Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello, Friends

Some weekend thoughts: 1: Class of 2004 is more badass than ever. See Bunger/Buff photo (too hot for blog). 2: Bartender at Crow Bar tried to Vinny Mac my ass. Not sure what she has against me. 3: Bear will be home in one week. YES! YES! 4: I guess sometimes I do want to hear about other people's Fantasy Football Teams, especially when it involves Wolfe's team being in last place. 5: Boone is a lawyer now, guys. District Attorney stuff. Congrats! 6: In unrelated news, I've never cared less about what someone is "doing with their life". I have no clue what the hell D Bunger is doing with his, I guess because he hasn't posted his accomplishments or work history on the World Wide Web for everyone to admire, but he positively impacted many lives Saturday. 7: Montee Ball and Case Keenum are the best two college football players in history. I'm not sure if either had his house egged, though. 8: The Parker guy from Duke is a ham. Chance to be best since J Williams. 9: Apple products are awesome. 10: GO BC, Georgia, and Bethesda. Big Holland BOO to all of Fleming's 37 teams. (except BC, of course) 10-6.

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Pl0we said...

11) you called Big Bad Ed McCuen on the phone friday night. He likes you more than his own family.