Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Next Big Thing

The only candidate receiving Slic' Ric and the Horsemen's official endorsement...

I would like to formally nominate Ms. Jennie Kushner of Alpharetta, GA for the honor of becoming our very first and only female blogger. Jennie is currently a student at the University of Alabama. She is an aspiring journalist who expresses herself through several media outlets including, but not limited to, The Crimson White (University of Alabama’s school newspaper) and her very own blog entitled A Day in the Life… Part 2. She is absolutely everything we are looking for in terms of our very first female blog contributor. She is smart, confident, flamboyant, opinionated, and pretty damn good looking if I do say so myself (a 16 on the Slic’ scale which is actually an 11 on regular 1-10 scales). She reminds me a lot of myself, a female Slic’ if you will. This blond Bama bombshell is the total package. I have had the honor and privilege of visiting with her on several occasions and she seems to lead a pretty exciting and adventurous lifestyle, once again much like myself. Bottom line, it would almost be like having two Slic's on the blog at once. We all know such a move would result in ratings gold and a significant jump in viewership, especially among the female population. That’s a completely untapped demographic we are not reaching at all now after Ally left under such strange circumstances. Just like when "The Perfect 10" Baby Doll joined the elite and illustrious group known as the Four Horsemen back in August of 1986, here in 2009 it's time for Only in America to pick up our own Perfect 10. This time around though, the name isn't Baby Doll, it's Jennie Kushner.

With Slic as the flagship and Jennie along for the ride, we'll be winning blogging world championships in no time. So let’s recap Ms. Kushner’s qualifications as it pertains to what I understand the judging criteria to be for now:

1. Looks
Just look at the picture. If you don't think she's gorgeous you're either gay or you like ugly girls (not that there's anything wrong with that). I give her a 16 times World Champion kind of WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

2. Ability to compose compelling and entertaining blog postings
I endorse her writings because I feel she writes with emotion and passion. She doesn't hold back which gives her articles a bit more of an edge. This is the style of composition that sparks conversation and multiple comments. That is exactly what we are trying to achieve in our postings. Controversy creates cash. Outspoken like Slic', Jennie can be quite the controversial character which is a compliment, not ridicule.

I will let you be the judge. Here are the links to some of Jennie’s Crimson White articles as well as a link to her blog (the link is also posted under our “Blogs of Interest” section as well as Mr. Murray’s post from earlier):


Whether you like her writings or you don’t like ‘em, learn to love ‘em, cause there the best thing going today and the future of OIA! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Randar Thoughts.

1.) Although Barstool was more right (righter?), in his post responding to my comment at the little blog that could OITO, I am still not convinced that I was wrong.

I just think we accounted for the transactions in a different manner. You, my dear friend, accounted for the transaction on the accrual basis method (or, as illustrated in your 'hypo', when Rick drank the drink). I, on the other hand, accounted for the transaction on the cash basis method (when rick purchased the drink)

You were more correct as the accrual method is generally the GAAP-preferred method. I, however, was not wrong and feel that an apology is overdue.

2.) Rick, you are ridiculous.

3.) I played basketball on Tybee yesterday and that was probably the most worn out I have been in quite a while. The talent level on Tybee isn't quite as good as it is at other places, but the people that play down there work there asses off. That and the gym is much nicer than the Islands Y (_fill in comment by Donnie about ponds here_). Also a man who claims to be 58 years old (who's probably around 40) shouts words like Zut and other French expletives.

4.) If you haven't had a chance to visit our sister blog over at A Day in the Life...Part 2 yet, you are in for a treat. I think this is a new blog -- def new to me, and potentially my new fav -- but my favorite post titled "The difference in [sic] a southern boy and a southern gent" is about our beloved friend....well, I think it goes without saying.

Quotable quote:

"Take note from these boys: money CAN buy you everything, and then some."

JKush welcome to the family!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beating a Dead Horse...

Best episode of the best show ever.

If you can watch this and not laugh I would be amazed. Also Charlize Theron is in this episode and she's pretty hot for a MR F.

Great Quotes from the episode

GOB: "Maybe that's it! Maybe we should do to the Japanese what they do in their movies. Build a miniature city, put it outside their window, tell 'em it's far away. It will look real, if you squint. God knows there squinters!!" ;

George Michael: "I don't know dad, you know what they say about fun. Fun and Failure start the same way"

This was the third season, when they found out they were about to be canceled. At that point they just started to get ridiculous.

If you dont wanna watch the whole thing at least watch the first 3 minutes. George-Michael (Michael Cera) will make you think of Rick.

Also here is an episode with Barstool's boy Henry Winkler "jumping the shark" again

Even I Can't Get Behind This One

Athens manhunt, swine flu, Mexican earthquake, and now...

Creed reunites!

"The songwriting team of Stapp and Tremonti are considered one of the most prolific in rock history." lol

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Slic's State of the Schwarz Address

Hello my fellow Only in Americans,

I would like to start off by thanking Mr. and Mrs. William Flemming for extending me an invitation to their wedding. It was a wonderful ceremony, a fun reception, and I wish those two the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Now down to business. I will be honest, right now is a pretty damn good time to be Slic' Ric. As I was telling Mr. Sims Saturday, these last two months have been one hell of a ride. I feel a little like a rock star going out on tour. It just seems like every weekend it's a different place with new and interesting people producing more and more outrageous stories from the road. I wish I could tell you it is going to slow down soon but I am nearly booked up for May and working on June already. Check out the schedule below to see when I'll be woooooooooin' in a town near you.

