Sunday, July 31, 2011

Damn We Used To Be Good

Return to glory starts 9-3-2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

ESPN Gets It Right For Once

The soccer flop...

Not to be confused with the infamous "Flair Flop..."

The difference, Flair gets up and #WINS, #16times. Woooooo!!! Go USA!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Haiku

Yes, the time has come-
Slic, bad boys and the horsemen.
Gonna have some fun.

Top 5 Sports Moments

5: 04 defeats 03 in 3 on 3 football.

Since the days of Holland's front yard in Kensington Park, Jack and Rick never lost a 3 on 3 football game. Jack's brilliant offensive mind with Rick's genuis on the defensive side made them impossible to stop. For years Rick, Jack, and Andrew conquered all suitors. With Andrew's multiple injuries, they turned to Shane who could run all day, cover, and catch passes.

For years, Schiv mixed and matched teams, but all fell short. FInally, in December of 2009, he turned to Plowe and myself. Plowe ran and matched up physically with Schwarz- something that had never been done before. (Big night before, Foran). Schivera chunked it around. I pushed and yelled a lot- manipulating a few rules. The specifics are a little hazy, but we came out on top in which looks to be the last 3 on 3 football tourney.

4: Jones, Bell, Jackson defeat Cannon, Gray, Summerlin
Junior year Franky and I wanted to be on the same 3 on 3 team. He chose Deejay as our 3rd member. The overwhelming favorites to win were the Coaches and Brady's team. When Brady's team knocked off the coaches in the semis, around 90% of the school- the faculty, the staff, the student body, and the other coaches- felt they had already won the championship and the money. We knew that wasn't the case. It did surprise me that as we started to pull away, a lot of the guys in the stands began to root for us. In a game that was never really close, we finished the drill with a score of 32-19. I remember going to Sawyer's with them Brady, Bryan, and Keenan afterwards. No hard feelings. The better team had just won.

3: BC defeats Effingham 2003
Freshman year I played football. I think we had 9 games. I played in 3 or 4 of them. Junior summer, Coach Brackett convinced me to play senior year. It was the best decision I ever made. We went 4-6 and lost to Savannah High, but I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. Highlights included a 27-0 demolition of Calvary and an overtime win over Effingham. I caught a td pass with under a minute left to send the game to OT. Definitely one of the best moments of my life.

2: St. Michael's defeats BSS in SPAL JV B League Championship
I almost put this number 1. Plowe still talks about this season every weekend. To put it in perspective, we had two guys go on to play high school sports- Plowe and myself. Some of our key contributors included Vernie, Whitaker, Tim Smith, and J Alstad. BSS had athletes: B Mell, Josh Dean, Shearouse, Walden, McCarthy, Nolan, Keenan, and Ian Paige who had hit puberty at the age of 8. Anyways, that year we beat St. Peter's 3 times, St James 5th grade 3 times, and BSS 3 times. BSS was far and away the best team in our league. I still don't know how we won it all. St. Michael's Gym- the Shark Tank- will never rock again quite like it did for that championship game.

1: BC defeats SHS 2004
Plowe talks about the BSS SMS games every weekend. I talk about this game a lot more. Hinchey had 27 rebounds. Mike Hill went for double digits. We held Casey to single digits, and Luke only had one basket. They hammered us by 50 earlier in the season, and we would only finish the season with 7 wins- but I'd argue this one game was the greatest upset in the history of BC sports. I'll never forget meeting at half-court before the game with Coach Cannon and Coach Jordan. I won't forget the lights being off by the time we got out the locker room. Still not sure how long it had been since BC had won at SHS, and we'll see how long it takes to happen again.