR has made 3 assistant coaching acquisitions since he's been here because of assistants leaving: Tony Ball from Virginia Tech (runningbacks), Stacy Searels from LSU (O-line), and Jancek (CWM probably told him to- BIG MISTAKE). Two of those three have turned out pretty well so I'm optimistic CMR is capable of bringing in some better coaches. Richt's mentor, 94 year old Papa Bowden, said, when asked about all of the coaching changes before the 2007 season, that a head coach is only as good as his assistants. Bobby himself had a hard time letting people go and it took several horrible seasons and pressure from the higher ups to change things up. Finally, after becoming a laughing stock and playing in low rate bowl games, the Seminoles look like they might be on the right track. CMR does not need to fall into this trap. LET ME STATE THIS: I DO NOT WANT CMR FIRED! Bottom line: MAN UP! Take care of the viruses plaguing this team and holding it back from greatness. Do the damn job that you're being handsomely rewarded to do.

I will be posting some other thoughts on Mark Richt a little later but I think this is plenty long enough so I'll stop here. Like I said earlier, feel free to add or detract. I'll be more than happy to debate the issues with anybody.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

It's Tennessee Week

This video is for my friend, MDB, even though he took a jab at me on the previous post. Here's to the "best fight song ever" according to some people.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

You Think I'm Bad

I got a feeling this video is going to pop up all over the place.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time to Move On...

As much as I would love to pull a Bill Murray and relive this past weekend over and over again, like JD (lots of A-listers in town this weekend) said today, we must move on. Those Hotty Toddy Ole Miss Rebels are coming to town. Hopefully Georgia won't sleepwalk through this 1:00 non-televised SEC contest or we could be in big trouble (a la Florida). Look away, look away, look away Dixieland!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Georgia-Alabama Weekend Thoughts

This weekend there's a huge game kicking off under the lights in Bryant-Denny Stadium between #22 Georgia and #16 Alabama. I like our chances based on JH4's theory of letdowns after big games and the fact that the Bulldogs are more talented than the Crimson Tide. Coaching is important in every game obviously but this game pits two of the best head coaches in college football today: CMR and CNS(greedy, lying bastard yes but also has a MNC to his name). We're also going to get to see a match up of two great, young offensive minds in CMB and CMA. Then of course you're going to get both extremes on the defensive side of the ball with CNS's blitzing scheme, my personal favorite, and CWM's "soft zone" which I absolutely hate. Granted CNS's D gave up a lot of yards and points last week against Run DMC and the Hogs so hopefully they will be a little worn down. I'll give credit where it is due, CWM's defense might not be my cup of tea but it seems to get the job done. With the exception of a couple of games (Tennessee last year combined with JT3) it has not been the defense's fault we've lost games but it's because our offense can't score.

5 Keys to the Game (some of these might sound obvious but I'm gonna throw them out there anyway):
1. Get 'Shon and 'Miko the ball: Simply put they're our two game breakers (and the only two guys that can catch the ball) and CMB has to find ways to get them the ball. Then MS has to deliver it to them.
2. Our offensive line against CNS's complex blitz packages: JH4's boy Velasco needs to be on top of his game in pointing out things to the younger guys. He needs to keep them calm as well. With the crowd I'm anticipating Saturday night I expect some false starts and motion penalties so 'Nando just needs to settle them down. I'm confident he can take care of this task.

3. Our front 7 against JPW and Terry Grant: Based on CWM's defensive scheme, the front four must pressure JPW or we could be in for a long night. He's got some weapons around him in terms of receiving (D.J. Hall) and rushing (Terry Grant- he's looked pretty damn good from what I've seen). However with a little pressure he will throw some picks (2 against Arkansas). Somebody in the linebacking corp besides Ellerbe must step up and make a play whether its Miller, Dent, Dewberry, or whoever. They need to take better pursuit angles as well as drop the number of missed tackles.
Honorary Horsemen Owens and Battle will take out the Tide's Offense

4. Secondary needs to find the ball better: Hopefully CWM took a little time in practice this week to teach his DB's how to have their head on a swivel. If he can't teach them, I know a couple of guys who can- CDC and CBVG.

5. Wildcard- MS: Now I'm one of the bigger Stafford supporters around but even I must admit he hasn't played so great this season and that MUST change for Georgia to win Saturday night. He's made some great throws so far this year, showing us flashes of brilliance, but he's also missed a lot of open guys and it has cost us TD's. Unfortunately this is where I'll tie in the receivers as well because accuracy doesn't matter when guys can't catch the damn ball. So CJE (a guy whose coming close to only having two options soon in my book) needs to use the tennis ball machine or whatever other techniques he can come up with to get these guys consistently catching the ball. If MS needs anymore motivation, Tide defensive end Wallace Gilberry had this to say:

The Tide senior was asked if he knew anything about Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford and Gilberry replied that he didn't -- because Alabama players don't watch film of their next opponent until Monday afternoon. "But after the game Saturday, I can tell you anything you want to know," Gilberry said. "His birthday, his telephone number, his home address. I'm serious, because I will know."

When asked why, he answered, "I've got to know where to send the flowers after the game."

My prediction: Georgia jumps on the Tide early, taking the crowd out of it... for a while. CWM's soft zone defense allows 'Bama back in the game but the Dawgs hold on in the end with a late field goal from BC. Final Score: Georgia- 23 'Bama- 20

Other planned weekend happenings:

CRP's Hoover Buc football team takes on Mt. Brook in a region game at the Hoover Met
(Sidenote: Tyler Love, a 5 star OL recruit that picked Alabama over Georgia plays for Mt. Brook and in the words of "Scary Croissant" I hope one of the Bucs takes their helmet off and sticks it up Love's ass.)
Dreamland Barbecue in Birmingham, Alabama because JD and "Big Daddy" say it's real good.
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: 'Bama fans- the GOOD and the bad.