Slic's Reunion Tour Dates and Locations for May:
May 1st-3rd: Athens, GA. (Georgia-Florida Baseball; Kentucky Derby)

May 8th-10th: Open (Contact Slic at 770-712-5731 to schedule an event)

May 15th-17th: Savannah/Tybee Island, GA (Long Awaited Return To Beach Bum Parade)

May 22nd-24th: Sea Island, GA (Huge Blowout Extravaganza of Epic Proportions with new friends Emily and Jennie- much like T-town, Sea Island will never be the same)

May 29th-30th: Loganville, GA (Cousin's High School Graduation- I will only be there Friday night; back in Buckhead and ready to roll Saturday night)

In other Slic news, work is going well. I have been working on a pretty big conferencing deal with ISDA out of New York for about a month and a half now. After numerous phone and email correspondences with a lady named Monica, I have been informed that they are in the final stages of making a decision, which could come as early as this week. This would be huge pick-up and hefty boost to my commission check for next month. I am also in negotiations with a company called Court Call out in Los Angeles which could prove to be very profitable. Our CEO is going to fly out there in a couple of weeks to meet with their CEO. I am trying to convince her that I should go as well because I will be the person in charge of their account. Unfortunately she has not come around on this idea but I still have time.

I recently came up with an idea for a business that I would like to get off the ground by my 26th birthday. I won't go into any details now but I am currently doing some research and putting together a business plan. I intend on starting a marketing campaign by the end of May to see if the market is there for my particular idea. If the market is there (which I am very confident it is) then plans will move forward. Right now the biggest problem I see on the horizon involves attaining a small business loan to get things going. If I can get things going though, this business may allow me to purchase a Donzi 29 by age 28 and my private jet, aka Lil' Naitch by age 35. I will keep the blog abreast of my progress in this business venture.

To briefly recap Saturday, I got 1 of my 2 masses for the year out of the way which is good because I missed the Celtic Cross mass this year. Now I am back on track. I was very last in the communion line but at least I got the words right this time. I brought back about 15 koozis from the wedding reception. Why? I'm not really sure. It was good to see everybody again, especially the Leonard boys. Never had a bad time with those guys. Apparently I am not welcomed back at Mercury Lounge anymore which is okay because I hate that place and I told them that. Just like people, inanimate objects (i.e. concrete walls, parking meters, street signs, etc.) are fair game when it comes to being chopped. For those of you wondering, my hand is fine. Nothing is fractured or broken but the side of my thumb is slightly bruised. It is barely even noticeable. If I would have caught up to the guy in the car I was chasing he would have received one hellacious chop that may have stopped his heart on impact. Judging from P Lowe's videos, I would make a great traffic cop. Speaking of P Lowe's videos, I almost got my revenge on the device responsible for all of these videos. Next time, it might not be so lucky. The walk down to River Street was eventful just because I happened to be on the phone most of way and I was talking kind of loud and strutting. That drew some looks from everyone I passed, especially after the multiple wooooooooo's. Kevin Barry's was packed but I didn't know anybody there. After realizing everybody else was on their way home and Holland and Murray weren't coming I took a car bomb and sipped on a half and half for an hour or so before catching a ride home with Mimie. I wouldn't call it a top 5 night but it certainly wasn't a letdown either.

In much more recent news, as in about 2 hours ago I ordered another custom made suit online from JoS. A. Bank. This one is a tan colored 3 button executive suit. This brings Slic's suit total up to 6. I am hoping to hit double digits by the time football season rolls around. If either one of the deals come through that I mentioned above I will definitely achieve this goal. The suit will be here in 3-5 business days so I may debut it in Athens this weekend or I may save it for Sea Island weekend. I haven't decided yet.In conclusion, I have got things pretty much the way I want them right now. The past couple of months could very well be the greatest 2 month span of my life. May figures to be very exciting and the thoughts of potentially being CEO of my own company at the age of 26 is very encouraging. To quote the man himself, "diamonds are forever, and so is Slic' Ric! Wooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

He May Have Been On To Something After All

Maybe Get the Picture should look into adopting Patrick's “no music post” policy.

Talk about not getting it. Song's a jam for sure.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All Cannon Team

I missed the Club7teen meeting at Kevin Barry's last week so I didn't get to put my two cents in on the subject of the All Cannon basketball team. It's too hard to go back and compare players that I never saw play, so I figured I'd do an All Cannon Team or Teams from when I was there. (Class of 01-07)

1st Team:
1: Franky Jackson
2: Shane Murray
3: Keenan Summerlin
4: Travis West
5: Brady Cannon

2nd Team:
1: Lorenzo McDonald
2: David Barker
3: Patrick Hinchey
4: Pierce Cannon
5: Colin Barnes

3rd Team:
1: Peanut
2: Michael Patton
3: Al-lyn Woolford
4: Michael Hill
5: Michael Scott

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pierce Fires Back...

"Since last Wednesday, when I received an alumni email giving me the impression my Uncle Tommy retired from Benedictine Military School after 38 years of unquestionable service and loyalty, I have been reflecting on what transpired over the past week, trying to gather my thoughts and piece together what exactly happened. As most of you are aware, the contract to my uncle, coach and role model was not renewed by Benedictine Military School due to what was so cleverly worded as “restructuring.” His job had been “eliminated” as a result of the creation of two new positions for the purpose of assisting the principal. And just like that, after 38 years of service to Benedictine, its young men, and parents, he was pushed to the way side, like yesterday’s garbage. I cannot and will not stand for it. He deserved so much more.

