Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How Dare You!

Jimmy... Finch... the only logical next step: Arthur's Basement 


Songs for the tailgate CD will be taken on PPB up until Sunday.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Rundown

  • Most of you know I'm back on Twitter @JimmyHughes416. I hadn't originally planned on tweeting anything but I also hadn't anticipated people finding me. Therefore, I'll probably be tweeting a little more now. It won't be quite like old times but, then again, it might. Who the hell really knows, right?
  • Tonight's the 25th Anniversary of SummerSlam. That means Vinnie Mac has been getting people's asses for 25 straight summers and he'll probably be around for another 25 more.

  • I hate to hype an event or in this case a weekend because they rarely live up to the expectations. However, to say I'm excited about Labor Day weekend would be a gross understatement. Living up here makes me appreciate my returns home that much more. I'm actually taking Friday off to get down to Savannah as early as possible. Who wouldn't want to rush down there for this lineup:

BC game at Effingham (potential halftime radio interview). It's house, or in this case apartment, divided for another fellow blog contributor. Here's to you Mrs. Robinson and Harry Miles.


Georgia's return to glory kicks off at 12:30 on the island of O'Tybee. Still haven't ironed out pregame tailgating festivities but I have a few ideas. I'm sure post game will consist of Sting Ray's, Bernie's, and the Quarter. The possibilities, as usual when you spend a day/night on Tybee, are endless. Hopefully, Fred Anderson is off duty on 9/1/2012. 


The Swingin' Medallions are playing on the pier. A summer Sunday evening concert on the beach, with no work the next day, and Double Shot blaring across the island is the very definition of Sunday Funday. 

If this weekend doesn't scream Top 5 then you don't have a pulse. NO EEYORE's ALLOWED!

You know who you are...
  • Prediction for Georgia's 2012 season: 11-1. Not sure where that one loss comes but it won't matter because we'll beat the hell out of Alabama in the Dome on December 1st. That will shut those idiots up.
Still not sure about this guy...

... but I know he's better than this guy.

Sidenote: Blogger's new formatting is a pain in the ass.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Things I like to do

1: Go to Tybee, Athens, and Buckhead with my buds 2: Play basketball with Shane 3: Listen to Youtube/playlist/ tailgate CD's with JJ 4: Grill at P Mac's 5: Walk into Firehouse/B St. with Rick 6: Talk soccer with BS69 7: Drink with Bear 8: Watch NBA with Mouse 9: Talk about life with Collins and Beytagh 10: Talk about old times with Plowe 11: Go to BC basketball games with BC men 12: Talk about Dotson and Damon 13: Run into John Patton 14: Weddings 15: Beating Savannah High 16: Beating Florida 17: Owning Tech 18: Talking about 17 with Reardon and Will 19: Making small wagers 20: Las Vegas 21: Meeting people who went to GISA schools 22: Reading The Breeze with Mouse 23: Getting cultured with Bunger 24: Learning about the economy/politics from Shane 25: Stingray's 26: Trying to fish 27: Looking at old blog posts 28: Lowe/ Dowell Tybee parties 29: Drive/ride on the Tybee Road 30: Eat at the Quarter/Sundaes/Peaches/Cheesecake Factory/Stingrays 31: Laugh at Calvary 32: Hang out with my big dog HAM friends

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monday, August 06, 2012

Didn't know how good we had it....

Taken from a post 5 years ago tomorrow.  What to do with a vacant week, in August, in Athens.

…sit around all day in anticipation of The Home Team on 960, only to be disappointed when a certain co-host completely ruins the show for me?
…go for as many scenic drives down Milledge Avenue as possible once Fall Rush begins?
…hang out with underage football players at the trendiest of downtown bars?
…go to Blind Pig way too many times?
…or just bide my time until my first chance to be the third wheel when Rick and Donnie hit the town?

CFB Broadcasters

ESPN has announced its booth assignments for college football coverage.  For the most part, no significant changes.  I dont think there will ever be a combo as good as Franklin-Gottfried.  Nessler and Blackledge are by far my current favorite. 

With the new assignments also came the announcement that Joe Tessitore and Matt Millen will be doing the Missouri game.  Millen was with Sean McDonough, who is one of my all time favorites,  and will be about the same with Tessitore, not good but a lot better than he was a GM.   Tessitore filled in for somebody for the LSU-Florida game two years ago and I thought he was really good.  He has been on the call for a bunch of crazy games including Baylor-TCU, Iowa State-Oklahoma State, and Baylor-Oklahoma. He had this to say about Georgia-Mizzou:

"I think we could have one of my crazy ones in Week 2," said Tessitore. "Based on the atmosphere [in Columbia, Mo.], knowing the kind of offenses on the field, I think Week 2 could be one of those classics."

Jessica Mendoza appears to be on the sideline and she does a good job with softball. 

None of this really matters other than CBS appears to be letting Verne broadcast until he dies.  There is no questioning the greatesness of his voice or past calls.  But there is a problem when he doesn't have a clue which team is on offense.  There is no doubt that CBS holds the distinction of best production, song, matchups, etc. in CFB TV. The problem is Lundquist and Danielson are equivilent to T-Roy and Snow.

In other news, Mike Patrick and Ed Cunningham are back together so thats fantastic. Spielman will ruin McDonough. Pam Ward being gone was previously known but it'll be wierd not hearing her do Purdue-Northwestern at Noon.  Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway are probably scheduled for a bunch of SEC games and Holly Rowe is still the Queen.  The Thursday night game loses James and picks up Pollack so that might be the best to come of all of this.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday Haiku

50 Shades of Grey- Just do not get it, much like- Aiken in Macon.