Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TAMS vs. Dirty Dozen/ Michael Franti & Spearhead

Thanks to my friend Don, I was made aware of the Tams free show on Tybee Friday. The problem is that the show is playing opposite of the annual SCAD concert.

Compare & Contrast:

Music: Tams a lot better. Advantage: TYB
Girls: Forsyth will be decorated. Adv: SCAD
Crowd: Tybee folk vs. Savannahians mingleing with Art Students. Adv: TYB
After Party: Mercury Lounce, Molly McPhersons vs. Benny's, Doc's: PUSH
Residents: Bell, Plowe, Stick's uncle vs. Genser. Adv: SCAD

Sunday, May 24, 2009


OIA members:

Nihao from China. My first though of this place is "my god, I would pay Rick's airfare over here just to see what happens". Beijing is unreal. No holds-bar, everything and anything goes. The bar street we went to last night definitely has elements of Bourbon Street in NOLA. We just bought cigars and 50 cent beers and walked around while Chinese guys tried to get us to come in the bars by saying: "Herro sir, yes shir, you come in. You want lady? Lady inside. 10 cent beer, you come bar now".

Fun stuff...I'll keep in touch.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Home Run Joey

On Tuesday, Joey turned 24. Unfortunately, I was too busy drinking frozen drinks and house hunting in Statesboro to construct a birthday post in his honor. Better late than never I guess.

10 good things about Joey:

1:Absolutely flawless hair. There are guys at Ole Miss, Alabama, and Georgia who would kill for what Joey's got going on. With the Ping hat out of the question, Peggy will have to fight off the skanks.

2: He can drink a lot without getting obnoxious. Joey is a cool guy who's fun to hang out with. As he drinks more, he becomes even cooler. Few people have this trait.

3: He runs one hell of a blog. OTIO saw dark days but Joey brought it back, and now it's stronger than ever.

4: There are a lot of funny people who say funny things, and there are a lot of people who write funny things. Joey can do both without saying or writing that much.

5: He has a cool chickenhead in Peggy. He does her thing with her but she doesn't run his life. She's good looking and cool and doesn't bother me so he's got a winner.

6: He appreciates the nightlife and restaurants on Tybee Island.

7: His recap of the infamous Scary Croissant incident is still the funniest thing I've ever heard.

8: Joey appreciates Rick for who he is.

9: He's a smart guy, and he likes sports a lot. He knows a lot about sports. I've yet to hear him tell someone how smart he is or say shit that tries to prove how smart he is. He's the same way with sports.

10: He's just a good guy- one of the guys that you can't see ever changing. 30 years from now he'll be right there with us drinking beers on the beach or eating wings at the Quarter.

Good luck in Augusta, Home Run Joey. You are certainly a big dog and a good friend.


Anymouse and I...

are two wins away from the heartland.

Celebrating Mediocrity

This full page ad came from today's edition of "The State" which is the state of South Carolina's main newspaper. Now before some smart ass points it out, I know Georgia did not accomplish this feat this year. That's not the point. The point is that even if they had the AJC sure as well wouldn't run a full page ad on it. While most SEC schools strive for excellence across the board year in and year out, Mitchell's lamecocks are happy just sitting at .500. God I hope our program never drops down to that sad, depressing, but most of all pathetic level.

Those Receiver Groups With Cadets Bell, Young and Palaan Are Really Paying Off

Another BC alum makes good with a head coaching position, according to the Savannah Morning News. "Benedictine High School" should never have made it past their editors, however.

Hey JJH4, maybe he's looking for a hotshot young assistant coach?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Randar Thoughts

- - What do you do when the management and fan support -- of a shitty team, from a shitty division, playing a shitty sport(?) -- is shitty and can't pay there bills? Make tax-payers do it!!

Horraaaay!!! Bigger Government!!

-- Donnie Darko is the strangest and most confusing movie I have ever seen. Comparable to Psycho, it will make your head spin and with about 20 minutes left in the film (as well as immediately after in my case) you will probably have no clue what is going on. It also has a sequel coming out that will probably be just as bad as Psycho 2.

-- Gotta get that boom-boom-boom?

-- With Joey gone (please reconsider staying!?), I need to find a new Saturday day-drinking partner. Im currently looking into acquiring A. Sauers. Or perhaps, Bunger.

Best things about Joey: 1) His PING hat, 2) his drinking ability, 3) His "down-for-anything"ness attitude, but most of all 4) his ability to sit on a toilet and puke in a sink (That Central Michigan game was ugly). I'm sad to see Joey go - excited to see Barstool go - and will miss him dearly (Joey that is, not Barstool)

-- If you can still read this, Barstool, I have five words of advice for you: Don't catch asian out there. Easy way to remember this is: DCAOT.

-- Piggy-back-
(Verb) 1. To ride on the shoulders or back: ride piggyback; a piggyback ride.
(Adj/Adv) 2. By or relating to a method of transportation in which truck trailers are carried on trains, or cars on specially designed trucks.
(Adj/Adv) 3. In connection with something larger or more important

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

If Hollywood found out about us....

Who would play us in the movie?