For starters, let us call a spade a spade. His position was renamed and he was replaced. The explanations given for the nonrenewal of Thomas Arthur Cannon’s contract were, “Economic reasons, the negative perception by certain anonymous parents, and his court side behavior.” As an alumnus of Benedictine Military School, a player under Coach Cannon and someone who has a bit of an inside view into the reality of what is going on, I find that not only an insult to the intelligence of my uncle,but to my family, and any alumnus of Benedictine. To bring up his court side behavior in the year 2009 is comical at best. I could understand if that was brought up 15 years ago or 20 years ago, but now? That is a pathetic cop out amongst many.

As far as economic reasons, I completely understand. Our country is going through one of the most trying times in our financial history and every person; school and business alike are feeling the pinch. That is irrefutable, but what is not, is that there were plenty of other ways to deal with that budget problem, other than dismissing one of Benedictine Military School’s biggest supporters and champions of the school. He has coached for 38 years, did his job and did it with pride, in comparison to some other members of the staff. It is shameful that he was forced out in such a public fashion and under the guise of “restructuring”.
The negative perception of my Uncle Tommy is something that exists. That is true. But placing that entirely on him is wrong and unfair. That perception often times was the result of my Uncle always being the one left holding the bag. When it comes down to it, he was the one who was always blamed when disciplinary actions were taken. Never mind the fact that these matters were voted on by teachers, the principle, students and the Head Master. Tommy Cannon was the disciplinarian/Dean of Students of an all boys Catholic Military School. He was asked to be the disciplinarian by the Benedictines because it was a role they did not feel comfortable playing, and like so many other times in his career, he accepted the task with out question. That being said he had no choice but to be strict on the men of BC. If he were to let his guard down for one instance, those students would try to walk all over him, and that was not an option. That in turn, automatically made him the bad guy. If your son gets kicked out of BC, it’s Tommy’s fault. If your child gets a Saturday detention when he of course did nothing wrong, it’s Tommy’s fault. If your son gets reprimanded for something he swears he didn’t do, it’s Tommy’s fault. I know, better than most the wrath of Tommy Cannon. Being the first Cannon male back at Benedictine since my uncles and father at times was very hard. But it made me the man I am today. My Uncle Tommy made me the man I am today. But above all, he was fair and unwavering in demanding the best out of every student and player that walked the halls of BC.

To say the perception of Tommy Cannon is negative enough to not renew his contract, but positive enough to USE him as salesman of Benedictine is disgraceful. That is hypocrisy at its finest and certain individuals are happily lapping it up.
At the very least he deserves a public apology. Having to find out the way my family did was a slap in the face and something I will never be able to forget. This decision and how it was so callously made hurt my uncle and my family in way that I cannot explain. BC has been a part of my life since the day I was born. I essentially grew there, in more ways than one. I always felt like BC was my second home. Now I do not feel that way. I do not feel welcomed. The Benedictine teachers and coaches always seemed like they were a family, although at times dysfunctional, but a family none the less. Since the departure of Father John Murtha and the untimely passing of Father Albert, it feels like the massive void they left was never filled. The things that BC parents and Alumni loved the most about Benedictine disappeared. Instead those voids were filled by individuals who apparently do not understand what it means to serve God and the Benedictine students selflessly, and for the greater good of the school not their own personal gain.

For some of you, this is a welcomed change. That is an opinion any alumnus is entitled to. But whether you like or dislike Tommy Cannon, the way in which he was dismissed is not what Benedicitne is about and it is up to us to fix that and voice our opinions."


Whoaaa!!! 420!!!

I don't get the whole 4/20 thing. John Tyler Hardin, one time member of the class of 03', gets it. Happy 4/20, I guess.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An A-Day for Slic in Tuscaloosa

Another weekend down, another recap to write. This weekend the show got taken to Tuscaloosa and Slic certainly did not disappoint. Going to Sigma Nu, seeing the Bear Bryant statue, hanging out with our two lovely hostesses, cheering the Dawgs in some bar, and tailgating with some Alabama fans almost proved to be too much, but we made it back alive. Let’s go to the highlights…


