Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


I know this is a little late but I'm sure everybody knows about Trinton Sturdivant's s situation by now. He tore an ACL for the third time. This is indeed a tragedy because of 1) the kind of upstanding person Trinton is and 2) the potential he had to excel at the college and pro level.

While his career was short and perhaps unfulfilled, through no fault of his own, I think he deserves credit for one of the greatest memories in Georgia football history: The Dance!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Few Things

Rick brought back his Twitter feed Saturday afternoon, and needless to say he delivered (twss). It was suggested today that I give those of you who missed it some of the best tweets, so here goes:

Let me quote my friend damon grandson of hehhee lou jimmmmmyyy lou: freeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddoooommmmm!!! about 24 hours ago via txt

Silence of the lambsssssss (frogskin on face) @damonsmith about 23 hours ago via txt

I would prefer to marry ozzie cuz dogs r loyal unlike some other... 3:31 PM Apr 9th via txt

This fat italian by the pool has chest has chest hair that would make george the 3rd jealous 3:11 PM Apr 9th via txt

@onlyinablog and @amberdupre22 celebration time woooooooo cutting off the excess cass bass and tierney back in play about 21 hours ago via txt

Even a boeing 747 looks small inside of the grand canyon @tripleh @degenerationx about 22 hours ago via txt

Whoever gets in after me is gonna fall out cuz I wore it out woooooooo slic jr!!!!! about 22 hours ago via txt

Steve Hummer of the AJC with an incredible line in his Masters story:

“McIlroy was able to maintain at least a share of the lead until the turn.
What followed was the greatest Irish tragedy since Charlie Weis.”

A great graphic on pl0we's boy Rickie Fowler:

And the new R.E.M. is not terrible – that's two albums in a row. Nice surprise: