Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two wins against The High, but not in my clique.

Happy Birthday BD!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jarvis Jones

Seriously, the greatest single game performance by a Georgia Bulldog in our lifetime.

Wish I Was In The Land Of Cotton

Just found out I have a ticket for Saturday. What a weekend!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

GA/FLA Gameday Pic Dump

This one didn't make it into Tuesday's post and 
I didn't feel like saving it for next year.

On DawgChat, DocHollidawg does a pic dump everyday at lunchtime, which is basically a bunch of random pictures of half naked women. Here's my pic dump for the day (with only one half naked girl and a bear):

Headed out for the GA/FLA weekend Schwarz Golf Invitational.
See you all in Mayfair!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Boom This MF'r

Let's end the week on a positive note. Now everybody knows I was on the Coach BOOM MF'r train before anyone back in '06. If I had to choose a guy to take CMR's place it would've been him, with "would've" being the operative word. Coach BOOM MF'r is a traitor now and must be punished for his actions. Every time he talks about growing up and walking to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for Florida games or wanting to be a Gator his whole life I feel like he's slapping Bulldog Nation in our collective face. I don’t expect CMR to slap him back but a win Saturday would be just as good.

For all the hype and praise I gave Coach Boom MF’r back in the day, there’s one thing I often overlooked. What’s that you ask? What could I have possibly glossed over while watching his top 10 defenses and fiery, unfiltered personality? How about this little nugget:


Okay, "owns" might be a stretch but stay with me. Coach BOOM MF’r was named LSU’s DC in 2002 under Nick Saban. He has since faced Georgia a total of 6 times as DC/HC. Georgia has won four of those games, four in a row to be exact, scoring an average of 37.75 points per victory on his defenses. Even better, Bobo is 2-0 against Coach BOOM MF’r as an OC and we all know how much Bobo sucks (minus the ’97 season).

Apache and his son Crimson will tell you “trends don’t win.” Me, I’m looking for a ray of hope. Everybody, myself included, wants CMR to show more fire on the sidelines but, ironically, his calm, level-headed nature has gotten the best of Coach BOOM MF’r more times than not. There’s a reason Apache’s radio show got taken off the air. Trends can win and with the “perfect storm” bearing down on the east coast, literally and figuratively, I’m picking the Dawgs to upset the Gators 26-24 (and no I'm not drunk).

CMR vs. Coach BOOM MF’r
2003: Georgia: 10… LSU: 17 (Regular Season)
2003: Georgia: 13… LSU: 34 (SEC Championship Game)
2004: Georgia: 45… LSU: 16
2006: Georgia: 37… Auburn: 15
2007: Georgia: 45… Auburn: 20
2011: Georgia: 24… Florida: 20

The numbers don't lie. Steveweisers on me if we see another "stunner" Saturday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Odell Thurman or Mudcat?

As I've stated numerous times before, I think this is the best week of  football season.  The weather is cooling, the season is on the back half but still has some life, and the greatest scene in college football is about to unfold at the Gator Bowl.

Now that Vinnie Mac is running the Bulldog program, I have no idea what will happen Saturday.  One part of me says that Shawn William's comments will be a great moment in Georgia history and the Dawgs come out looking like there are 11 Odell Thurman's on the field.  The other part of me says a guy talking for 10 minutes will do nothing to help the busted coverages, inability to rush the passer, and the moronic penalties.  On that note, I'm glad someone said something to at least give me the idea they truly know how bad they suck.

- Our offensive line is terrible and Florida's defensive line is great.
- Not one part of our special teams is any good.
- The defense is soft.
- 23 years since we beat the Gaytors twice in a row.

- CMR has won as a bigger underdog than this.  Just not in a while.

- On a good day, Georgia has a QB and receivers that can pitch and catch.  Florida hasn't seen much of that this year.
- Win and the ceiling is still the National Championship.
- Weather is an equalizer and the last time it rained a little bit in Jax, things went pretty well.

I understand the apathy from the Georgia people.  What I don't understand is the attitude that the season is over and lets fire everyone now and get on with it.  Football season is only here for what seems like a couple of weeks and the Dawgs still have an opportunity to have one of the greatest seasons ever.  Do I think we win Saturday? NO!  But if we do, those people can't get this week back.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Bottom Line Saturday

Rocky beat a 6'7" Russian on steroids to end the Cold War; 
what's your excuse for not winning a big game Georgia?

"Right now, Florida's playing very physical and they're gonna try to come out and just manhandle you. So I'm really looking forward to seeing what are we gonna do. Somebody's gonna get punched in the mouth, it's either gonna be us or them. And whoever gets punched in the mouth is gonna have to step back in and say: What are we gonna do now? Are we gonna give in or are we gonna fight back?" - Shawn Williams

Everybody has heard about Shawn Williams' comments by now. You could argue he went about this the wrong way but the message shouldn't come as a shock to anyone based on what we've witnessed this year. Forget the stats. Throw the records out the window. Screw the SEC Championship and a Sugar Bowl invitation. I'll leave the game breakdown and analysis to JJBA. Quite frankly, I'm not interested in any of that stuff. One thing is definitely going to happen on Saturday: Florida will bust Georgia in the mouth.

Aside from that, I'm really not sure what is going to happen. Win or lose though, results be damned, I want to see a Bulldogs team that hits back. I want to see a team that competes and comes to fight in a big game. Well, it doesn't get any bigger than Saturday afternoon on the banks of the St. Johns. This is what a rivalry game is supposed to be like, a good ol' fashion slobberknocker as JR would say. Talent is pretty much equal across the board. Coaching is debatable but this is not the time for that discussion. Toss out any cliché you want, this game comes down to who wants it more and who's willing to fight for that extra inch, the extra inch that could mean the fucking difference between winning and losing (see video).

If this doesn't get you jacked then consider yourself uninspirable #SteaminWillieBeamen

Unfortunately, I have seen nothing this season that makes me think Georgia is willing to pay the price of becoming a champion. Case in point, Christian Robinson's feelings were hurt by Shawn Williams' comments:

"Robinson admitted that hearing the comments hurt. 'It does. It does,' he said. 'But at the same time, nothing you hear is 100 percent true, and 100 percent wrong. I take it as: We have been a little soft. But has that gotten us beat? I don't think so."

Hell, since 2006, Georgia teams have laid down, quit, or not shown up at all against “good teams” too many times for me to be completely confident about Saturday's outcome. I'm not going to make some outlandish prediction* but I believe the Bulldogs simply cannot win a game of this magnitude against a team like the Gators without a major attitude adjustment. I'm not sure how possible it is to just "flip the switch" in a week's time, but hopefully #36's tirade was the first domino to fall.

*Before any Disney Dawgs retort, this is not a post saying Georgia will lose Saturday. I'm saying something has to change in order for them to win and I think most fans would agree. Lest we forget, that '07 squad righted their ship just in time for the WLOCP. I won't give a score but confidence-wise, on a scale of 1-10, I'm at a 4. That could be good or bad... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! See everyone in Savannah!

Say hello to Florida's mascots, Albert the alligator, who's just hanging out...

... and his sister Alberta, who tastes like chicken.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Albert Jackson did have an uncontested layup if TL used his vision.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

SBNation: Beano Cook dead at 81.

Larry Munson, Keith Jackson, and Beano Cook, the voices of the greatest sport on earth.

I thought Stanford was going to win this weekend. Not anymore.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

As a Georgia Fan....

What would you rather see happen the rest of the way?

A.) Win out, not qualify for the SECCG, and go to a BCS Bowl.
B.) Win out in the regular season and play Alabama in the SECCG.
C.) Win every game other than Florida and receive Outback Bowl bid.
D.) Beat Florida and lose the rest.  Receive Liberty Bowl bid.
E.) Lose out, and move on to the next regime.
F.) Beat Florida, GSU, and Tech, lose the rest, and hope Leach hates Washington.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

3rd to last Post about Carolina Game

There is nothing really more to say about the game so I will keep making posts till I feel better.