- Hit I-20 West around 2:30 and the Firefly cap is twisted off. With me driving, the booze cruise has become a tradition with Rick when it comes to Interstate 20.
- Throw the Acura in cruise control and we are in Tuscaloosa in no time. As for the Firefly? Never had a chance of making it to town.
- Pick Fender up on the side of the road and head to the liquor store. See the Bear Bryant statue and he gets crotch chopped from the car. Pick up more “party favors” for our hostesses.
- Fender takes us to Sigma Nu. Slic walks in wearing a suit and acts like he owns the place. Meets a few of the brothers and gives them hugs, telling them he’s ready to rock n roll. Starts talking about the Kappa Alpha order and the big ass flag they had in front of their house. Fender wisely has us leave.
- Head over to Jennie and Emily’s house. The Makers starts flowing and things are going pretty well considering. Meet Hamilton, or rather “Beethoven.” Loved the dog.
- Fender leaves and is not seen again until later that night. Guess he knew there could be problems.
- The ladies take us to the bars and the night gets a little blurry from here. Rick gave our ride 40 bucks as a tip. I think the ride was free, so she made out really well.
- Some UGA fans found us at one bar and started the “What’s that coming down the track” chant. I’m not a big fan of doing that, but for some reason being in hostile territory got us yelling along with everyone else. Def got booed for it. We didn’t last much longer at that bar.
- Rick tells everyone he has a wedding to go to next weekend and Emily suddenly becomes his date. She’s promised a limo ride and a hotel room. Rick would later start looking for a room at the Westin and Desoto. Not to be outdone, Jennie becomes my date for a future wedding. Made my night.
- The rest of the night goes quick and everyone makes it back to the house in one piece.
- An orchid gets snapped and I get blamed for it. I promise I didn’t touch it ladies. Fender shows back up and gets in an argument with a guy who has also made it back to the house. Apparently Fender was told he couldn’t stay and was locked out. Things somehow end on a peaceful note.


- Wake up at 7:30 and the ladies take Slic and I to meet the parents. Wasn’t expecting this and Rick put on a show. Pops get told that Rick is in sales and will be starting Schwarz and McCarthy LLC, a consulting firm. What are we gonna consult?
- Go to Publix and the sandwich lady basically tells me I look like shit and that I need some sleep. Thanks a lot. Meanwhile, Rick moves full steam ahead.
- With it being A Day, the tailgate party stayed at the house and we got to meet some Alabama fans. Made nice with some, and enemies with others. Typical.
- Meet the ladies friend Bo and his friend Charlie, who I couldn’t understand to save my life. Nice guy, but a redneck nonetheless. Rick calls the guy Radio and acts like he has Down Syndrome. Probably gonna be punished for that years down the road. Bo: not a fan of the blog apparently. Rick will go into that later.
- Rick finishes another bottle of Firefly and opens another Makers. It isn’t even noon.
- Rick thinks one guy that comes over is Newman and semi chops him in the chest. He’s confused, but plays along. Coulda been worse.
- The Makers is done by 1pm. Head off to some bar where things would start to unravel.
- A tab is opened and Slic starts buying shots left and right for the girls he moved outta the way to get to the bar.
- Drinks are spilled and the girls eat it up for a little bit. Boone and Fender show up and see what I’m dealing with. Close Rick’s tab and take him out. $66 tab and a $50 tip. Seeing daylight, Rick thinks there is plenty of time left to party. Technically yes, but not for him.
- Obscenities are shouted around crowds of people. Slic walks up and puts on the Rick Flair show for these four big African Americans that are tailgating. They loved him. Particularly when he did an elbow drop on the concrete in his jacket. To top it off, he gave the cops the double bird who were stopped in traffic watching him.
- Some little 6 yr old girl yells at Rick to ask him who won the game. He walks up to her with her parents right next to her, puts his hands around her head and yells “BAMA.” We gotta go home.
- Make it back to the house where Rick thinks it’s a good idea to call Mimi. Ends up passing out on the couch.
- Knowing full well if he gets a second wind what could happen, I decide to cut the trip short and go back to Atlanta. Tuscaloosa can thank me later. Even if I did get chopped for it.

So that does it for this weekend. Eventful and no one died. Would like to thank our two lovely looking ladies for their hospitality and a great time. Sorry we left so quickly, but I think it was honestly for the best. Maybe next time. Rick’s next stop: Savannah for Snuffy’s wedding.

Interlock for Holland

Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Haiku

Big game on Sunday
Swarz and P Mac in T-town
It is going down.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweeping the Nation...

Perhaps the next Souldja Boy? Only time will tell. Regardless, it was an obvious snub from the movers and shakers brackets done by the hardworking guys over at OITO.

Stanky Leg (according to which I am fairly certain is an academia resource)--

when a black women has a smelly , sweaty vagina so she does the stanky leg to air it out..

LaFonda was dancing so much, she got sweaty so she did the stanky leg to air it out

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Month and Counting

Artwork by GFS IV

It's been 2 long years but the wait is almost over...

Created by OnePlusYou

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Version of Last Weekend (Long)

There really is no way I can follow up with a recap after reading Slic’s post. However, I’ve had 2 requests to make an effort, so I’ll do my best. So while Rick’s post has some fuzzy details, I’ll just fill in where he hadn’t. So we start with Thursday night…

Thursday Night:

- Receive a phone call from Mr. Schwarz inviting me to a porch party at 8pm. Asked who all was invited and was told Slic and Capt. Morgan. Guess that sums things up.
- Come back to the apartment to find Rick sitting on the porch drinking Capt. Morgan and cranberry, listening to Jimmy Buffett.
- Take Rick to Churchills
- Get lots of texts and phone calls. Don’t respond to any.

Friday Night:

- Bad storms roll through Atlanta, but apparently plans to go out aren’t changing.
- Am told that Fender and 2 ladies from Alabama are in town and they are having a house party. Knowing the combo of Rick and Fender isn’t a good one, I decide to play it safe and skip out on the night. I'm thinking I'm smart.
- Receive a phone call from Rick at 10:32pm. Let it go to voice mail: “Wonder why they call you bitch.” Fender chimes in that “I’m fired.” It would be the first of many this weekend.