I often ponder this questions. Here is my guess.

(For some reason this just seems to fit?)



(No surprise there)


(This would just end up being an open tryout)



Joey would just have to be a secondary character because he isn't part of OIA. He is on a different blog though.

Other secondary characters to follow (mostly depending on the reaction that this gets)!!

Weekend Thoughts

1: Congrats to Rick on his return to Tybee. His reunion turn is in full swing.

2: I had a little too much fun at Jack's house Thursday. Great party, JJH4.

3: I should have played Murray in basketball Friday because it would have helped me get over Holland's party. And because it's fun to beat Shane.

4: Speaking of basketball, 2 of the 4 remaining teams in the NBA playoffs have key contributors who went to Duke. After watching the playoffs, I would argue that the Rockets and the Celtics are the two best teams not still in the playoffs. So 3 of the 6 best teams in the NBA this year start guys who went to Duke. I'm not saying Duke is USC or anything, but it looks like they are starting to produce more quality NBA talent. Let's hope this transfers to more Final Fours and less First/Second round exits.

5: Bunger v. Schwarz in my front yard was a top 5 Beach Bum moment.

6: Murray declared war (on the blog) against Swarz. I wonder how that will turn out.

7: Apparently Bunger fell at the beach, and it was really funny. I didn't see it.

8: When we went down front Friday, Ozzie got out. Thank goodness we found him.

9: I am not sure how Fender's performance will affect Rick in the weeks/months to come.

10: It's been five years since we graduated from BC. I wonder where these three guys will be five years from now...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bum Parade 09

1: Tomorrow is definitely a top 5 day for me. I can't wait.

2: Food will be ready at my house at 5:00 PM.

3: God Speed, Irish Hurricanes/ Club 17er's.

4: Tomorrow isn't just Beach Bum. It's Joey's going away party, and it's Shiv's going away party. A big 10-6 to both of them. Great guys/ great friends/ extraordinary bloggers.

5: Tybee has been pretty lucky when it's come to hurricanes for many years now. Will our luck run out when Rick returns?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The After Party

Alright Schiv. I let you have a few hours of face time. Back to the story...

When we last left Slic', he and two beautiful ladies and their friend were piling into a taxi and heading out for night in Hotlanta.

Wow! That about sums up Saturday night. I'll be honest, I don't remember everything. That's usually McCarthy's job but I will take you through the events I do remember. Once we left the wedding reception we headed down to East Andrews because a) it's awesome and b) they are pretty lenient on fake ID's. I had $250 cash in my wallet with the intent on not breaking out the Suntrust Gold Card that evening. Everything was going according to plan until about 5 minutes after we got there. Some guy that the other wedding date knew I think wanted to buy us shots. Feeling like he was trying to show Slic' up, the Gold Card came out right away. I don't know what the tab ended up being but I'm sure I have the receipt somewhere. I'd probably rather not know. It was a typical Slic' evening. There was struttin', wooooooin', fine clothes, fine women, shots, and a fight almost broke out which I instigated and provoked. I'm not sure what I said to upset the guy but let's just say whatever it was it was enough to get 5 of his buddies to hold him back. Meanwhile nobody was holding Slic' back. The only thing I was holding back was my right hand as I stood ready to deliver an earth shattering knife-edge chop that would have not only ruined that guy's night but probably his entire life. I can't remember the guy's name but I think it started with a K. It's not really important because he's not really important. Nothing happened but I definitely think it added to an already electric atmosphere. You could just tell it was one of those nights. East Andrews was the place to be in Atlanta, GA. Saturday night and Slic' was callin' the shots.

One of the more entertaining highlights of the evening involved 2 school teachers who I think were in there mid to late 30s. Apparently they thought Slic Ric was some kind of fine and decided to damn near strip me down to my boxers right there in the bar in front of everyone. I think there are some scandalous pictures floating around that may surface at some point this week. I heard one of them was not only married but married to a KA. That's okay. It didn't stop her and it didn't stop me. In fact, it paved the way for a rather interesting exchange. The "Boss" Bruce Springsteen line I dropped last weekend in Athens was pretty damn impressive if I do say so myself but last night produced some memorable lines as well.

Memorable Exchange #1 (paraphrasing what she said):
School Teacher- That's a great looking suit you have on... yeah I'm married to a KA (not sure how that came up but the fact that we got that far is pretty good).

Slic'- I'll tell you what sweetheart, because you're married to a KA I can tell you've been deprived and starved for the sight of a real man. In about 4 hours (this was around midnight) I'm gonna slide out of all this magnificence and show you what a real man, your World Champion, looks like. Can you go 60 minutes with the Champ? Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really sure what her response was but I think the whole stripping thing was taking place about this time. This actually could have been what nearly started the altercation I discussed a little earlier on but I'm not sure. Of course it could have been this other gem I dropped a little later on in the evening while being mobbed by these 2 older ladies. I didn't need them to say anything to unleash this one. This just came natural.

Quote of the Evening
Slic'- Vanna White's got nothing on you two girls but I'll tell you what. I'll let both of ya spin this wheel of fortune, woooooooooooooooooooo, any time!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you're thinking. How does he do it? Truth be told I don't know. Some people just have the gift of gab.