Ranking who to blame most:

1.  CMR- Right or wrong it starts at the top.  The program has no sense of urgency and it very well could be because the head man never has.  Unfortunately, I don't see that changing anytime soon.  For the most part we beat who we are suppose to and lose to everyone else.

2. Offensive Line- We thought it would be bad and then it wasn't.  Then it was catastrophic.  Gates didn't block Clowney one time.  The rest of the line wasn't as bad but they were all horrible.  Murray was bad.  He was all over the place with his feet and missed a handful of open receivers.  I wish he could've played better but I don't know if Peyton Manning would be capable of playing well facing what Murray did last night.  Same for Gurley and Marshall.  Not good but not much they could do.  Receivers dropped balls but it didn't matter.  It appeared as if BC was blocking the Falcons. Fail minus.

3. CTG- When the hire was made, most people said it would either enhance the CMR legacy or lead to its final demise.  As Stick reminded me earlier, he certainly wasn't Georgia's first choice.  The defense has regressed in year three and  looked more confused than ever last night. No pass rush, wide open receivers, and thankfully SOS eased up as the game went on. Its just hard for me to understand how we have all this supposed talent and give up 44 and 35 in back to back weeks.

4. Special teams- Punt coverage, Logan Gray.  For at least 5 years Georgia has been below average on special teams.  Yet, nothing is done in an effort to improve any aspect.  I don't understand.

5.  Larry Munson- Since the Mighty Munson retired for good in September of 2008, the Dawgs have arguably no signature win.  Maybe he used up all the great games and calls.  Or maybe he took lady luck with him.

I honestly don't have much blame to put on Bobo.  Sure, we looked unprepared, but we were everywhere. He ran the screens to death but it might've been because he knew we couldn't run or go through progressions.  At any level of football, if no one is blocking, there's very little play-callers can do.

As some have wrote about today, Spurrier has to be considered one of the best coaches of all time.  He built Florida into arguably the best program of the 90's, won an ACC title at Duke, and has taken Carolina to a place not even a Gamecock would've ever imagined.


On a brighter note, the CADETS are #9 in the state.  First time in more than a decade.

Clowney good. Gates really bad.
Big game, big week, big no show.

First of all, Carolina has now won 3 in a row over Georgia.  Credit to Carolina and SOS for that because that should never ever happen in the history of ever.

- CMR has to take a majority of the blame.  I love the guy and he's a Georgia great.  But you can't continue to lose to good football teams and not take the blame as the head coach.  His post game comments about how we respond and still having a long way to go in the season is crap after an ass beating like that.

- Grantham is a lot of show and little dough.  NFL guys all over the place and we give up points like its HI-LI.  There is no argument that our defense is underachieving and the DC has to take the blame.

- Murray was not very good but he really never had a chance given the circumstances.  Our O-line was horrific and their front 7 ate us for lunch. For a decade now, the story has been the same against quality opponents.

- Today, Mel Kiper said Georgia had more NFL talent than anyone in the country.  That's just one mans opinion but it makes you wonder how a team goes 2-14 against teams that finish in the top-25.

- Rambo can suck it.

CMR, CTG. CMB, PJJ, PAM and everyone in the Gergia program have to answer the same question: when will Georgia get over the hump?

The season is not over even tough it feels like it.  Sugar Bowl or Orange Bowl are not out of the question.  However, given the schedule and talent, anything other than running the table will be a disappointment. If we don't then there's this....

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Try to Sandstorm this, A-holes.

Titties and Beer

Back in 2004 College Gameday came to Columbia for the Georgia-South Carolina game. Fortunately, so did I, JJBA, and.... Boyd. We parked in one of the warehouse lots near a lot of Bulldog fans. One particular tailgate went all out with huge speakers, sound system, etc. "Titties and Beer" was featured prominently on the playlist and played quite often. Boyd thought this was greatest song in the history of music. Much like "Blue" and his "glorious look" from Old School, Boyd would run this into the ground over the next 6 months. At the same time though, it was pretty funny. We managed to make it over to the Gameday set for the show. At one point they brought Lou on the set for an interview. One Georgia fan decided to yell/scream:

"Hey Lou, why don't you just hurry up and die!!!!"