- Rudely awakened at 8am by a slammed door. Obviously I know who it is. Shit. Try to go back to sleep, but get 2 knocks at my door. I try and act like I’m asleep, but I start getting texts asking if I’m at the apartment. Being curious, I decide to open the door. Rick is dressed in a grey suit with his Georgia tie and ready to head back out.
- Rick takes 2 shots of Firefly at 830am, packs up 3 bottles of liquor from the bar and leaves.
- Decide to head over to check on Rick around 12:30 after going to hit some golf balls.
- Find both him and Fender outside yelling at Master Sergeant Osorio on the phone. He’s told that 3 Cadets are accounted for and are awaiting orders. I don’t think he’s amused.
- Also find that the ladies have left Fender and Schwarz to themselves downstairs in the bar area. Little did they know…
- Fender and Schwarz trade off doing shots of Firefly, Wild Turkey, Capt. Morgan, and Evan Williams. Finish all of the bottles by 2pm.
- Fender thinks it’s a good idea to chop people. After a weak attempt on Schwarz, Rick gives him the business and puts him on the floor.
- Meet the 2 lovely looking ladies from Alabama. Wish I had come over the night before knowing about these two. Top 2 material.
- A wasp makes it into the house and lands on the floor. Rick steps on it and then gives it the People’s Elbow while the ladies watch. Man was it tough.
-Fender passes out and Schwarz remains strong. Gotta say I’m very impressed by both party’s drinking ability. Or rather disgusted.
- Brief break from the crew to have dinner with the family. Run back to Berkshires to get Tucker.
- Rick takes the crew to Mellow Mushroom and I’m told paid for dinner. $100 down already. That doesn’t count the $40 he paid for everyone’s lunch and the $25 that was spent on everyone’s booze.
- Tucker comes over and meets everyone who suddenly have shown up at the apartment.
- Rick changes into a new suit that I’ve never seen before. The ladies compliment the outfit. I just laugh.
- Go back to the house and proceed down to Buckhead. A lot of Spanish was being thrown around in the cab and none of it made sense. These illegals gotta go.
- Go to East Andrews. Probably won’t go back. Hell, may not even be allowed back. A few guys start yelling at Rick. Rick wasn’t kidding when the Miller Light bottle went in his pocket in case anything got crazy.
- Rich McKay’s son shows up and hangs out with the girls. McKay’s wife must have been hit with the ugly stick.
- Rick orders dozens of shots. I guess he didn't realize we weren't at Bourbon St. where shots are like a $1. A $100 tip later and he has spent an absolute shitload. Bells start ringing and the bartender hugs Rick. Probably thought Rick was a high roller or something.
- Fender fires everyone at the bar.
- Around that time Emily calls the bartender an asshole and the rent-a-cop gets involved. Time to go.
- While Rick and Fender take care of the situation, Jennie and I try and take the party somewhere else. Some douchebag calls her out on her ID and some big ass cop gives her 2 options. She wisely turns around. Damn cops. If Jennie reads this, I’m sorry.
- Rick pulls out $200 at the ATM and for some reason throws it in the backseat of the cab. When the money suddenly disappears, he tells the cab driver to have an early Merry Christmas and a Feliz Navidad. Only problem was that the cab driver was from Pakistan. Oops.
- The end of the night gets blurry for me. I do know that another Makers bottle was opened and downed within a few hours. I was told it was a Fender special.

So there you have it. Not a whole lot different than the previous post. Had a lot of fun and watched a whole lot of money get spent for the 2nd weekend in a row. Schwarz and Fender together make quite the combination and I believe Fender made Rick very proud. It was a Horsemanesque performance. I just don’t think Tuscaloosa needs to see the 2 of them together next weekend, but then again maybe we should make that road trip. I'd atleast enjoy the company of our 2 new lady friends.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Slic's Weekend Recap (Long but Good)

It doesn't get much better than this...

I would like to start off by promoting Mr. Robert Fender from honorary to full fledged Horseman. He can hang with Slic anytime. Now, on to some of the highlights. I won't get in to too much detail as some of it is still a little blurry but here goes nothing...

Friday Night:
- pregame started around 7:30
-introduced to Jennie and Emily who are definitely top 5 material
-helped Fender polish off a handle of Evan Williams and a bottle of Johnny Walker
-a couple of other guys showed up and as Carlito would say "they were not very cool;" fortunately one of them dropped us off in Buckhead and I never saw them again
-had some fake ID issues that kind of limited our bar selection; settled on East Andrews and let's just say they like me a lot
-Fender and I went Flair and Double A on some Ole Miss guys; they won't be hoddy toddying again any time soon
-lots of people were fired and lots of phone calls were made
-don't remember too much of the taxi ride home
-kept the party going back at the house until around 4 when everyone went to sleep/passed out
Rating: 4 star night

