Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dull Blog?

Apparently Shane thinks this blog needs a little shaking up during Barstool's ongoing absence, so... don't mind if I do.

Here are the Top Five Stick Dick Summer Jams for the July 4 weekend (that I could find on YouTube). I'm just amazed that I hadn't thought of this one before.

King Khan and the Shrines – “No Regrets”

Anyone who knows Slic Stic Dic knows that the title of this song perfectly describes his life's philosophy. As the great King Khan sings, simply: “I don't regret a thing/ If I did it wouldn't be the same/ So I don't regret a thing”.

Bruce Springsteen – “Night”

Many of the characters in the Boss' songs live by the adage “Work hard. Play harder.” And our boy is no different. After a long day of hauling in big-name clients for his employer, he always ready “to blow 'em away in the night.”

Art Brut – “Alcoholics Unanimous”

Check the opening verse: “Slept on my face and woke up confused/ A bit concerned about what I've been up to/ There's so many people I might have upset/ I apologize to them all with the same group text.” Sounds like a morning at Campus Lodge to me. Except for the whole apology thing.

The Hold Steady – “Constructive Summer”

“Double whiskey Coke no ice”? More like double Tattoo Rock Star no ice, am I right?

And the last song really needs no explanation:

The Dominoes – “Sixty Minute Man”

Close Call...

Today I found out that two other people have been laid off from my department. This makes 5 total throughout the whole company. Both of them had more billable hours (how we get evaluated) than I did last year and both have more years of experience in the retirement plan industry. The only things that sets me apart from them is a) I'm a man b.) I went to B.C. and c.) I pass all of my exams to become a Qualified 401(k) Administrator.

Thank God for those tests....

In other news,

Al Franken becomes the United States 60th Senator after a long fought battle. Does anyone remember Stuart Smalley? Worst character from SNL that I can think of. I would post a clip, but it seems everything has been removed from YouTube.

Carrel, this is Sassy.

Also, as Donnie mentioned earlier, dat a boy Mark Sanford. Turns out this wasn't just a one-time thing. (Hey look a link that works) Of course his political career is over and that's somewhat of a shame but you have to give it to the guy, he knows how to pick'em. I haven't seen any pictures of the Argentinian women yet but I bet she's hot. Oh yeah, and the women he is married to is a filthy rich former investment banker who knew about the affair the whole time. Now that's a girl you marry!!

Hey honey, thanks for the four kids and all the campaign money

Can't wait for Barstool to get back and save us all from the mediocrity of this ever-so-dulling blog. Hopefully it won't be long.


For a week as exciting and enthralling as this I expected some more posting. I guess nervousness is the emotion that has taken over instead.

Former Georgia great Gordon Beckham had a walk-off hit for the Chicago White Sox this past week and seems to be settling in a bit. His college teammate, and the man that CDP said was just as important as Becks, Ryan Peisel, will be visiting Savannah this week as the Sand Gnats host the Asheville Tourist. Georgia led the country in draftees this year so this could become a more common occurrence.

Who's Bad with the man who almost killed Stick, E'Casanova, will be in Charleston July 24th and 25th.

I still think my fellow dawg duo menber will take care of business but I also believe Bunger will come to play.

This week's golf tourney is an offical qualifier for the RACK Open.

V-necks, SJS gray pants, kamikazes, and 8Es are all extremely cool but get a raw deal.

Salute to CJW, Ogletree, and Cars.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tweets of the Week

Inspired by Slic's recent flurry of Twitter activity, I hope this becomes a regular feature. It's all Ric in this edition, because there was just too much gold here for me be able to include anyone else out there.

Slic Ric's Top Five Tweets of the Week (So Far):

5. Holy f*** no hot water till july 2nd not really sure what to do

Damn just when I was about to go to sleep varsity blues comes on. Who needs 2 more hours of sleep anyways?

Schwarz shower until July 2nd= standin in bathtub with 4 pots of hot water, shampoo, soap, and hoping for the best. Please get here July 3rd

The thing I remember most about Michael Jackson is almost having a heart attack at one of his Georgia Theater concerts.

Another successful shower no burns

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I, like some on this blog, have never been a big fan of the Boston/New York flagship station. Tonight they are going to cut into the CWS Finals to show Live coverage of the Albuquerque Isotopes Pacific League game. Whether you agree or disagree with Manny Ramierez being able to participate in baseball, prior to the conclusion of his 50-game suspension for cheating, this is absolutely absurd. I am a college baseball fan but my opinion would be no different if the game that was being interrupted was some soccer tournament in South Africa. A national championship game is going to take a back seat to meaningless minor league at bats by a non-future Hall of Famer. Can't wait until Herbstreit tells me why a Michigan-Ohio State rematch is a must for the National title.

Happy Birthday, Barstool!

On Sunday, Schiv turned 24. While he parties down on the other side of the planet, I'd like to join everyone at OIA and OITO-with the exception of Shane- in wishing BS a very happy birthday.

9 years ago Schiv and I were plebes at Benedictine. I couldn't really tell the difference between him and Cadet Hurley. He has since become one of my best friends.