I see where he was coming from because Lou was like 90 years old back in '04. I didn't draw this conclusion then but the more I think about it that could've been Cadet Barbier himself. Anyways, Georgia got down early that evening but came back to win 20-16 because we're Georgia, they're South Carolina, and that's how it should be. Hence, order restored tonight. GO DAWGS!!!!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Time To Restore Order

Derail the Cocks

DGD Russ has never had the pleasure of beating South Carolina. 
That changes Saturday night.

Final Prediction


usc jr... 24

Here's Jill Arrington with the Gameday Forecast

Still the best sideline reporter of all-time imo. 
Even did Nip/Tuck premiere parties on the side. 
A hometown girl too, from Conyers, GA.
Jill Arrington > Erin Andrews

Jill says weather won't be an excuse on Saturday CMR.

Stay tuned for some more GFS IV artwork later today involving Mitchell's train, the Cockaboose...

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Why I Hate South Carolina, And You Should Too!

SOS: Steven Orr Spurrier is the bane of every Bulldog fan's existence. No need to rehash his record against Georgia while at Florida. Unfortunately he's 3-4 against Georgia at South Carolina and that's saying something. He's always been an ass but now he's more of a nagging ass, always bitching about something whether it's scheduling (wish we played Arkansas this year) or newspaper columnists.

Columbia: South Carolina should've picked a better capital city (not saying Georgia's decision was any better). Columbia is like one big parking lot that offers the visiting fan absolutely nothing. It's a shithole (think ninth level of hell) and, while I hate South Carolina fans, I feel bad for anyone who has to live there.

Yep, just another beautiful day in hell. (Artwork by GFS IV)

Mitchell: self-explanatory. Let's be honest, nobody wants to be gotten by Mitchell EVER. (Wanted to post a picture but I'm no longer on Facebook and when you Google "Mitchell Palles" you end up with "Mitchell Paddles"- take that any way you want)

Stole Ric Flair's Intro Music: It makes sense on the one hand because obviously the Carolinas are Flair country. On the other hand, associating yourself with a 16-time World Champion doesn't make you a champion (more on this next). Now every time I see the greatest professional wrestler of all-time "walk that aisle" towards the ring I'm reminded of you jackasses.

Fans: I could write a whole separate post on this alone. I'm all for optimism and PMA but pre-season national champions every year? Really? Win the conference first then we'll talk about MNC's (which really are mythical in their case). For a team that has NEVER won anything, you would think they were damn USC by listening to the fanbase. Literally too, because they actually refer to themselves as USC when everybody knows the real USC is out on the west coast. They're not even "usc jr.," "SC," or "Carolina." They're just South Carolina as Dabo so eloquently put it and sometimes they get a little too big for their britches. Their fans ride the SEC's coattails better than anyone, especially when trying to hide the obvious inferiority complex in their own state. Don't believe me? Just visit FGF.

What a proud program- "Celebrating Mediocrity"

Feel free to share your feelings in the comments...

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

ESPN Hype Machine Full Speed Ahead

The Wordwide Leader is promoting Saturday's game with a couple of videos. I saw the first one during "Broke" on ESPN tonight.

Sidenote: Again, I'm sure you've heard by now Herbstreit and Musburger are calling the game. I expect Herbstreit to favor the Gamecocks because he's still pissed about that '92 Citrus Bowl. He sure as hell didn't do us any favors at the end of the '07 season.

3 Biggest Concerns for Sat. Night

3.  Special Teams- Mostly extra points.  Its going to be a close game and something as simple as a PAT could alter the strategy or how the game unfolds down the stretch.  Its pretty bad when kicking an extra point is an area of concern in a 5 vs. 6 game.

