Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Haiku

Golf thing tomorrow.
Boozing and betting for most-
Except Schwarz of course.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey Slic

It's time to give this a shot.

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 24 may apply.


Anchorage, Austin, Baltimore, Berkeley, Billings MT, Birmingham AL, Boston, Boise, Burlington VT, Casper WY, Charleston WV, Charlotte, Chicago Cleveland, Columbia SC, Columbus OH, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Fargo ND, Fayetteville AR, Fresno, Gainesville FL, Houston, Indianapolis, Jackson MS, Kansas City, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, Little Rock AR, Los Angeles, Louisville, Lubbock, Miami, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland OR, Providence, Raleigh, Richmond VA, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Savannah, Seattle, Sioux Falls, Spokane, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington DC.

If you live within driving distance of one of our recruiting cities, please email

The subject heading of your email should contain ONLY the name of your nearest city from the above list. (If you do not live within driving distance of one of the above cities, your subject heading should be OUT OF AREA REQUEST).

Please attach a few PHOTOS of yourself as well as a brief BIO. Also, include your full name and TELEPHONE NUMBER(S) in the body of your email.

IMPORTANT: The total size of your email must not exceed 3mb!

Please send ONLY ONE EMAIL. Multiple submissions may disqualify you.

Send your 5 minute casting tape to:
Bunim-Murray Productions
6007 Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91411
Attn: Real World Casting

Remember to include your name, age, and contact information. If possible, please write it somewhere on the tape. See our TIPs for information on how to make an audition tape.

We prefer submissions on VHS and VHS C, but we will also accept Mini-DV, Hi-8, and DVD. No CD-ROMs, please.

If you submit on DVD, you MUST submit a full-size DVD that is playable in a standard DVD player. TEST this before sending it in. If your disk won't play, we WILL NOT notify you and it goes in the trash.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Think I'm In Love

I know certain powers-that-be on this blog aren't exactly the biggest fans of my themed Top 5 “music posts,” as they've come to be known, so I realize I might really be treading on thin ice with them by posting this. But I also feel like I have to talk about this with somebody, so here goes.

This record is the greatest thing I've listened to in years. Years. And I like to think I listen to my fair share of records.

Those Darlins are three broads from Murfreesboro, Tenn., whose decision to form a band was the best thing to happen in that state since P-44 Haynes. This thing is pretty much equal parts garage rock, oldy-time country and Phil Spector girl-group pop. It's like they were created in a lab specifically to make me fawn over them like a school girl.

I know most of you could give a damn about this, but like I said, I just needed to voice my feelings on it somewhere. Half the record is on their MySpace page here, and clips of every song are here on their Web site. The whole thing is also out there. If you know where to look.

Anyway, just do me a favor, give them a listen and let me know if there's something wrong with me for going crazy over this thing. I'll buy you a drink on Tybee Friday night or something.

Carry on. Let's get back to making Stic famous.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


These are Casey Mitchell's highlights from Chipola Community College (FL).He's projected to start for West Virginia this year. With all the great basketball talent in the Savannah area, it's nice to see someone who appears to be making it, especially someone as nice as Casey.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Was Your Night Saturday?!?

Mine was interesting. I hope I never find myself 'coming to' in the bathroom of Benny's covered in my own piss again. Not fun!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not good for anybody...

This guy...


This guy...


Common interests: booze, Georgia Bulldogs, movies, being epic, and RIC FLAIR??!!!

Via Facebook: Chris Connolly "Your looking at ten pounds of gold around one hell of a body"- Rick Flair Wed at 7:44pm

Let's hope they never meet. Or at least we get to see what happens if they do. See yall tomorrow on Tybee. 10-6.

Friday, July 17, 2009

With A Lionheart

For those who bet against him...

See ya' this weekend motherf***ers!

It was all part of the plan. JD knew what he was doing all along. Get suspended from the PGA Tour and go play on the European Tour. Gear up and focus for one of the bigger tournaments you're guaranteed to play in this year by playing and practicing under those conditions for several months. Then, make another run at greatness. That's just what he's doing. He played us all. Well played sir, well played indeed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This May Not Even Be Worth Reading, But Whatever

Jeff Schultz is just killing it at the AJC today.

First, he informs us that the Braves' best players have to play well if they're going to win the division. Who knew?