The pocket square experiment proved to only last an evening and didn't even make it through the evening. I can't say that I'm surprised. If it is not attached there's always a chance it might not make it through the night. I believe one of the teachers took the red pocket square as a keepsake and memento from her night on the town with Slic'. I'm just glad I picked up a couple more fans and touched a couple more lives.

I don't remember much about the taxi ride back to the hotel.

Now when I tell you hangin' with Slic' is an "all night ride" I'm not just flapping my gums. I talk the talk and walk the walk. It ain't bragging if you can back it up. Just ask Baby Doll. By the time we went to sleep it was already daylight outside. And I know you all have your minds in the gutter so get 'em out. It was nothing more than hours of interesting pillow talk.

As far as the consequences of my actions last night go, I lost my phone again. I had it in my coat pocket and it could have fallen out while I was being undressed. It also could have fallen out when I decided to take my jacket off after feeling the situation with the pissed off guy was about to escalate into a full-blown altercation. Bottom line, that makes 3 phones in 3 months. Not exactly a great track record. To make matters worse, Asurion revoked my cell phone insurance so I can't just file a claim on-line and have a new phone delivered tomorrow. That really blows so now I have to get a brand new phone and I'm not eligible for any kind of replacement insurance until 2010. I don't see this as anything more than a minor setback. I'll stop by Verizon and pick up another phone tomorrow after work. To quote my female blogger nominee (who may just win the contest by default whether you like it or not unless somebody else steps up to the plate), such is "the price of popularity."

Obviously we still have over half the year to go but I think last night is a very strong candidate for one of my top 5 nights of 2009. I have to thank my Bama beauties, Emily and Jennie, for extending me the invitation and providing Slic' with such a nice hotel room. I told you, the Golden Stallion never disappoints!

The next stop on Slic's Reunion Tour, and boy will it ever be a reunion, is Tybee Island, GA for the 2009 Beach Bum Parade. Hope to see everybody there. Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update: I have a phone again. I was thinking about starting a Facebook group entitled "East Andrews Stole My Phone: Need Numbers" but I decided against it.

The Reception

Rule #76: No excuses play like a champion.

Let me just preface this by saying we were on Rolex time last night. So don't bring any of those Mickey Mouse watches around here. Now down to business

I told 'em all. Saturday night was going to be the main event and I never disappoint on the main event stage. Last night may have been my finest performance EVER. I started pre-gaming around 11 AM to get the ball rolling. Around 5 PM I slid in to all that magnificence that is my tan custom made suit, complete with a red pocket square (McCarthy has a picture and he can send it to you). I rode over to the Sheraton Suites having no idea what was in store but knowing I was well prepared to handle anything the night threw my way. Upon arriving at the hotel, I met the Baby Doll (looking like a 10) and her friend in the lobby. Apparently there was some miscommunication about our ride over to the wedding. While waiting for that ride, I pulled out the flask of Firefly, took 3 glasses from the dining room and we proceeded to take shots right there in the lobby of the Sheraton. We ended up missing the actual wedding but arrived just in time for the reception, stylin' and profilin', looking, woooooooooooooo, as only we can look. Boy were they glad to see me. I wandered around a little when we got there and received several "who are you here with again" questions.

There were a couple of things that stuck out at the reception. First of all, I almost had to chop the groom's cake because it was blue with a bunch of Florida Gator logos all over it. I didn't really like that and I let a couple of people know. I spoke with the DJ for about 15 minutes because he had a Georgia "G" sticker on his laptop. We talked about the upcoming football season and how Cox sucks and King's a bust. Much like myself, he wasn't very optimistic about the '09 season. I wanted to do a little dancing but he wasn't really playing my kind of tunes.I talked to a lot of people I didn't know but I'm not exactly sure what was said. They probably don't know either. I think I told half the family I was in insurance and the other half I was in audio and web conferencing. That led to a little confusion. Then I heard one of the older ladies said the "insurance guy" needs to be cut off. She couldn't have been talking about me because obviously I'm not in insurance any more. Something that surprised me was the open bar. I wasn't really surprised about the open bar, just the set-up. The servers were forbidden to put out any tip jars anywhere. I didn't like that and they didn't either. They were very nice, especially considering the circumstances. There was a bowl of Goldfish crackers on the bar so every time I went up there, in stealth like fashion, I stuffed a $5 bill into the Goldfish bowl and slid it across the table to the servers. They appreciated this and I appreciated them. Eventually after making several rounds I thanked everybody for inviting me, even though they didn't invite me, and we took off in a taxi with our sights set on East Andrews. All and all it was a nice reception and I think I made a good impression on everyone that they won't soon forget.

Stay tuned for part 2, the After Party. This is the point where Good Ol' JR would say "business is about to pick up."

Top 5!!!!

No no no not yet. I'm gonna let this one build for a while before I blow the roof off the blog. Woooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Time To Break This Out Once Again

And this, while we're at it...

"We got your support! We gonna feel it on Game 1! Wooooo!!!"