2. Blocking Taylor and Clowney- Offensive line has overachieved up to this point but has not seen anything like they will from Carolina.  Theus was not all that great against Tennessee and was dreadful versus Mizzou.   Gates is still fairly new at the Tackle spot.  I assume Carolina's nine other defenders will focus on stopping the run and letting these two guys worry about one thing and that's getting after Murray.

1.  Lattimore running wild-  Two of his best games have come against Georgia.  I have a feeling they've been trying to coddle him in preparation for this four game stretch.  Georgia's defense was not great stopping Tennessee's lackluster running game and I'm sure SOS noticed.

It's Not A Big Event Until...

You have a countdown clock:

Come back for tomorrow's feature: "Why I Hate South Carolina, and You Should Too."

Monday, October 01, 2012

The Last Time Georgia/Carolina Played Primetime in Columbia...

Saturday September 9, 2006, a mere month after "Only in America" was born. This blog was created for posts like this:

The Carolina's Aren't the Same (courtesy of Pmac)

"I am undefeated in this city. 3-0. Columbia should just go ahead and give me the keys to the city, because I own this place! Carolina fans know when I come into town that I'm a world champion!" As you can imagine, all of this was said while walking back to the car after last night's game. Therefore, Rick kept to his word yesterday and made sure the Carolina's would never be the same when he came across the border. I must say that there were a few times yesterday I was a little worried about Rick making it to the game, but he came through and once again we won a big game. I truly believe Larry's foolproof plan is perfect. We just can't lose when Rick goes all out! The only part of the plan that never came full circle was the crushing of the beer cans. I say this because it seems like Rick has made a new friend...

The Makers and Cokes were going down like water as soon as the Ford Explorer hit I-20 at 9:45 yesterday morning. As the day wore on, the bottle kept disappearing and Rick kept getting crazier and crazier. I can't tell you how many times I heard some Carolina fan start yelling at him and Rick telling them to come back to the Explorer to see his nightstick and baseball bat. Even George Roger's Blvd traffic was stopped about 2 in the afternoon because someone with a massive Georgia flag was walking up the middle of the road and stopping to wave it around yelling "Go DAWGS!" That person....Rick himself. By gametime, the Makers bottle was completely empty. Rick was as blitzed as I had ever seen him and he disappeared to the stadium. I thought that might have been the last time I'd see him until the game ended, especially when I heard that he had gotten shoved by some Carolina fans in a nearby lot. Rick denies this. I found him alive and well later as we sat in the student section.

To top things off, Georgia's own Jeff Dantzler sat 4 rows behind us and was hammered beyond belief. Wearing his Georgia baseball tshirt and khaki shorts, JD grabbed some guy's fiance and told her that she was coming with him tonight. He would stumble around and make a fool of himself the rest of the night.

So to conclude, Rick is going to have to go all out for Georgia's remaining games. I'd say our record is pretty good when it comes to him getting this way. Larry hit the nail on the head when he came up with this and yesterday Rick made no exception!

Collision Course

Both Georgia and South Carolina entered this season with high rankings and lofty expectations. Through the first month of the season, everything has gone according to plan. Saturday night their paths will cross at Williams Brice Stadium. Some are calling it the "biggest sporting event in South Carolina" since the '81 Carolina-Clemson game.

#6 South Carolina has beaten #5 Georgia the last two years but in this series' history (dating back to 1894) the Gamecocks have never won three in a row over the Bulldogs. This is also the first top 10 meeting between the two teams. Words cannot describe the magnitude of this game and what it means to both programs. Everybody probably knows by now that ESPN's Gameday will be onsite. I, along with a couple other OIA contributors, will be posting Georgia-South Carolina related articles and videos throughout the week as we ramp up for the huge "Showdown in Cola Town."

It's going to be a long week but I'm already jacked to the max. GO DAWGS!! BEAT THE COCKS!

Pollack bursts onto the scene during my first trip to Columbia