-wake up at 7:30 to start G-Day festivities (Holland doesn't answer his wake up call)
-back over to Berkshires for shower and clothes change; convinced McCarthy to come over there later
-Back over to Emily's house for tailgate party; came bearing gifts
-could tell that the ladies and Fender were pleasantly surprised to see me back over there so promptly at 8:30 AM ringing the the doorbell and peering through the window on the front door
-the ladies were a little slow to get back into party mode but it was nothing a bottle of Firefly couldn't change; Fender had no problems getting back in the mood
-9:30-10AM- Firefly gone
-Fender and I try to use the fire pit= bad idea
-I beat Fender's ass in pool
-Called Amanda from Fender's phone; told her to drop that piece of shit Strickland and decide between Bell and Fender for who was going to be lucky enough to enter the Schwarz family
-Jennie and Emily were nice enough to pick us up some Chic-fil-a and it hit the spot
-G-Day game comes on and pretty much everything that I expected to happen happened; Cox blew, King's a bust, Gray is awesome, Butler is really good too; could be a long season
-party moves over to Mellow Mushroom for an early dinner; Fender spills beer everywhere and then proceeds to fire everyone that works at Mellow Mushroom; the girls were not to happy with Fender at this point
-back at the house Fender takes a power nap and I spill half a cup of Maker's and Cranberry in the backseat of Emily's mom's car (Emily if you read this I would like to apologize again)
-we got that cleaned up but the spill ruined my phone which was disappointing because I felt like trying to match the 32 voice mails record set a couple of weeks ago
-Once again the ladies were nice enough to give me a ride back over to Berkshires so I could change out of my cranberry juice drenched clothes; the ladies got to meet Tucker which I'm sure was the thrill of their weekend
-Upon our return to Emily's house, with McCarthy and a mystery guest in tow, we found Fender back up and at 'em going stronger than ever
-Taxi ride back to Buckhead was pretty damn funny; Emily tried speaking Spanish to our taxi driver; I'm not sure what she said I don't think he knows either but he thought it was still damn funny
-having had some problems with the other bars the night before we returned to East Andrews to which the door guy replied something to the effect of it's nice to see you again
-we took some Alabama Slammers in honor of our Alabama guests, saw a guy with Easter eggs in his hair, and apparently saw Rich Mckay's son (Nerd Alert)
-Some guys across the bar wanted to fight me; why I'm not sure but I concealed an empty Miller Lite bottle in my coat pocket just in case they really wanted to roll (Dirtiest Player in the Game)
-Emily said something bad to bartender but I didn't hear what she said; a rent-a-cop showed up and we decided it was time to go
-Bar tab- $248; Tip- $100= bartenders ring the bell and give me handshakes and hugs telling me to come back any time
-tried to go somewhere else but Jennie got one of her ID's taken
-stopped by an ATM to take out $20; accidentally took out $200
-grabbed a taxi back; made it rain in the cab and then couldn't find all of the money
-told taxi driver not to worry about it and if he found it have an early Merry Christmas
Rating: 5 star day and night

Once again, this is nowhere near everything that happened. McCarthy is going to post his own recap and Fender is more than welcomed to comment on this post.

Bottom line: Horseman Cadet Fender and his Bama beauties, Jennie and Emily, were definitely a good time and certainly Top 5 in Slic's book. They are welcomed back to Buckhead any time. Woooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Masters: Top 3 Sporting event in the world.
Cabrera: Worst received Champion in Masters history. However, became a hall of famer in the process.
Perry: Choked miserably. At age 48, my new favorite golfer.
Mickelson: Stood up to Tiger and was on the verge of the greatest round in golf history. Still doesn't give him an excuse to wear those fruity shirts.
Sergio: Has to be the biggest bitch in all of sports and is the biggest underachiever in sports.

G-Day: Outside of Justin Houston, an ugly 2 hours. Still going to win East.
Baseball: Georgia and Braves go a combined 6-0 over the weekend. Georgia plays Arkansas for 1st place this weekend and Miles Starr is leading the way. BA walk out song as well.

Erin's party: Great party put on by the Lowe's. Bell's and Lowe's: DGF's.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


UNC just won a national championship. Todd is going to Destin. School sucks. I have poor reading comprehension. I have an exam the day after Cinqo de Mayo. And now Durham is out for the year. I was really excited about Georgia football this year. I personally thought we'd lose to LSU and Florida but win all the rest and find a way to the Sugar Bowl. You can forget that now. We are losing arguably the greatest Georgia athlete in history. Here's hoping to a speedy recovery and that he'll actually come back in 2010 and not go to the draft. You're still my boy, Durham. 99% of people who suffered this bad of an injury would never play football again. Luckily, you're the true top 1% of the top 1% or something like that. God speed.

It's a Goofy Thing but I Just Gotta Say...

Let me clear a couple things up. You have heard Donnie's side of the story and it was entertaining. Here are a couple of the points that I am making...

1) "I had misspoken, and there were probably only like 2 houses sold in Detroit in December so it was Time Magazine manipulating the statistics. Therefore, things are just fine in Detroit, and the market will sort it all out."

a.)Time Magazine didn’t manipulate any statistics. You. Did. When you left a $70,000 word out--"sold". b.) the market already is "sorting it all out."

2)My intention was never to debate the issues of the role of motivation in sports or "how bad things had really gotten in Detroit". Quite frankly, I think we both agree on those to issues.

I think MSU probably did play a little more inspired b/c a) they were the crowd favorite (for obvious reason) and b) -- like you said-- a lot of the players were playing for a town (in one case hometown) that may be extinct in the near future. Any motivation is good motivation regardless of how meaningless it may be to someone else.

I also agree with you that Detroit has gone down the toilet in the past couple years. This can be proven simply by looking at the unemployment rate over the past 2-3 years (or 6 months). Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing -- and/or who caused this -- are topics for other discussions (and I assume we would disagree on these).