10 things about Schiv:

1: He is a proud BC man. Not one of those guys who big-leagues fellow BC grads for 4 or 5 years and then come back and act like everything's cool. No, Schiv made trips to Augusta to watch the Cadets play and showed up at Tommy Cannon Court to root on the BC Cadets on the hardwood over many Christmas breaks.

2: He is a proud KA. He met some cool guys, and he hung out at Bourbon Street a lot. While the frat debate is yet to come, my pro-frat argument is based on Schiv in the Order.

3: His progression as an internet bully has been amazing. From the old GAVSV message boards to the blogs of today, Schiv has been an expert in scaring people as well as making them laugh and cry.

4: Smart/well informed/ practical. Such things will allow him to run a successful grass roots campaign to become Savannah's mayor in a few years.

5: He enjoys the good things about Tybee: the non-cracker parts of the beach, food from the Quarter, and frozen drinks at Tybee Times.

6: He does not like the bad things about Tybee: Gayna's.

7: He's resilient. As many times as Jack and Rick's team have beaten Schiv's team in 3-on-3 football, he continues to come back for more. One day he will be victorious. And he's comfortable knowing he'd beat their asses in tennis and soccer.

8: He was the inspiration behind the class of 04's historic victory against the class of 03 at the C-Lodge Cage. His lay-ups and being able to lock down Shane were keys to our victory.

9: He has good taste in women.

10: He loves to singa.

Be back soon!!!

Living the island life In Langkawi for Bryan's Birthday Celebration Week 2009. Get back to you all Sunday.


P.S. you're welcome for the pic, ladies

Friday, June 19, 2009


Your: a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective
Example: Your haiku was great.

You're: contraction of you are
Example: You're friends with Rick.

Shane's Friday Haiku

Hi there hot stuff!

You're Cute! <3 Miley

Miley's on the loose
JJH should be in 'cuffs

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What should the Braves Do?

Since the braves missed the playoffs for the first time in 14 years they have continued to have the "we can win now" mentality, which at times seemed to be justified, but has put them where they are now. Instead of making trades to win now they need to make trades to win in 2011.


Trade Bait:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If you win tonight...

...then you could have your kid next St. Patrick's Day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

More from Schiv...

This is an example of the awesome street food that's available. She charges 3 yuan, or 45 cents for that.

Street Vendor Food from Bryan S. on Vimeo.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Haiku

Cupid hit Murray
After the big SCAD concert-
Good luck at the tracks.

Cocky in Primetime

Credit goes to Georgia Sports Blog and the Augusta Chronicle for this tid bit of important news:
Kick-off for the September 12th game between the Georgia Bulldogs and South Carolina Gamecocks has been set for 7:45 PM!!!!

On a sidenote, the game will virtually be going head-to-head with the USC-Ohio State game which kicks-off at 8 PM on ABC. The Georgia game will more than likely be on ESPN.

So start getting your tailgate plans together. It's gonna be a long day. Murray I hope your ankle is better by then. Get well soon.


Everybody knows how to get to Georgia Sports Blog.

Athens Banner Herald reporting kick-off will be at 7:00 PM on ESPN 2. That's okay. Who needs another 45 minutes?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This might be too much for Rick but...

Remember how we were looking up reviews of the Sandcastle last weekend? Well, it seems that Schiv was struck with the same brilliant idea...

From Schiv (in China)

I present the Top 5 Sandcastle Inn reviews on Trip Advisor (D, I hope you don't take these too personally):

1.This hotel is the nastiest place on earth! There was blood and boogers on the headboards. The management were uneducated and rude. I would never let any human being near this place. It is a [--] hole. Stains on the maitresses and there were stray cats running throughout their hotel laundry room. Please do not ever stay here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. We paid for one room for 2 nights and checked in to the room finding the plumbing messed up, light bulbs not in lamps, fridge nor microwave would work, and hair in our beds. We had to change rooms becuse the toliet would not flush. Got to another room they gave us to find sand in our beds, the sink clogged, the light in the bathroom blown, and one pillow. The next day we went and complained to the front desk clerks and they told us to Shuu! They did not want to hear it!! later own after we left we called back to speak with the owner/manger because it was privatly owned and come to find out it was him who told us to Shuuu! please tell me what happened to customer service!!!

3. We checked in to the Sandcastle Inn on Tuesday night. We stayed in room 104. We went to bed and started itching and switched to the other bed and the same thing happened. We checked the mattress and box springs and they were dirty and covered only by a thin mattress pad with no cover. We called the front dest and switched to room 108. The beds were better but something brown like fungus was growing in the sink. We stayed the night but did not shower and had bottled water to brush out teeth. We were lucky we only paid 60$ This Inn was beyond bad and we checked into the Ocean Plaza Beach Resort with a beautiful room and Ocean view...We paid only $119.

