Wednesday, November 27, 2013

At Georgia Tech, You Can Do That

Can't believe I missed this opportunity the first time around. 
This one's for you Scary C. #ThingsYouPutInAToaster

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tech Fan Tuesday: 2013 Edition

Not my best stuff but this season hasn't exactly been the best so there ya go. Enjoy...
HutsonMania will run wild on Saturday BROTHER!

Godzilla and Mark Henry destroy Georgia Tech's campus...

... Tech fans and students react.


Has big hands and hates the Liberty Bowl

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello, Friends

Some weekend thoughts: 1: Class of 2004 is more badass than ever. See Bunger/Buff photo (too hot for blog). 2: Bartender at Crow Bar tried to Vinny Mac my ass. Not sure what she has against me. 3: Bear will be home in one week. YES! YES! 4: I guess sometimes I do want to hear about other people's Fantasy Football Teams, especially when it involves Wolfe's team being in last place. 5: Boone is a lawyer now, guys. District Attorney stuff. Congrats! 6: In unrelated news, I've never cared less about what someone is "doing with their life". I have no clue what the hell D Bunger is doing with his, I guess because he hasn't posted his accomplishments or work history on the World Wide Web for everyone to admire, but he positively impacted many lives Saturday. 7: Montee Ball and Case Keenum are the best two college football players in history. I'm not sure if either had his house egged, though. 8: The Parker guy from Duke is a ham. Chance to be best since J Williams. 9: Apple products are awesome. 10: GO BC, Georgia, and Bethesda. Big Holland BOO to all of Fleming's 37 teams. (except BC, of course) 10-6.