That leads us to my actual intentions (not what you perceived my intentions to be).The reason for my phone call yesterday and my true intention was to point out that YOU manipulated information to make your side of the story sound more attractive. Whether this was intentional or malicious is not important, you presented information that was wrong and I wanted to correct you. (And I thought I could do that without you getting your panties in wad)

Article Donnie incorrectly quoted.

Median home prices, depending on who you talk to, are hard to gauge because you don’t know what it could sell for until you sell it. That being said website like and Yahoo RealEstate have nothing to gain from distorting views. median home price as of 10/21/08 (5 months ago) -- $79,000 (20% down from 10/21/07). So, lets assume it went down another 20% in the past 5 months--$63,000

--or may be even 40% (meaning in the past 17 months it lost 51% of its value)-- $47,000

Yahoo RealEstate median home price as of 4/6/2009-- $30,000

Price Donnie said houses cost in Detroit-- "below $8,000" (lets say $7,500-- although he was "quoting"--incorrectly-- the Time article that has prices as $5,737)

Housing (-20% estimate) _ -$55,500 or -88.10% off
Housing (-40% estimate) _ -$39,500 or -85.04% off

Yahoo RealEstate_ -$22,500 or -75% off.

At best you were 75% off.

3) If you haven't heard too much about the current "economic situation" then you haven't been watching CNN, NBC, ABC, FoxNews, CBS, Fox, read a newspaper, listened to the radio, turned on a computer, or gone outside. The fact that Detroit is not doing as well as other cities should come as absolutely no surprise to you. And, yes, there might be some hard times in the neighborhood but I wish everyday could be this good.

Take it away Travis!!

Median Home SALE Prices in Detroit

On the way to Athens the other day, I read an interesting piece in Time Magazine about how bad things have gotten in Detroit in recent months. Earlier in the week, I had picked UConn (-4) to beat MSU, but after reading the article, I changed my pick to MSU. MSU has 9 players from the state of Michigan and 1 player from the city of Detroit. I heard Izzo mention in a press conference leading up to the UConn game that things had gotten really bad in the area and that MSU was playing for more than just their University. It's impossible to know if the problems in the state led to them playing any harder or better, but these are things I always like to think about in sports.

I told everyone in Athens about the article. I was intrigued by it for a few reasons. First, I really hadn't heard that much about how things bad things had really gotten in Detroit. Next, the medium home price in Detroit had fallen to around $10,000. I couldn't believe it. I found that, "One-third of the population lives in poverty, and almost 50 percent of children are in poverty, according to data from the Detroit-Area Community Indicators System. Median household income has dropped 24 percent since 2000, according to the Census Bureau." And their mayor, when asked about the murder rate dropping, responded with a joke about the reason being that there was no one left to kill. With all this in mind, I thought it was cool that they seemed to play an inspired game to knock off the favorite, UConn in the national semifinal game.

Then yesterday, Shane Goldwater Murray called me to inform me that I was way off base in thinking that Detroit had hit the shits. The median home SALE price in Detroit had fallen to below $8000 in the month of December. I had misspoken, and there were probably only like 2 houses sold in Detroit in December so it was Time Magazine manipulating the statistics. Therefore, things are just fine in Detroit, and the market will sort it all out. I agree: MSU probably won the game because they came out ready to play and executed. And because Izzo is a good motivator. Maybe they had no extra motivation- we will never know. But what we do know is that things are looking pleasant in Detroit and while the median home SALE price is less than $10,000, the median home price is probably well over $75k.

Thank you for correcting me, Goldwater. I will never misspeak again, and I will try to get my facts right from now on. Your understanding of economics is far superior to mine and any future help you can give me in understanding such complex issues is greatly appreciated.

Monday, April 06, 2009

How I imagine Stick's trip to IHOP went on Saturday

Music Post Mondays

"fat bucket spence mass blog clod!
nice! how 'bout a divided sky? "

"john that was sick, especially liked the lick around 2:25"

"sick nasty well done"

Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is the worst music festival ever, right?

Wanted to confirm this before all the Athens recaps start coming.

Mile High Music Festival

Headliners: Tool, Widespread Panic, The Fray. Isn't this the first thing in a while that we can all agree on?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Full Circle

The first Georgia basketball game I ever attended was Mark Fox's third game as Nevada's head coach. Nevada beat Georgia 58-47, but was clearly on a whole other level against one of the worst major conference men's basketball teams ever "assembled." Five years later, he's the guy set to lead Georgia out of the wilderness.

Great job by Damon Evans and the search firm. Dude went 123-43 at Nevada, recruited a first-round pick and Nick Fazekas, coached under Trent Johnson and has a way better resume than Anthony Grant despite being like five years younger. He also was born in Kansas, so he's got that Midwest feel.

It's late, and he's getting introduced tomorrow morning, so I hope to have more cogent thoughts on this later.


Mark Bradley is usually my boy, but he's way off base with this.

Bradley has it bad for Anthony Grant, saying he "was the obvious choice."

Then he says Fox "won in the WAC, which is a nice mid-tier league. But the Western Athletic Conference isn’t the SEC East, where he’ll be working against Billy Donovan (two NCAA titles) and John Calipari (two Final Fours), plus the showman Bruce Pearl and the erudite Kevin Stallings and the rising star Darrin Horn."

But the WAC is a nicer league than the Colonial, and Fox's resume is much more impressive than the "rising star's" was last year.

And apparently if you aren't from the South, you can't recruit in arguably the most fertile area in the country just to the west of Athens. I mean, Bruce Pearl is just having a terrible time with that.

