Sunday, September 30, 2007

You Think I'm Bad

I got a feeling this video is going to pop up all over the place.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time to Move On...

As much as I would love to pull a Bill Murray and relive this past weekend over and over again, like JD (lots of A-listers in town this weekend) said today, we must move on. Those Hotty Toddy Ole Miss Rebels are coming to town. Hopefully Georgia won't sleepwalk through this 1:00 non-televised SEC contest or we could be in big trouble (a la Florida). Look away, look away, look away Dixieland!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Georgia-Alabama Weekend Thoughts

This weekend there's a huge game kicking off under the lights in Bryant-Denny Stadium between #22 Georgia and #16 Alabama. I like our chances based on JH4's theory of letdowns after big games and the fact that the Bulldogs are more talented than the Crimson Tide. Coaching is important in every game obviously but this game pits two of the best head coaches in college football today: CMR and CNS(greedy, lying bastard yes but also has a MNC to his name). We're also going to get to see a match up of two great, young offensive minds in CMB and CMA. Then of course you're going to get both extremes on the defensive side of the ball with CNS's blitzing scheme, my personal favorite, and CWM's "soft zone" which I absolutely hate. Granted CNS's D gave up a lot of yards and points last week against Run DMC and the Hogs so hopefully they will be a little worn down. I'll give credit where it is due, CWM's defense might not be my cup of tea but it seems to get the job done. With the exception of a couple of games (Tennessee last year combined with JT3) it has not been the defense's fault we've lost games but it's because our offense can't score.

5 Keys to the Game (some of these might sound obvious but I'm gonna throw them out there anyway):
1. Get 'Shon and 'Miko the ball: Simply put they're our two game breakers (and the only two guys that can catch the ball) and CMB has to find ways to get them the ball. Then MS has to deliver it to them.
2. Our offensive line against CNS's complex blitz packages: JH4's boy Velasco needs to be on top of his game in pointing out things to the younger guys. He needs to keep them calm as well. With the crowd I'm anticipating Saturday night I expect some false starts and motion penalties so 'Nando just needs to settle them down. I'm confident he can take care of this task.

3. Our front 7 against JPW and Terry Grant: Based on CWM's defensive scheme, the front four must pressure JPW or we could be in for a long night. He's got some weapons around him in terms of receiving (D.J. Hall) and rushing (Terry Grant- he's looked pretty damn good from what I've seen). However with a little pressure he will throw some picks (2 against Arkansas). Somebody in the linebacking corp besides Ellerbe must step up and make a play whether its Miller, Dent, Dewberry, or whoever. They need to take better pursuit angles as well as drop the number of missed tackles.
Honorary Horsemen Owens and Battle will take out the Tide's Offense

4. Secondary needs to find the ball better: Hopefully CWM took a little time in practice this week to teach his DB's how to have their head on a swivel. If he can't teach them, I know a couple of guys who can- CDC and CBVG.

5. Wildcard- MS: Now I'm one of the bigger Stafford supporters around but even I must admit he hasn't played so great this season and that MUST change for Georgia to win Saturday night. He's made some great throws so far this year, showing us flashes of brilliance, but he's also missed a lot of open guys and it has cost us TD's. Unfortunately this is where I'll tie in the receivers as well because accuracy doesn't matter when guys can't catch the damn ball. So CJE (a guy whose coming close to only having two options soon in my book) needs to use the tennis ball machine or whatever other techniques he can come up with to get these guys consistently catching the ball. If MS needs anymore motivation, Tide defensive end Wallace Gilberry had this to say:

The Tide senior was asked if he knew anything about Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford and Gilberry replied that he didn't -- because Alabama players don't watch film of their next opponent until Monday afternoon. "But after the game Saturday, I can tell you anything you want to know," Gilberry said. "His birthday, his telephone number, his home address. I'm serious, because I will know."

When asked why, he answered, "I've got to know where to send the flowers after the game."

My prediction: Georgia jumps on the Tide early, taking the crowd out of it... for a while. CWM's soft zone defense allows 'Bama back in the game but the Dawgs hold on in the end with a late field goal from BC. Final Score: Georgia- 23 'Bama- 20

Other planned weekend happenings:

CRP's Hoover Buc football team takes on Mt. Brook in a region game at the Hoover Met
(Sidenote: Tyler Love, a 5 star OL recruit that picked Alabama over Georgia plays for Mt. Brook and in the words of "Scary Croissant" I hope one of the Bucs takes their helmet off and sticks it up Love's ass.)
Dreamland Barbecue in Birmingham, Alabama because JD and "Big Daddy" say it's real good.
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: 'Bama fans- the GOOD and the bad.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Gameday Coming to T-Town

It's official. ESPN's Gollege Gameday show will be broadcasting live from "the Quad" in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Saturday morning. I'm not sure of Georgia's record when Gameday shows up but I do know back in 2002, during the Bulldogs' magical run, they were in Tuscaloosa as well and that worked out pretty well. In that game though I think both Georgia and Alabama had better teams than they do now. This means I have to get another flag now and I'm sure Donnie and Shane, being the early risers they are, will both be thrilled to know that we have to get up real early to make it to the set seeing as how the show kicks off at 9:00 AM central time. It should be a lot of fun.

I hope this game doesn't turn out like that one did...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

SOS and the Cocks Come to Town

I think this is the best entrance in college football especially at night. I'm glad I own that town, right in the heart of Flair Country. I'm pretty sure at this point before the game JD was stumbling over the bleachers. Good times.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Simpson Movie.

Here is a link to watch the simpsons movie without even downloading.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hey Donnie

You remember that one episode where the guy found out that his girlfriend was in highschool? Wasn't that funny?

Hopefully We'll Hear Some More of this on Saturday