"Nate McClouth: It’s important to remember that he was not Plan A in center fielder (sic)."

Not sure why that's important at all, but O.K.!

The real story, though, is this post.

"I didn’t really like the trade when general manager Frank Wren made it just before the All-Star break, and I still don’t like it."

Fair enough. Convince me.

"Why would you trade him? Because I see only two scenarios in which I think you move Francoeur during the year: You make a trade for a player who you are pretty sure is going to help you get to the playoffs this season. You make a trade for a player who you are pretty sure is going to help you get to the playoffs next season."

Jeff Francoeur was essentially the worst everyday player in baseball. Thus, any player you trade him for will make your team better. I'm assuming "help you get to the playoffs" means "actually increase the odds you get to the playoffs," which anyone who isn't the worst player in baseball would do if the Braves traded Francoeur for him, rather than "single-handedly win the NL East on the strength of his will," but I'll admit that may be a bit too charitable.

"What evidence is there in his resume that Church can do either?"

Jeff Francoeur career OPS+: 90. Ryan Church career OPS+: 107.

"He’s a fourth outfielder."

At least he's not a AAA outfielder like the guy he was traded for.

"He’s with his fourth team in six seasons."

...and has posted a 107 OPS+ with those four teams to Francoeur's 90 on one team.

"We’ve seen what he is: a nice player with a .272 career average and no power. Correct me if I’m wrong: But platoon outfielders with a .272 career average and no power generally are not in short supply, are they?"

They apparently are for the Braves, who trotted arguably the worst player in baseball out there every night for the last year and a half. Bag Ryan Church all you want. He's not much better than average, but he is - without question - a better baseball player than Jeff Francoeur.

"Until then, at least you would have given Francoeur another half-season to work out his issues. And by the way: at 25, he’s got time to work out those issues."

If Ryan Church is what he is after 1,755 major-league at bats, then Jeff Francoeur also is what he is after 2,641 major-league at bats.

Look, Francoeur is a nice guy and was an awesome story and fun to watch when he first came up. I want the guy to do well. I talked to him one time in the Braves dugout and stuff. But he's been really terrible at playing baseball games for going on two years now.

He smiles a lot and throws the ball hard and looks like he's trying and hits home runs really far on the rare occasions he gets hold of one. But it would be totally unprecedented for someone at his age to go from what he is now to what all these people were hoping he'd be like three years ago. At this point, it would be surpring if he turned into just a serviceable player.

This shouldn't be about the Braves or Frank Wren, anyway. They got a "nice player" for someone they were going to cut at the end of the year without even initiating the trade. To me, all this story says about Wren is that he must be pretty good at pushing the mute button on his speakerphone really fast when Omar Minaya calls him to propose a trade. Because he was probably laughing. Get it?

I also don't hate Schultz or anything. He's generally pretty good and all. I just put a little more faith in things like facts and figures than gut feelings and conventional wisdom. But that's just me.

One last thing, though. I do need a little help dissecting this line at the beginning of the Francoeur post. It must be way over my head:

"Seriously, I’m curious: When Jeff Francoeur steps to the plate tonight, what will you do? Boo? Cheer? Wonder how this affects Willie Martinez’s plans in Stillwater?"


Furman Bisher successfully one-ups his colleague - "I don’t understand how it came to that. Neither do I understand just why a hitting slump can’t be cured like the common cold."

I sure do hate those two-year batting slumps. Don't you?

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mets Must Really Hate the Phillies...

...or at least that the only reason I can think of for why they decided to make the Braves better at their own expense today. Because the ones Omar Minaya's giving right now make my head hurt.

"We like Ryan Church a lot," Minaya said. "But right now we just wanted to change it up a little bit. Unfortunately for him (Church), he got hurt. When he got hurt, he was having a pretty good year. ... We thought we just needed something different. It had nothing to do with not liking Ryan.... One thing we like about Francoeur is the amount of games that he plays."

Monday, July 06, 2009

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Can I Get a Hell Yea!?!?!

The whole video/song is beautiful but 0:58-1:22 and 2:49-the end bring a tear to my eye everytime.

Only in America

Just doing my part. Can't do this in Nazi Germany or Communist Cuba. Enjoy:)

Friday, July 03, 2009