Here's another good one: "The most accomplished Nevada player in Fox’s five seasons as head coach was Nick Fazekas, who’s playing with Lyon-Villeurbanne, which is based in France. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Nick Fazekas is no Derrick Favors."

Except Fazekas was awesome in college, and that's all Georgia cares about. Though having sure-fire lottery picks is definitely the only way to win big in the tournament.

Look, I obviously have no idea whether this guy will pan out, but just because the hiring is surprising doesn't mean it wasn't a good move. Look at the merits of the hire instead of assuming it's terrible because it's not a huge name. I think if you took Fox's resume and lined it up with a bunch of other candidates without knowing whose was whose, most people would be on board with this.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Good Thinking Donnie!

Here are 25 Random Things about me: (by Donnie Bell)

1.) Music does not interest me. Except Fergie
2.) If it were up to me UGA home football games would be played on Tybee Island
3.) I like Tybee
4.) I am one of very few people to come from a private school and beat Savannah High twice
5.) I like Mr. Kennedy
6.) I am the Admiral's N****
7.) I like drinking
8.) I have been in school longer than most of the girls I have dated have been alive.
9.) I don't plan to quit school until I "hit it big on BlackJack"
10.) I like Athens, but not as much as Tybee.
11.) Statesboro sucks.
12.) I have a huge apartment.
13.) My dog Ozzie is a hell raiser. Dixie was quit and plump.
14.) Dixie would have never hurt anyone...except Sauers's (or is it Sauere)
15.) I like soccer, but would never admit that to Jack
16.) I like Jack's sister, and would happily admit that to Jack
17.) I like Vegas
18.) Shane is a better all around Basketball player than I am.
19.) I am taller than Shane
20.) I like unions
21.) I don't like tomatoes but I like ketchup
22.) "I like my pizza with sausage"
23.) Schwar(t)z is my ride or die homeboy. Best wingman ever!!
24.) I like to pretend I can surf
25.) I share family members with Joey S.

These are easy...

I want Schiv to do me next.

25 Random Things

Recently on Facebook, people have felt compelled to list 25 random things about themselves. Well, my buddy, George, has been awful busy with work and play, so I've decided to do his for him.

Here are 25 Random Things about me: (by Rick Schwartz)

1: I own the state of South Carolina.
2: I got a DUI on Tybee a few years ago. I have learned from my mistake and have not driven drunk since then.
3: I love pizza but I hate the sauce.
4: I think cranberry juice makes anything taste good.
5: I never drink on Sundays. "If you feel like drinking on Sunday- then you didn't do something right on Saturday."
6: I regret not going to New Orleans.
7: My 5 favorite bars in Athens are: Bourbon Street, Generals, Hedges, Boar's Head, and the upstairs of Bourbon Street
8: Taco Bell is my favorite Mexican restaurant.
9: I have a dog named Murphy who I love dearly.
10: I've seen over 10,000 movies. Ive like 99,578 of them.
11: I love TBS, FX, and TNT.
12: I don't care about basketball, but I like shooting 3's.
13: I love Jimmy Buffet, and I don't care what you say about it.
14: I used to be in charge of a lot of people during high school. Now, all I have to worry about is myself, and I am doing just fine.
15: I want the Falcons to get Vick back, but I love dogs.
16: I won the Steel Stall Match against Holland.
17: I think Jan has a nice butt.
18: I got a technical foul in a middle school basketball game, and it was bad.
19: Shiv is better than me at NCAA.
20: Mee Mee is the most important woman in my life.
21: Sometimes I accidentally chop people.
22: I called the Undertaker v. HBK match-up at Wrestlemania back in January.
23: CPC >(Real)CWM > CUM > CNS > CSS > CMR > (Shitty)CWM
24: Larry's grandfather likes me more than him.

Athens Atmosphere

There will be a lot of buzz in Athens for spring time come this weekend.

The search for a head basketball coach will continue. The program that has seen nothing but crap for 7 years, outside of 4 days, can't catch a break. The guy we wanted stayed at Mizzou for about 500,000 dollars less a year. We won't get Capel either and Plan B is now in Tuscaloosa. I'm not saying Georgia can't still make a good hire but the splash Damon was wanting to make and needed to make will not be happening. Also, Memphis looking for a coach might not hurt Georgia but it surely won't help.

On the bright side, the Diamond Dawgs have one of the most anticipated series in Foley field history this weekend. #1 Georgia will take on LSU who is ranked #5 in a majority of the polls. Rich Poythress is hitting Beckham-esque and leads arguably the deepest and most balanced lineup in the Perno era. The starting pitching has been superb and the importance of Holder coming back is greater than anyone could have thought. That is because the once thought deep and talented bullpen is starting to struggle. Outside of Weaver and Harvil there has been a lack of consistency from everybody else and a couple of guys are having a hard time getting any outs. This will be the best team Georgia has played all year and starts a stretch of home series against 3 top 15 teams. I don't think Georgia is a top 10 caliber team at this point but I do think they can be. Shiv will also be streaming live updates on the blog of the activities from atop Kudzu hill.

Weekend Over/Unders:
Stick: Hours of sleep- 3
Don: Bets placed- 52
Shane: G&T's- 0
Joseph: Fights with Shiv- 7
Plowe: Girls-52
PMac: Calls to Leah- 1