Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fender, you're a good man

"Besides I would take my ring that says Benedictine Military School over a Single A state championship ring any day."- Robert Fender, class of 2007.


Too bad we are still going to beat the shit out of Alabama when they come to Athens.

BC Basketball Top 5

Top 5 basketball players at Benedictine from the classes of 2001-2007:

1: Brady Cannon

2: Franky Jackson

3/4: Pierce Cannon/ Travis West

5: Shane Murray

Honorable Mention: Keenan Summerlin & David Barker

1. Brady played three years of varsity basketball. He came off the bench as a Sophomore on a team that won only 5 games. However, he would go on to average double figures as a Junior and be named the team's MVP. Senior year, he would average double figures, win his 2nd MVP award and be named to the SMN 3rd team.

Total wins as a member of the varsity team which he contributed to: 29(5, 7, 17*- missed one of the Windsor games for family reasons)
Region wins " ": 9 (0,1,8)
Significant wins: soph year- at Johnson,junior year- St. Pius X and Bradwell, senior year- Camden, at Glynn, Sav High, at Groves, Johnson

Legacy: Brady was the man down low for the best team BC had in this 7 years. His shot to beat the buzzer at Groves will not soon be forgotten.

2. Franky was one of the best point guards to ever play at BC.

Total wins: 29- missed the Johnson game soph year and the Windsor win and one of the Jenkins wins senior year
Region wins: 14
Significant wins: soph year- Bradwell; junior year- see Brady's senior year; senior year- @ SHS, @ Groves

3/4 Travis and Pierce were dominant players while at BC. I do not know a lot about these guys, but I know that they could hold their own on a court with the 10 best guys to ever play at BC. They had no region wins senior year and only 5 wins total, but I remember going to a lot of close games that year which they could have easily won. Who knows what could have been if Matt Phillips hadn't been kicked off the team their senior year. Basically, these guys could be the stars on their team or could accept a supporting role. Travis and Pierce could contribute on any of BC's teams.

5: Shane Murray really only played two years of varsity basketball but he would star as the 2003-2004 team's captain and best defensive player. I think Brady won the Captain's award but I distinctly remember TC appointing Shane the captain after a game in Effingham. Curley likes to talk about how Shane barely made the team his freshman year, and I would argue that no player has ever improved as much as Shane did from freshman to senior year while at Benedictine. He brought effort and enthusiasm to ever dreaded practice, and I would guess that he is unique in this sense in Benedictine basketball history.

Wins: 25
Region wins: See Brady
Significant wins: See Brady

Hon. Mention:
Keenan Summerlin was the 3rd leading scorer in his junior and senior seasons. He was a natural shooter, and he was a much better defender than some like to give him credit for. Why is Shane, not Keenan in the top 5? I am quite sure that David Koncul, Pascink, and Kieffer are better shooters than Shane and Keenan. However, I think Shane's defense and leadership abilities would help a team of the best 15 or so guys to ever play at BC while Keenan would offer little to a team with better shooters.

Barker was a part of the varsity team for 3 years. His soph season he contributed as a great defender in practice. His junior year he was instrumental in wins over Windsor, SHS, and Groves. That team also won a total of 5 region games which is 4 more than when I was a fresh and soph. Then, as a senior, albeit in aaa, he was a constant force on a team that won something like 15 games.

Sorry this was so long Shane.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

They're Everywhere...

Present honoring...

Four Horsemen fans that is. The Gym Dogs won another National Championship, their fourth in a row, and decided to honor the greatest wrestling faction of all time. I guess it makes since though. Ric Flair is a 16 times World Champion and the Gym Dogs are NCAA Champions now for the ninth time. I think it was a real classy move on their part to honor past champions like Flair, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, Arn Anderson and the countless others from over the years. Congratulations girls and maybe one day the Gym Dogs will be 16 time champions as well.

... the Past Champions