4.I'd made reservations online for 2 rooms and was quoted one rate, which was higher than I ordinarily pay, but agreed. When I checked in, I was offered a different rate,`100 dollars less for being a walk in! I was elated! Much to my ire, the cashier changed her mind when she saw that I'd made reservations and refused to honor the lesser rate! The rooms she offered smelled so dank, and unclean, they were unacceptable. She moved us to different rooms which were tolerable, but still dirty. Our only other recourse was to leave and forfiet the $300. fee since they demand a 72 hour cancellation. We were trapped and couldn't wait to get out of there. If you want a lovely beach, go to Hilton Head or Florida. Not Tybee.

5. We checked into the hotel with another couple. We were given a room and come to find out we were in a room that the air conditioner wasn't working properly, the frig didn't work, the plumbing was backed up in the sink and half the lights didn't have light bulbs. The hotel operators told us that this wasn't their problem and to hush. It made the trip Horrible!

For a good contrast, I'm planning a little weekend getaway to an island off the coast of Malaysia. Everything is so cheap there that for the price it would cost to stay at the Sandcastle for the weekend I can get a roundtrip ticket and a two night stay with meals included at the place pictured below. Seriously, if anyone is interested in moving out here, opening a bar and living like a king, let me know.

Monday, June 08, 2009

# 4

Sporting News 2009 SEC Fearless Forecasts:

1. Tim Tebow will become the best college football quarterback of all time. A second Heisman Trophy would strengthen his cause, but many thought he was robbed in last year’s voting.

2. LSU will be back and better than Alabama. The Tigers will regain that nasty defensive streak that abandoned then in 2008, and top-shelf running back Charles Scott can still control the line of scrimmage behind a bulky offensive line.

3. Ole Miss will win at least 10 games. For al the Heat Houston Nutt has taken over the years, the guy can still coach. He’ll have no problem pumping out wins with 15 starters retuning and a deep 2009 recruiting class.

4. Georgia won’t miss Matthew Stafford. Good riddance to his 33 career interceptions in a Georgia uniform. New quarterback Joe Cox isn’t going to win games by himself, but he won’t hurt the Bulldogs like Safford did.

1925- 2009

An Irishman, and Benedictine man.

Coach Harry Deal '45

Archive: Picture of Joey and Shane Doing Something Stupid # 3251

Long lost photo. This made me laugh for over a week. Oh the pleasures of living downtown.

Few Notes

Rick, you've lost your mind. DeRiter was the last person to hurt my ankle. When that happened it was an accident. IOU one punch to the nose next time I see you.

Will Ferrell
might be the funniest person to ever have two dozen films completely flop!

Buckhead was fun. Stayed up late Friday night. Haven't done that in a long time. Things got out of control. Rick slept in a chair...both nights...when nobody slept in his bed.

Conan O'Brien
is on fire. Funniest late night guy on television. Thursday he has Norm McDonald coming on. This is a much watch as Norm McDonald is probably one of the funniest people of our generation.

Great Quotes:

"Magic Johnson has received a $900 000 retainer to write a book on how not to get AIDS. Chapter 1: Don't have sex with me."

"Thurman Thomas has just broken a few of OJ's records recently. He now leads the Bills in touchdowns, and yards. Next up.... killing three people at once."

If this doesn't make you happy nothing will....

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dead Blog

Pretty good basketball game tonight. Anyway, I think the best way to wake this place up during Barstool's absence is pretty obvious: another Top 5!

Not really a theme to this first Top 5 in a while, other than that I can't wait to listen to this stuff on the road during a mini-vacation starting in a couple days.

The Replacements – “Alex Chilton”

Would be the best song by maybe the best band ever if not for “Left of the Dial.” Yes, I just snuck an extra song into this “Top 5.” Sue me.

Stevie Wonder – “I Was Made To Love Her”

Awesome as Stevie Wonder is, you could probably use this song to convince me that the dude peaked when he wrote it at 17. He definitely never topped it, that's for sure.

Jason Isbell – “Jailbreak”

The new album by this guy who was in Drive-By Truckers for a time is easily the best thing I've heard all year, and I don't think I've talked about it on here yet. He does a pretty good cover here of that Thin Lizzy song that isn't “The Boys Are Back in Town.”

Camera Obscura – “French Navy”

I'm guessing JJH4 is the only one around here who might be willing to get down with this, but that's cool. Maybe Barstool, too, when he returns from the Far East.

Gin Blossoms – “Allison Road”

A forgotten gem of the previous decade and the best Gin Blossoms song. “Hey Jealousy” is alright, but c'mon.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

City Pork Sauce

Shiv's rocking and rolling in the Far East. Here's an update...

Monday, June 01, 2009

Weekend Recap

1: Congrats on the win, Shane.

2: I went out on Tybee both nights, and I survived.

3: Arkansas did their part; we didn't do ours.

4: The new gambling boat is certainly interesting. It looks like a mix between a cruise ship and a shrimp boat. Oh well- I can do my work on it.

5: A trip to the dog tracks is in the works for June 13th.

6: Congrats to JJ on leading the Magic to the Finals.

7: It's really hot in Statesboro during the Summer.

8: The Quarter has the best wings on the planet. And superb egg rolls.

9: OIA has suffered from Shiv's abscence.

10: Hats off to the Georgia softball team on a great season.